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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Roger Daltrey responds to hypocrisy accusations over Brexit music visa letter   Basically this Daltrey, seems to feel that FOM for musician's is a basic right, while FOM for normal people can just be give up without a problem.   The WHO, sang about my generation, well this person sang  for  the old generation, not for the younger generation.  
  2. The Non-Political get away thread

    Need to speed up your weekly shopping trip ?
  3. The Non-Political get away thread

    You can take your optional extra for the trolley       
  4.     Does not work for me either, maybe its GEMA related   Maybe I need to set my VPN to another location, like Greece    
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Rotting fish, lost business and piles of red tape. The reality of Brexit hits Britain   and Boris is not looking happy
  6. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    Can you re-use FFP2 Masks?   Interesting read   I am not sure of re-use of masks and cleaning them ? any ideasa   I mean I have heard you can use them for 8 hours and some say you can  heat clean them, others say a new one daily    Anybody got any information on what the Government recommends and a link
  7.   Are we now near enough back on topic
  8. I suppose we are way off topic here   But I much prefer 2 tribes ... probably my favorite from that band. I think Relax was the biggest number from them, but again not my cup of tea   no biggie
  9. All my shares are down today bar 3     Not by much and I suppose they will come back again
  10. Unfortunately true  Source again   but you can read it everywhere on the internet, from normally accepted news sites.   Some people need s new set of glasses on this site, maybe its time to have a Balti curry
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    More Gloom from this crap deal    Freight traffic slumps and costs soar as Brexit friction bites --> -29 %
  12. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    OK, but Munich has to    Extend or Build on every green place in the central area, until its concrete everywhere  or Continue with no expansion     Which one would you pick ??, there are down sides with all options  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    'Big loss' for Britain as EU trade deal exposes some UK cars to tariffs   Only winners
  14. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    Its a shame, when you consider there is so much free ( OK farming ) land ) around Munich, Why cannot they not build there if they have to ?
  15. Coronavirus

    Munich has a night line, runs over the night time with Trams and buses, OK only every hour. Although its not enough for everybody - the running times of the u-bahn/S-bahn would need to be improved   My Mother in the UK got her vaccination last Thursday, she got a taxi there and back, she was happy to pay it, even thou she has a car, because she thought maybe her arm would be acking. There are lots of vaccination centers in the UK, most people should be within 15 miles   I would happily drive to a vaccination center in Munich at 2 am, if I could get the vaccine, but I will have to wait a long time, it seems
  16. Coronavirus

      People aged over 70 will start getting vaccine invitation letters today as the programme is rolled out to more groups. in the UK   Number of UK vaccinations 3.9 Million   Twenty-four hour vaccination sites will be piloted in London before the end of January, the vaccines minister has said.
  17. Brexit: The fallout

    What gets me, is when you ask a pro leaver, why will Britain be better off outside the EU, it basally comes down to We are British the best country in the world and we will succeed once freed from the EU.   A lot of people really believe this   The UK car industry, which was the 4th largest in the world in the late 1940's, and now it basically does not exist, which is sad. These BREXITERS do not understand people want to buy the best cars, not ones that break down and have bad performance and  look shitty. If the UK could not produce a car that people wanted to buy in the EU, why do they think it can produce a car/product that people want to buy outside the EU.    Its only going to be harder, because of the tariffs and extra red tape.   Sure the UK ( and quite a few other counties ) had a good run years ago, but it used Gunboats / the empire/ enforced trade deals to get that, non of which will be allowed today. They are going to have to produce goods people  will want to buy, something they did not do while in the EU.    Its was not only the Britain that did these things, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, also did many bad things, to name a few, its just that Britain had the largest empire. To be fair, Britain banned slavery, decades before any other other countries. While the now free America, put the boot into the native Americans, terrible things were done there as well.    So why should they do it outside the EU.   Also, I think if I had never left the UK, I would probably be a BREXITER as well, its just living aboard has changed me and my views. I notice much more how much the Government, press, TV is always pushing that Britain is the best place to live and the best kinda people.  
  18. Brexit: The fallout

    Sorry, you of course right  
  19. Coronavirus

    That's exactly what I was thinking earlier today
  20. Brexit: The fallout

      yeah, nobody knows what it will be like in 10 or 20 years and that is true.   Anything can happen in the next, just watch thunderbirds   But if the Uk cannot make a success in the biggest open market in the world ( EU), what chance have they got of making a success  in a world with lots of rules to follow ?   Sure its my home country and I want them to succeed, but I think they had a better chance in the EU. Only time will tell   Just sayin    
  21. Brexit: The fallout

      There is nothing for me to admit, I have continually said BREXIT from the beginning and the deal Boris was  a pile of shite   You show me a post where I have said anything different    There are some positives in the deal for the UK, as I have said here, but nothing to offet what the UK has lost   Well the Fishermen getting fucked over again, that was always on the cards, look at the cunts involved, Boris, Gove and Farage