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  1. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Anyone know whats happening with the PASSENGER LOCATOR FORM   I have undertood all the stuff about 4th Oct and day 2 tests, but the passenger locator, I cannot find any info on it 
  2. John Challis, Only Fools and Horses actor who played Boycie, dies aged 79     John Challis, Only Fools and Horses actor who played Boycie, dies aged 79 | News | The Times
  3. Looks like it will be a while until this thing is over ....
  4. Since it not logical   They can always change the rule for BREXIT reasons,   ie why should a brit living abroad pay less for his/her pension than, some guy living in the UK ??? I thought BREXIT was supposed to benefit mainly BRITS living in the UK   Sorry, I know you do not make the rules, but I just find them hard to understand, from a UK persons point of view
  5. OK I have got it so I am happy    But I never really understood, why it makes a difference to class 2 or 3. It seems to me that, that if I am working aboard and paying tax there, that I can aford Class 3, but if you live aboard and are not working, ie have less money that you have to pay the full amount    Where is the logic in that, but this is the UK I guess.
  6. Surprised it was several thousands of pounds    When I applied, I got class 2, which is only about 150 pounds per missed year, or my future years aswell   To get class 2,  All I said was that I am living outside of the UK and was paying NI type, contributions in Germany   Not sure why it matters, I got my records, straight before BREXIT, and am not sure they will allow it after BREXIT, cos paying class 3 is much more money   I thought you were in France, so I guess the same applies to you, still I do not know if you are paying NI contributions in France.    
  7.     I did it, without a credit card or PIN or driving leicence !!!   But that was 2 years ago ! maybe things changed   when I forgot my password, I rang them up and they said just setup a new account, maybe try that
  8. While I never had a spectrum or ZX as I had the Acorn machines, I did have much respect for him and his machines, I supposes I did have a programmable Sinclair calculator thou.   I will never forget playing General election on one of mates spectrum, while  Margret Thatcher was trying to win her second term in power, maybe 1893, that took about 8 hours to play and was very gripping 
  9.     It easy do it online ...   Go here   All you really need is your NI number and you can remember your name ...     Its odd, they used to have a little check box, on the class 2/3 form that you could put an X in, if you did that, then they would send you conformation that they had got it and it was paid, of course they do not do that anymore, because of progress....  but its quite easy to do it online.  
  10. Agreed mask wearing not a big thing, and it helps to reduce virus spread, sure the economy has to be opened up more, but we also need to keep restrictions where they do not hurt the economy too much    think the UK should have done that as well
  11. Child capital gains, ETF, PFIC regulations

      A friend told me that when you leave ( he was leaving for UK), that you have to sell and pay the capitol gains on those stocks.   Not sure its true, I would cheque with a tax accountant
  12. Windows 11

    With that kind of hardware I would expect it to boot in about 15 to 20 seconds or less   The machine does not really jhave the best best spec's, but good enough as an internet machine
  13. Radiation hardening & spacex

        I I think we are not going to agree on these points, maybe the conversation should close, before we both descend in to direct insults on each other   You live in your world I live in mine 
  14. Radiation hardening & spacex

      There is less to swallow for NASA these days....
  15. Radiation hardening & spacex

        The figure of 4.5 of US budget to 0.5, does not ever get corrected for inflation, its an absolute figure.   So you think, the 1960;s figure of 23B to now a days of 24B, has been correct for inflation of 50 years !!!!, that means inflation corrected rate is 0.001 percent per year, I think the real inflation rate is munch higher than that   Seriously are you just winding me up ?    
  16. Radiation hardening & spacex

      I cannot believe you do not understand this ...   yes 24B is more than 23B, that NASA was getting that in late 1960's, we have now 2021 !!!   Imagine you were working for NASA in the late 1960's and you got paid 500 dollar a month, you you not expected that NASA would pay you more today ??, do you think that maybe if you did not get a pay rise you might look for another job somewhere else   Every heard of inflation ???, 24B does not buy you as much today as 23B did in the late 1960's   The US was spending about 4.5 % of its budget on NASA in the late 1960's almost the same as the US defence budget today, thats worth about 400B today !!!   Why do you think that spending about 24B today is anywhere near 400 B, that it would get if it were funded under the basis ???   That means NASA does less !!!!     
  17. Radiation hardening & spacex

    Thanks, for the conformation that the NASA budget has been massively cut, its like bang your head against a brick wall with some of the other users on this issue.   It seems that the US will continually, de fund NASA, and try and push all work towards private compaines, maybe a lot of monitoring and development work will just stop.
  18. Brexit: The fallout

    Brexit: 'Sausage war' truce holds as UK indefinitely extends grace period for Northern Ireland trade   Brexit minister Lord Frost announces the UK's intent to continue to apply post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland "on the current basis", while the EU shies away from restarting legal action as talks carry on.     So it it looks as if the EU, are giving the UK the freedom to do what it wants for now, d'ont understand this at all    
  19. Radiation hardening & spacex

    Here you can see a break down of NASA funding over the years   You can see during the 1960's they would get around 4.5 % of US spending, now its down 0.5 %, thats a big cut to their budget.   Also, NASA job is not to directly develop rockets etc, they coordinate with manufactures to get the best overall solution.   The US government wanted more private investment in Space, so it started, directly funding ( or giving money )  to spaceX to develop rocket VTVL. This has caused VTVL to come online. NASA continues with the work its always has done ... But real term funding for NASA is going down each year, and everybody expects to produce more ... just like most bosses  
  20. Radiation hardening & spacex

    Cheers for that, I had not seen it before
  21. Radiation hardening & spacex

    Again this is all too simplistic   Sure Musk has developed a cheaper way to get stuff into space and thats brilliant, as you say the Space shuttle was just too expensive to get weight into space and the basic design lead to an un reliably space craft.   But the Space shuttle, could to used for example to re pair the Hubble, Musk has nothing that can do that job - the space shuttle gave the US a unique ability.   Its just a case of horse for courses, Falcon gives cheaper access to space while space shuttle gives humans greater freedom to do things in space.   There arguments that the Space shuttle was a failure, and it was in many ways, it did provide however the unique set of skills that were important in various situation, ie FALCON  9 does not have a crane or ability to let the astronauts,to go outside the space craft, a lot of has been learned about working in space through the use of the Space shuttle, lets see what would happen, if musks rockets had those capabilities, maybe adding weight to FALCON 9 would make it, not econic, as it was carrying around a lot of dead weight, when just used as a satellite launcher. - just like the space Shuttle.  
  22. Radiation hardening & spacex

  23. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

        Sure Musk employs people who make great inventions and do really good work, but he does as well   BAck when Tesla had really problems and some people thought Tesla would go bust, he got out of his office, went to the factory and worked with the people on the shop floor to get a solution that cars could be produced, he slept in the factory and was eating sandwiches out of the machine.   How many managers in British Leyland did that to save the company and the workers jobs ?   Sure he makes shit lots of money, and I do not mind that, I am not a Tesla fanboy or a musk hatter
  24. Radiation hardening & spacex

  25. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    Well I stated off with this           Not sure agree, that its a computer, but I had fun playing around with the Lunar Lander program, I could fiddle with the gravity simulation and play with different  thrust setting from the rocket, OK no where as good as Lunar Lander Arcade game from ATARI.   Then my father bought me an Acorn ATOM ( yes the same company who came up with the idea of RISK  chips ), which was the first real ( ish ) computer I got, first learned BASIC through it, although BASIC was very not standard  with this computer. Later, I tried my hand at writing some 6502 machine code, which I had to hand assemble. The first time I ran it I could not believe how much faster it was than BASIC.   Unfortunately, I did not publish my program, like musk, who made money out of it.   You could get a LISP operating system for it, but I never tried it.   Last program I wrote for work, was in Perl, which I loved, because the task I was given, involved a lot of string manipulation, which perl is known to be good at, and it is.    Couple of years ago, we had a big discussion on what a computer program is, is it just a compiled language ?, or can it included programmerable calculators and scripts and macro's ???   Seems to me, as long as you can make it do different tasks then its a program