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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    If I have my HSBC account closed, I suppose I will have to move it to a European bank or go with one of those dodge channel island banks.   That would of been ok, but since the BREXIT got popular in the UK the pound has sunk massively in value against the EURO, so we could all be on for massive losses
  2. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    Been using pureVPN, on a 5 year subscription, works out at less than 1 euro a month ( ie 10 euro a year) . Mostly it works without a problem and they improved it a lot earlier this year.   Next time, I need to re-new I will probably try surf shark VPn, hear good things about them. I do not want to re-new with pureVPN, because they are based in Hong-kong, and china is becoming to dominant there.   You do not need to pay a lot, to get a good working VPN, I sometimes think,the BBC target the big names in VPN companies, as they can take down a lot of people if they block a big high priced firm. While small VPN companies just slip through the net
  3. Eastenders and Eichel

    if she wanted to improve her English she should have been watch proper English shows like coronation street        
  4. I have about 25 % in the market With around 10% in property Rest in Cash   Have sold a lot I bought in April/March   At the moment I am looking to but some more shares. But as ever fear and greed - define what I will buy. Mikes current timeline seems fair, but I think full recovery will take longer in some sectors, ie airlines will be depressed at least another year, and if another lock-down occurs, a lot are going to go bust, without government help.   I might get tempted by some tech stocks, but I think they are over rated now, with PE's over 20.    
  5. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Looks like a year after the ban, things are not looking good for Huawei    
  6. Coronavirus
  7. The OP does say, they are finding it very difficult to get a long term renter, so he is going to take a short term renter. Thats why he is going provide the internet as part of the rent
  8. try to contact   send him a pm   From what he has said in the past he has several flats in Germany, rented out with internet included in the deal/rent.   So he will know how to do it   If not, maybe try to get a friend to help you in Berlin ( sorting out routers etc ), you can write a letter, giving them the power to pick up post for you, or as a  last resort you may have to pay a Mackler/property agent  to help you, probably worth it to get a rent in.     
  9. Negotiating the salary for a job offer at EADS

    Interesting, my company has Glietzeit or flexitime, so you can work up hours during a high work load period and then use them, say to take a week off after the high workload period is over, AT and Tariff can use this system. There are many ways your contract can be written with various benefits and negatives
  10. Negotiating the salary for a job offer at EADS

      My company always raises the AT pay to the same level that the Tariff people get, you do not have to even ask, as far as I know. So they always stay ahead
  11. Negotiating the salary for a job offer at EADS

    if the company, EADS in this case, has accepted a binding agreement with the union, then there are a series of tables showing how much you will get, what you get paid is affected, by which tariff group you are in/what tariff group the job was advertised as, how many years you have been in that group, and the area in which the company is located.   EG The job, will be advertised  at a certain level  for say Tariff 10-12, that puts you at certain point in the Tariif table, the only way to get more money is to argue the job should be at a higher level,  if they accept you get more money, its much the same for Ausser traff, as  they are generally regulated in a similar way, but with some differences - the next level up, is all negotiation.   If you are viewed as an expert in an area, then the company can give extra benifits, without being on a higher grade, like a free car   Of course not every company will have this binding agreement.    You can work for the company as a sub contractor, in different ways and again then its all negotiation 
  12. Negotiating the salary for a job offer at EADS

    If you are going in to the Tariff group, there is no negotiation, you get the union rate for the job   if not difficult, because you will be AT, or higher there you need to provide much more detail on the job offer.   I am quite suprised they offered you a job, because I heard that because of COVID and the lack of aeroplane order that they have a ban on hireing external employees
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Must admit I am generally against hangin, like john, but there are circumstances that push me over the kine for a while
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    What I do not understand is that we are supposed to live in a democracy, so we have an election, and the government is supposed to take the decisions, we just sit back and call them idiots. Then things changed, now we got to vote on BREXIT not them. So why in this new world of let the people decide, why can we not have a vote on hangin ?, or are the people too stupid to decide in the correct way or a vote on low taxes and better public services. 
  15. Cancelling an EasyJet flight vs no-show

    You may try to move your flight, to say next March or whenever, that you may want to fly, you might lose less money that way, because there is a re-booking fee