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  1. Police brutality in the USA

    I thought one of the cops did, bend over over to see if the guy was ok, but some of the other cops, bought the cop debing over to straight up
  2. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

      It works if you run it throught a UK VPN connection   As its only text, I would imagine any of the free VPN's will be enough   Not sure why, they want to precent non-UK people from accessing this rag
  3. Police brutality in the USA

      you can ask, the peeps, saying its racist the same question.   There is no information either way - just thinking maybe based on experience   Sure stats, tell us more blacks than whites get problems from the police as a proportion of the population, but that might not be the case in this situation
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Its not only about the quality of the food, is also about the quality of the lives of the animals eg   as john says, generally chickens in the EU, have to space around them and live a kinda of good quality of life. In the US i read, that chickens, are kept together, when they get ill, they are given antibiotics and and washed in chlorine to make the meat safe to eat for humans, from the many diseases they get from being in close quarters. When we eat the meat from animals who have been given antibiotics, we get some small part of the antibiotic, which some people think is not good.   These rules apply to all animals, which puts up the costs for food, and sometimes diseases get through to humans, which is why you see different food indexes from different places.   It not really a just about getting cheap safe food, its about giving the animals we eat a reasonable standard of living as well
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Nissan: UK factory still under threat from no-deal Brexit
  6. Police brutality in the USA

      Seems to me there is a lot of bollocks written in alot of threads here, thats what Toytown is all about and some good stuff aswell, I never read a rule, that says only american people are aloud to talk about american subjects.   To follow your arguement, should females be aloud to comment on topics started by men ??   Grow up, everybody is allowed to comment on anything here, and you get greeines if people like your comment and nothing if they don't
  7. Police brutality in the USA

      yep, they were calm, I do not think they wanted to kill him,   But that still does not change the fact that one of the police did kill him, thats why its 2nd degree murder not first.   George was checked for weapons and handcuffed, what real threat was he to the police offciers at that point ?   I think George, did not want to get in the back of the police car and george is a big guy, so it difficult to put him there. After the cops realized it was hard work, they sat on him and put their knee on his neck to show him how pissed off they were, they went to far and accidentally killed him.   If the cops get away with this, there could be hell to pay on the streets    
  8. Jokes

    A woman is standing nude, looking in the bedroom mirror. She is not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, 'I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment. The husband replies, 'Your eyesight's damn near perfect.'
  9. Jokes

    I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time-consuming.
  10. Police brutality in the USA

    Although it looks to me at the moment that George was killed by the police officer,i also feel that in a country were firearms are in general supply that the police are in more danger than in other places on our planet and react with a more aggresive stance.
  11. Police brutality in the USA

    Chechnya, is so small, I was talking about the conflict between major powers, and keep a defense force to handle Russia - Chechnya, was a problem for Russia because the USSR was failing part at that time.   Putin, wants the USSR back !, and that is always a danger   Portugal, is also an under spender in NATO at only 1.52 % GDP its just cheap to join a clud and not pay the due fees  
  12. English boating course

      Check out   I know its kinda strange, but a lot of people do it - even with your own cooking and cleaning, suppose a bit like going camping, except when you go with these people you can end up with a day-skipper licence at the end of it.   A lot of people also go on a Flotilla Sailing Holidays, where without a licence, you get your own boat ( or with others), you sail on a daily basis in big ( small ) groups of boats, so if a boat gets into trouble, someone can come over and help, then you dock and go for  a nice meal at a local Greek restaurant or cook by your self. Thus making a holiday where you can choose how much you want to spend on food, I guess you can even go to a hotel over night. I did one a couple of years ago, they are great fun, and can lead to you wanting to get your own license, like me  They do them in many counties  
  13. Police brutality in the USA

  14. Police brutality in the USA

    Sure everybody wants a perfect world where everybody treats everybody with respect - but the world is not like that   This thread is supposed to be about the death of a George Floyd, by a policeman - if we followed your argument, we would not need the police either, because everybody would be nice to each other. Although I would like that, I just do not see it happening - that's why we have the police to protect everyone, even if it does not work sometimes.   Like for George   its the same for the military, if they ( who ever they are ) have it, we need it to protect ourselves, if you don't have it then they can just take over your country, there are hundreds of examples thought history of this, sure when you can show me people have changed and everybody is nice, then we can talk about ilimintationg  of the   military   The   military / police are a type insurance against being taken advantage of, but they can be used for good and bad purposes.   Sure I would like a nice world, I would not need burglar insurance or other similar types of insurance, or insurance agents, if everybody was nice.   The US is the biggest defence spender in the world, but they do not have a mass public health system, in Europe we a much reduced  military and better health care , and rely on the US to help us when shit his the fan - is that fair ??   How are counties like  Venezuela, going to offer free healthcare, good education for everyone, if they cannot even feed everyone ??? even thou more oil to export than almost any other country in the world ?