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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Seaham's Prima Cheese warns of no-deal Brexit job loss worries   and of course damage on the EU side as well, this is senseless
  2.   Could all happen   I just have a different investment strategy. I do not mind putting my toes in Tesla every so often and then getting out when I think the time is right.   When Tesla get to 2 million cars, thats out a world wide production of about 75 million. First that's  quite a small percentage of the overall market - Toyota makes about 15 million, cars a year and yet Tesla has a much bigger market cap. At some point Tesla maybe will be valued on normal stock market metrics. I just do not want to have large sums of money waiting around for Tesla to get valued on normal metrics.   Of course the huge Tesla stock gain so far, will have made you happy - and I am happy for you in that. I am happy to buy other  stuff at the moment until I think I  can make a bit of money off tesla - then I will buy back in again - I am actually  up a nice sum money on Tesla   I guess I am much older than you, and have lost in the past, and have tried to learn from the experience - I hope you will not
  3.   There seem to be more than one vaccine choice, heard on the news   Pfizer will cost about 15 pounds and is difficult to store Moderna will cost about 30 pounds   While the  UK astrazeneca vaccine which will come in about a month will cost around 3 pounds, it is being given out at-cost and can be stored in a normal fridge   Plenty of other vaccines on the way   I did buy some TUI, last week, for 4.50 euro up 5 % today, they are tying to get another bail out from the German government ( 3rd one ), this is a risk because if they do not get it they could go bust - if they get it on good terms they could return to 12 euro like they were last year, in a couple of months time.
  4. Brexit: The fallout   £ 6.35 Haddock chips and peas - its cheaper up north - I get it each time I am there 
  5. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    testing for covid with wine - it will keep you safe       
  6. Brexit: The fallout   “Unfortunately, when the Brexit transition deals ends, all that ends,” Owen said. “In the future, if a British company wants to employ British chalet staff or bar staff, they would need to get a work permit in, say, France, proving a French person couldn’t do that job by advertising at an unemployment office for eight weeks to show no one wants to apply for it; then go through a minimum two- to three-month process to get a work permit; and then, once they’ve got that, the worker must apply for an immigration visa so they can enter the country – which means it’s not going to happen.”   Everyone's a winner with BREXIT
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Sky reporting a brexit deal is 95 % done   however that 5 % left, is on the un hard subjects like, Fishing, level playing field and state subs. 
  8. Why are you happy today?

    I hope you refer to beer
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      that's correct. that's why the WTO rates for fruits are so high, to protect the Spanish fruit producers    If the UK does a special deal to reduce the rates of tariff, with one country it has to give all country's in the WTO the same rates.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      Some types of fish have improved, while others have not and the EU wants to cut the number of fished fish in those types  Look here   Look at the tables at the bottom  Table 3: Stocks with proposals for decreased Total Allowable Catch   cod cuts of about 60 %    Of course this could change if no fishing deal is done with the EU
  11. Moneyfarm closing in Germany

    Some people like, in english aswell   Everything is done on an app or PC/Tablet   you can buy fonds and ETF  and shares et, but you have to decide which ones to buy, they do not give advice, just allows you to trade and give you news stories   I have used it, buy found it to be expensive and the range of products is not that great ie not many shares to choice from.   If you want advice on what to by, I am not sure, but you are going to have go a real stock broker finical advisor, there are some that advertise on TT in the finical section, I guess no app 
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Neither do I, there was a TV station, saying the SUN had reported this, so even thou, I do not read the SUN, I did on that occasion, it was reported in the SUN a day before it made it on to the BBC site.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      yes, it is and whats worse, is that it was first reported by the SUN - so it need to be viewed in that light.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Of course, in the press they are saying some kinda of agreement has been made, it will be talked over on Friday by the EU and Boris may announce it on Tuesday   Obviously I have no idea whats in it, guess there must be some compromise in it from both sides.   Unless, there is an agreement, somethings are just going to cost more in the UK, things like oranges will cost more as they have a high import tax, and the UK is not warm enough to grow them. However as prices will go up for cheese, then more home production will probably occur.   I have never wanted to leave the EU, because I think at least at the start, both sides are going to be worse off, who knows what happens in the future + 10 years. But at the same time I think the referendum result should be respected - views I know which can never be fully met as they are opposites.
  15. Again I agree I watched them (HE) on UK TV, they said they had spent a lot of money developing the vaccine, and wanted something back.     But what that means no idea    He does not drive a car, walks to work - HE says he lives a normal German( turkish ) life   Do they really want to make lots of money out of this ????