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  1. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

      Wohnwagen would be called a camper van in the UK, because it includes the drive train, motor etc   A caravan in the UK, is just the sleeping/toliet /cooker area, ie without the drive train, motor etc, you normal pull the caravan behind your car.   so many definitions   
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

    I accept the official graph, it only re enforces, my view that wearing a mask is important to reduce transmission of the virus.    I also accept the official laws and rules in Germany as well, seems like you do not., which other laws do you not follow, engaging in a bit of tax dodging is ok with you, not bothering o stamp you ticket on the U-bahn or more serious rules breaking as well ?
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

      What and break the law ?   You are supposed to wear a mask on public buses in Germany, your kinda thinking ( like in the UK ), is a cause of the highest infection rates in the world, in the UK    
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

      In the restaurants I  visit, about 80 % check that I have a phone with the app that shows I have been vaccinated, but they never ask to see my ID to check that, the phone vaccination, is the same name as my ID, so I could just borrow somebody else's phone or take a screen shot of some body else's phone. Basically the checks are useless.   
  5. I think not, but everyone can have there own thoughts on this subject, either way one of us will be wrong, but of course I wish you luck with it   I am buying and selling other shares at the moment.   I tend to think this period without inflation is not normal, for most of my life, I have lived with inflation and higher interest rates. I think inflation will be with us for a while now
  6. yes, Tesla is doing well at the moment, Almost wished I bought some at 450
  7. So with rising inflation and an expected rise in interest rates, what do people here think will happen in the next months ...   1 ) Nothing the stock market will continue to rise like it has done in the last years    2) People will start to take money out of the stock market, and invest it into safer interest bearing accounts. Any speculation on time frames and reasons    For my 10 cents, I think interest rates will have to rise to at least 2.5 % before people will want to put money back in the banks and out of the stock market. I also think Governments will not want very high interest rates as, they had to borrow so much to pay for COVID etc, so inflation will have to be high to force them to do it ie > 6 or 7 %   However in the next time frame ???, some of the heat will be taken out of the stock market, so gain will not be as much as we have seen in the last years          
  8. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Suez taught us our future lay in Europe. So will Brexit
  9. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Perception indeed   My experience is of many garages offering me to do work without tax being added, well at least more than in the UK. But its just what happened to me, maybe very different in general.      
  10. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Which seems to be better in France and Germany, so why do people still cross the channel in little rubber boats
  11. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      I guess those requirements to vote would apply to Germans as well, I mean do you want un educated Germans to be albe to vote  or they should as well have to prove they could become a police officer?     Would it be harder for immigrants from different countries to get citizenship, ie harder for Americans or Africans ?
  12. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      yes, but you will never really state, which reasons people should be allowed to dual ( or more ) citizenship and which restrictions you would place on people, to stop people being able to vote even if they are citizens in national elections
  13. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    Sure new counties and states are a modern concept (except for the UK, last invaded 1066, I think ), so why has it changed ?   My guess is that it is much easier to travel these days, so a lot more people try to swap countires for a better life etc. and of course a lot of natives of the new country complain that there are just too many and it destroys the original style of life and they do not like it.   Whats right, not sure there is a right answer, just depends on how you feel   For me, I was riding through Garmisch the other day, a nice old Bavarian town, quiet beuatiful in its own way  then you pass the new  muslim mosque on the way into town, for me it looks out of place in the nice Bavarian town, guess the locals think that as well, but maybe its right that we accept new things, which kinda destroys the original feeling of the town.  
  14. German capital Investment, how-to and taxes

      You ( or your Tax accountant ), will have to work out how much money you made in a given year.   If you use a tax accountant this service will cost extra to you, even if you do it yourself the TAX accountant will want to check it, before they enter into your end of the years for that year, which will cost extra money than the normal tax return. The alternative is to do the tax return yourself for that year, make sure you know what you are doing !, you can ring tax office on how to fill your tax return corretly for free, sometimes in English. Tax returns filled out by a tax accountant will always be accepted in a more easy way than a tax return filled out by yourself.   It has to be done, so you pay the right amount of tax in Germany, you will have to do this each tax year you live in Germany.  
  15. German capital Investment, how-to and taxes

      If you buy something in Germany, they will automatically deduct TAXes for you and you will get a statement each year showing how much you made or lost, which you can enter into the tax form.   You can buy NON-EU based shares funds through your bank or other finical organizations in Germany.