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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      yes, of course I know of the parking problems in Munich.   I remember about 10 or 15 years ago, I went with my car and parked in the gasteig walked down to tal, to see my bank and came back after 2 hours or so. I had to pay 8 euro parking fee !  Since then I have driven in Munich centre less than once per year, normally to pick up heavy stuff or pick up visitors from the centre. If I go then I use the bicycle or the U-bahn. I always drive away from the city centre.   Also Munich is just too full now, always a traffic jam on the ring if travelling at rush hour. Munich has many more people living in it than when I came and the roads are basically the same.   I know its not fair, but sometimes I wish for limiting the traffic in Munich, it just takes too long to go anywhere at curtain times.   I got in the cab of the car transport lorry, couple of years ago, when we got into the first traffic jam the driver just said "Scheisse München", and he is right, there are just too many people and cars in my city.   Sorry a bit of topic.
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Must admit I did not hear anything about that for Munich ( it used to get very cold in Munich but not any more ), have you heard it or is it speculation.  But yes it would work, if someone wanted to pay for it just as many other projects could be done. Also I speculate as well, nothing wrong with that!     Anyone for hydrogen? Like the idea, but I think it will be too expensive to produce Well lets see what happens, maybe the new investment in Green Hydrogen will deliver it a a reasonable price. What I find stupid is that we switch off the windmills at night because we cannot use or store the energy, why not channel this power to make Hydrogen and then use it through the day ? Its energy for free, because at the moment we cannot store that much electricity   
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

    UK economy to fare worse than any other country in developed world this year, IMF forecasts   Including sanctioned Russia     and of course we all know this has got nothing to do with Brexit!, at least thats what the Brexiters will tell you.    
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I thought we already agreed that if you have to use street chargers, then charging an EV is no cheaper than charging an ICE car, and EV's are much more money than an ICE car.   When I drive around Munich, I see lots of cars parked on the street, because the older buildings do not have under ground parking, the only option for these people is not to have a car after 2035, what a wonderful solution. It will cut local pollution and increase the unemployment rate.   When I start my ICE start car, I do not have to think about planning where to charge, because ICE cars have a massive range in comparison to EV's and there is currently always a ICE refill station nearby, where ever I go. EV's are great for people who like to plan, which is a very small proportion of the population thats all they talk about when considering a trip.   I get it that EV's can do most trip without a problem for a daily trip, but ICE cars generally go on longer trips without refilling. Most people buy a bigger car than they need, so they can go on holiday with it, and make longer trips a few times a year, which does not make any sense. They probably should buy a smaller car and rent a bigger car for the fewer trips that they need a bigger car for. But people just do not think like that, most people want a bigger car for the few long trips they make a year, because its easier, no planning, hiring etc. So when people talk about 1 % of the trips, thats just how people think as you can see with the cars out on the road now. 
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I have had steak there, maybe 10 years ago while I was skiing there, its defiantly the best steak I ever had, I sometimes go there for skiing, just because I like the food in that area.  
  6. The War in Ukraine

    Punished By Western Sanctions, Russia's Airlines Are Showing More Cracks And More Problems   Since the beginning of 2023, Russian airlines have reported at least seven incidents in which flights were disrupted, delayed, or canceled, according to Russian media. While a couple incidents were blamed on human error, most were mechanical in nature. Nearly one year after Russia invaded Ukraine last February, turning a simmering regional conflict into the largest land war in Europe since World War II, cracks are showing in Russian aviation industry. A plane is serviced at the Domodedovo aircraft maintenance center near Moscow. (file photo) Russian airlines are struggling under the weight of Western sanctions that have all but cut off the already struggling industry from badly needed imported parts. At least nine Russian airlines stopped flying in 2022, according to the newspaper Kommersant -- four of them after the national aviation regulator, Rosaviatsiya, pulled their airworthiness certificates.
  7. Only in America

    from,to%20kill%20and%20felony%20murder.   There are several factors indicating premeditation and deliberation. These include:   lack of provocation from the victim, Look at the video, the victim did not ask for this actions and words of the defendant before and after the killing, I did not hear any bad words   any threats from the defendant before and/or during the killing, Positive point for the police hear !   whether the victim and the defendant had a poor history, do not know, but I guess not   whether there was an additional lethal attack after the victim was already helpless, evidence of brutality, This was clearly a brutle attack and the nature and number of wounds. The victim died from the attacks   However, many jurisdictions concede that there is no bright, arbitrary line when premeditation begins and ends.   Looking at the video, when you inflict, such damage on another person, the intend can be assumed, the intention was to kill that person, you do not beat a person to that level not intending to kill them  
  8. Only in America

      The video is upsetting   Yes the video shows, he did nothing to provoke  the situation.   I do not understand why the police are only being done on Murder 2, clearly they had the intention to kill him right from the start. These police guys should be done for Murder 1.   I know this is a case of bad apples and most police guys are good, but what has happened really shocked me.    
  9. The War in Ukraine

    yes of course I agree in the final position   But to get to that point Russia will be looking at losing 20 to 25 million people, not sure the Russian people would accept that - Means a lot of sons will have died from Moscow families - There is be questions asked about if it is wise to carry on. Guess the same is true for the Ukraine.   Which is all very sad.   Maybe the Ukraine will not get the full 300 tanks and that will of course affect the chances of success.
  10. The War in Ukraine

    What's changed, its almost a stale mate on the ground, with the Russians gaining very small amount of ground.    Maybe some people think the tanks will open up the ground in Ukrains favor.   However according to reports Russia has lost in dead and injured its initial troops size of 180,000 people, which is of course bad,  and I guess similar for the Ukraine. If the stalemate is not broken some how many many will die, as neither side seems ready to talk.
  11. The War in Ukraine

    The Russians have said they will now deploy their modern tank the T-14, most reports on TV I have seen, seem to think the T-14 is quite crap and un reliable and not well developed.   The Russians have their own version of the NLAW etc.   On TV, they expect the Western tanks to do  a lot better than than the Russian Tanks, but a lot of people think that the Russians lost so many tanks because of poor tactical decisions.   In any case its going to be months before the Ukrainians will have enough training on the tanks, to have an effective use.   I seem to remember many people on here saying that the tank is dead, a useless weapon in todays war, but I think if used in certain ways it can make a difference to the out come of the war.   I heard there is a campaign to ban diesel tanks because they smell so bad and environment concerns , but I cannot see happening        
  12. Giving Birth Outside Germany

    Looks like this was just a windup post, the OP has not returned here
  13. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    dacia santario   Der neue Dacia Sandero | Preise und Versionen   Essential Version 10750 Euro.   If you buy it now its 12 years use you have until then ban on new ICEs comes into effect in 2035, of course you will be able to drive it longer until it breaks apart.    Kriegs point was good and accurate, but also the global chip shortage has had an impact on the number of cars produced and the price you pay for them.   and yes they were sold for 7000 Euro!   You have already speculated that EV's may fail, if we lose Diesel and petrol on top, it will make problems for the economy.
  14. Giving Birth Outside Germany

    How does a man ( from your profile ) give birth in Asia ?
  15. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      You have to think some people do not have much money.   Some people buy a second hand ICE car for several hundred or a thousand or 2 Euro's because they do not have 40K in the bank to spend. 10 year old car etc, with  a TUV. Of course other users on here, will think they could not drive a 10 year old car and choose a more expensive one, but then they have the money for it.   I agree with krieg, that it if costs 10 or 20 K to  replace the battery after 12 years, these kind of people buying old ICE cars will not be able to afford to drive a car anymore, or take other measures to cut spending in other areas.  That may impact the economy if it happens to enough people.   All Keith is saying, is that yes he wants clean air ( through Government laws ) but it needs to be done in a way, that it does not mess up the lives of people who cannot afford the more expensive EV's way of life. I hate the smell of diesel too. But at some level, I do not want a lot of poor people to become worse off, because they cannot afford the EV way of life.  .