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  1. Police brutality in the USA

    Although it looks to me at the moment that George was killed by the police officer,i also feel that in a country were firearms are in general supply that the police are in more danger than in other places on our planet and react with a more aggresive stance.
  2. Police brutality in the USA

    Chechnya, is so small, I was talking about the conflict between major powers, and keep a defense force to handle Russia - Chechnya, was a problem for Russia because the USSR was failing part at that time.   Putin, wants the USSR back !, and that is always a danger   Portugal, is also an under spender in NATO at only 1.52 % GDP its just cheap to join a clud and not pay the due fees  
  3. English boating course

      Check out   I know its kinda strange, but a lot of people do it - even with your own cooking and cleaning, suppose a bit like going camping, except when you go with these people you can end up with a day-skipper licence at the end of it.   A lot of people also go on a Flotilla Sailing Holidays, where without a licence, you get your own boat ( or with others), you sail on a daily basis in big ( small ) groups of boats, so if a boat gets into trouble, someone can come over and help, then you dock and go for  a nice meal at a local Greek restaurant or cook by your self. Thus making a holiday where you can choose how much you want to spend on food, I guess you can even go to a hotel over night. I did one a couple of years ago, they are great fun, and can lead to you wanting to get your own license, like me  They do them in many counties  
  4. Police brutality in the USA

    Sure everybody wants a perfect world where everybody treats everybody with respect - but the world is not like that   This thread is supposed to be about the death of a George Floyd, by a policeman - if we followed your argument, we would not need the police either, because everybody would be nice to each other. Although I would like that, I just do not see it happening - that's why we have the police to protect everyone, even if it does not work sometimes.   Like for George   its the same for the military, if they ( who ever they are ) have it, we need it to protect ourselves, if you don't have it then they can just take over your country, there are hundreds of examples thought history of this, sure when you can show me people have changed and everybody is nice, then we can talk about ilimintationg  of the   military   The   military / police are a type insurance against being taken advantage of, but they can be used for good and bad purposes.   Sure I would like a nice world, I would not need burglar insurance or other similar types of insurance, or insurance agents, if everybody was nice.   The US is the biggest defence spender in the world, but they do not have a mass public health system, in Europe we a much reduced  military and better health care , and rely on the US to help us when shit his the fan - is that fair ??   How are counties like  Venezuela, going to offer free healthcare, good education for everyone, if they cannot even feed everyone ??? even thou more oil to export than almost any other country in the world ?  
  5. English boating course

    I looked at getting the same license 2 years ago, I just googled  Sportbootführerschein (SBF) Binnen license  and Munich. Got the results and phone several people up who offer the schein. Some offered .to do the course in English.   I decided not to do it in the end, because while yes you have a licence, I was told it would be virtually impossible to rent a boat in Grecce for a week, because the license is very easy to get and does not cover much, which means boat owners would be reluctant to rent a boat to me, also insurance companies would not want to insure me, with such a limited schein.   I am from the UK, the UK  does a comprehensive schein, from organizations like RTA ( royal yacht association ), - they organize courses covering all the needed aspects  - and hence I would be able to rent a boat in Malta, Greece etc - you can book these courses in places like Greece - which means you get the training and have a  holiday at the same time.  But it costs a lot more
  6. Police brutality in the USA

    That's right   But 72% of people in the US are classified as white, so in proportion to the Blacks and other non-whites, they are shot more often
  7. Lufthansa Strike

    yeah well   Personally, I travel to the UK 3 or 4 times a year to see family, of course by plane. Each time I travel I look for a cheap flight, Ryanair and Easyjet seem tops. I used to pay 700 Marks, between Munich and Manchester, sometimes its like 40 euro, with easyjet - things are a lot cheaper now - not sure about USA, because I don't need to go there.   Airlines are just companies that want to make money, like everyone else, thats the system we live in.   Still do not see why Lufthansa get a bail out, while other more efficient airlines get nothing. I pay my taxes to help Lufthansa which is wrong           
  8. Lufthansa Strike

    Once COVID=19 goes away, the airline industry will grow and grow over the next 25 years. There are atempts to get the Airline engines replaced with Hydrogen powered units connected to electric motors to tackle the environmental issues. But thats at least 10 years away.     As long as people have the money, they will want to travel for one reason or other.
  9. Lufthansa Strike

      No Government should be supporting their badly run national airlines.    
  10. Lufthansa Strike

    Must admit, I do not really see much difference between Lufthansa and easyjet these days, ie you have to pay to take a bag in the hold and Lufthansa has less weight for the carry on bags.   Its very unfair, if Lufthansa gets a bail out and more well run airlines, like ryanair and easyjet have to compete with this. If Germany wants to help, it should be forced to give an aid package to all airlines.   It would be good for Lufthansa to loose slots, so we can all travel more cheaply 
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      for an older person like myself, I value range over coolness, but everyone buys for different reasons    One more acceleration in less than 4 secs could be the end of me , probably not thou