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  1. Which processor i5, i7 and which speed ?  
  2. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Must admit All we are talking about is google now being dis allowed from one china manufacture.   why are talking about world domination and resource manipulation   
  3. Car air con specialist?

    yeah well I mean I known people that have very small leaks in their system, they need to refill the A/C system once a year then, they are good to go for a year -  which means the gas leaks out every year. The solution I used, actually fixes the leak, and keeps the gas in the car system, which less leaks on the long run.
  4. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    so is the average jo, going to be required to flash his or her device ? with the OS ?
  5. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    yes, I I agree there are always around it.   But the non-techie people I know, do not want to go into the bones of  an operating system, or find work arounds, they are happy just to search, install ->use, if it gets even a little bit harder, they just say ok, I get a Korean phone ( Samsung ), or tons of alternatives.   Only if the price becomes very attractive will some people want to look into it.   Huawei, can only hope china comes to a deal with US or maybe china bans apple, otherwise if it were a listed company I would not be buying shares in them  
  6. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    I tend to think, trump has hit them where it really hurts this time   I cannot see how china, is going to come up an operating system and 1000's of apps, within the next couple of months to compete with android and play store. I cannot really see who is going to buy a china phone in Europe knowing, that there is no access to the apps store, or a small china store -   Who is going to write an app for my bank, so that I can do my secure online banking and trust them ? Should I use it to book my flights on ??? Or secure email ???  
  7. Aldi and Lidl do not forget penny are discounters   don't expect they have the same standard or range/price as the others 
  8. Further to that, I read in many newspapers ( sueddeutsche, AZ etc) , that   from 12 yo at very low speed 6kph from 14 yo to 15 kph after 20kph you have to wear a helmet   All the new newspaper articles, do not talk about, proper brakes, insurance, lights, number plates or anything and there will be another series of votes in the sommer on it, sounds as complex as BREXIT
  9. Streaming Laws in 2019

    I do not know because I have not done it.   But even if i had, I would say it in a public way, because I believe  it is illegal and therefore I could be prosecuted for it - it would almost be like going into a police station to admit my speeding offenses that they did not catch me for. I find it difficult to believe that you ask me to self incriminate, to prove a point that I am not making   My point is again, the law against streaming is deliberately left so vague, that it is difficult to to actually know that you are breaking it, you have to use your own ( or other peoples) judgement and then see if you get caught / prosecuted. Everyone here can state their views on what is allowed or not - but its just not clear enough, thats why you see so many people get ( novice ) getting caught for torrenting. Go and read the torrenting webpages, you see many many people who get done because the law against it it just not clear enough, for the average jo. At least the KODI website lists, providers that are illegal - but there needs to be better protection for the average jo, who does not really know whats going on.    
  10. Car air con specialist?

    agreed with the pig   I cannot see how you would get that into the A/C system   why not use the link ebay @   its a can not a bottle, sorry - it comes with the tube and part to attach to your a/c system - low pressure point   before you buy, have a look around the engine bay in your car to see if you can see the low pressure point first   by the way it worked for me :), if it does not work for you or you get other problems - its not my fault ok    
  11. Streaming Laws in 2019

      I say that you will probably never get caught, because that reflects the reality of the situation, not because I agree or disagree from the moral point of view. I never have stated a moral view on doing it or not. Except above about watching movies on your TV while they are on the CINEMA.   Also I find your argument hard to understand, everybody bends the rules a bit, for example watching UK SKYTV here is against the contract you signed when you took out, or is that ok for you, have you  never found a pen in your coat from work and did not take it back ?, have you never been surfing at work, rather than working ? have you ever been late and drove too fast to catch up the time back ? then some very moral people might think they should report themselves to the police - because they brook the law - Others might not    
  12. Streaming Laws in 2019

    The problem is, the law is deliberately left vague, we can all come up with our own definitions and interpretations of the streaming laws - and I would not disagree with what many have said here. But it seems that the laws or streaming, are not like speeding which says if you drive more than 50kph in a 50 zone then you are breaking the law.   In the very very very unlikely situation, that you get caught steaming, its only the judge/lawyers who will decide you guilt or not.   As far as I can see, its up to you your own moral standards, if you choose to watch movies that are in the cinema for free on your own home TV - that day. The chances of getting caught are close to zero - but always use a VPN, if you are going to do it
  13. What is the fine for a car accident

      When I drive around (Munich), I often turn right, I have noticed that towards the end of my green light ( for me as the car driver), the light for the cyclists etc goes RED.  I guess this is to allow, cars etc to have a chance to turn at the junctions.   Maybe you had the same system where you were driving, maybe he was on a red phase while you were on a green light. maybe its worth going back to the traffic light and finding out the light sequence, maybe your lawyer would be interested in that      
  14. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Unfortunately it must have been long enough for the tech people to find your IP address. and its the upload not the download that they do you for.
  15. RIP Brian Walden   He made a big impression on my early life as most Sundays  I would watch his show.