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  1. Using VPN to watch HULU or BBC iPlayer

  2. Using VPN to watch HULU or BBC iPlayer

      Clear ??? anything but, how do you know what he intends to do  ? -  I have tried ( at least ) the following ways of get iplayer to appear on the screen     I used to use Smart DNS on my smart TV as it had the iplayer app built into the Samsung TV !, you can configure DNS settings in my Samsung TV - so I did, maybe he has a TV that he can do the same ?  Then I moved to using iplayer and other stuff with chromecast to my TV, SmartDNS in phone. Then I moved to TVnow  and installed SmartDNS in a router with  DD-WRT. Then I moved to a Firebox Gen 2, with a new router ( for the settings ) that could handle a VPN - of which I would recommend over SmartDNS.   All of which the OP, did not say what he/she intends/is doing, the link I recommend, discusses all of these possibilies in some detail and offered further help. How can anyone help without knowing his/her setup in enough detail, from at least the options above, to get "iplayer on Smart TV with SmartDNS"   @Sir Percy B maybe you should try to improve your English language comprehension understanding , or try to polish up your tech skills.      
  3. Using VPN to watch HULU or BBC iPlayer

      This subject has been discussed to death on this thread     Everything from setup Smart DNS to VPNs on routers, and on smart TV's   Trouble is a very long thread and will take you some time to scan it - do you have any specific questions?
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    This is how the world view the UK politions on their way to work  
  5. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    even if its a different IP address, unfortunately that does not matter, because at the time and date that the uploading occurred they (the lawers ) ask your IP provider who it was, the IP provider tells them who that IP address was allocated to at the time.   It might be worth checking with your IP provider, to ask if you have a static or dynamic IP address - also - if they can tell you, your at address at the time/date of the offence - to see if things match up.   This all assumes, you are sure you did not do it, and all computers you have do not have any od software on them.   Otherwise, there are loads of posts in this thread about this subject, maybe you should read through them. I no its a pain but you may find something - even try PM'ing some of them to find out what happened in cases similar to yours, and of course please report back here with any useful information to help others.          
  6.     yes you can a German court ruled on it last year   However, it does say that it should be limited to not more than several hours from the link : “It is technically possible to create a short recording of an accident itself, for instance by continuously overwriting what is being recorded but only saving it permanently when an accident happens,” it added.   Maybe Tesla will need a software update for this    
  7. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    So the bottom is lines is - unless you have a special ticket or the airline is going to be nice to you    that you will loose your money, if you refuse to get on an airplane, just after a crash on a similar airplane - must say not sure what I would do util it actually happens to me
  8. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    What actual happens, if you refuse to fly on a certain type of aeroplane ?   Do you just lose your money ?, because if you refuse to fly, you are just a no show to them - which you would lose the money   If you wanted to re-book on another flight, there's is normally a re-booking fee - do you get charged that ?   Just interested
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      yeah, as far as I can see, the Government is in blind panic now, and it just concerned with firefighting the trouble at the moment. Which means it does not look at the longer term ...   The firefight at the moment is getting the BREXIT mess to some sort of conclusion, then it will have time to think about the future problems that causes - like the tories splitting or some parts not helping   
  10. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    agreed 600 euro for the fast charger is nothing, in comparison to what you have to fork out on a Tesla.   Just thought, if you could make some money by letting other cars use your charger, it could vastly increase the number of charger stations available as more people might be tempted to get into the pay-charge model - and would motivate more people to buy an e-car - as they would have more options to charge.    
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Given the situation now, ie parliament voted no-deal off the table and the specker has ruled out a new vote on the old deal   I would imagine the EU will not extend, because this leave the UK with the choice of Remain or take the already rules out no-deal.   Hence the EU would force a revoke of A50 and remain
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Can you set yourself, as a Tesla Supercharge charging point and, get money from re-charging other Tesla's ? like you can sell tour unused solar power    Must admit 45 hours sounds like a long time to charge at home.
  13. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    yes, interesting reading, how much is a home supercharger ?, if you do not mind saying,  I guess other charging points is just the wall socket plug ?