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  1. So just back from Lake Garda and I was thinking ( while eating my burger at the Europa bridge  ), which MacDonald's restaurant is set in the most beautiful in all of the world ??   I guess it of course the one on the Europa bridge, near Innsbruck !   Here are a few pictures of the views you can get while eating a burger !, have you got any recommendations for better views from a  Mac Donald's;geo=190445&detail=5966259&ff=225793531&albumViewMode=hero&aggregationId=101&albumid=101&baseMediaId=225793531&thumbnailMinWidth=50&cnt=30&offset=-1&filter=7&autoplay=   use back /forward keys for the other pic's, obviously these picture are from tripadvisor not me
  2. Best TV Opening Theme ever?

  3. Dining Table and 4 Chairs

    I would come and take it, at the weekend   do the legs of the table come off, for transportation ?  
  4. After  the Munich property price rises seems to be slowing, is the time to think about Berlin ( as it has the fastest rising housing prices in the world time) for an investment ???
  5. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    my vpn went down ( for BBC ) sunday night, but is back up again now :)
  6. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Its just a cat and mouse game ! As soon as the BBC find any VPN company is accessing their servers, they will block them, the VPN company will change their external IP address and it will work again until the BBC finds the new address, and again, and again.... Did you try the multiple VPN servers that ExpressVPN offers in another part of the UK ?   No VPN company will guarantee, to make it work - they just offer the service while it lasts - it will work again later today or in a couple of days
  7. US Netflix

    There does seem to be several ways to do it, depending on your model number of TV and its age, how old is the TV and what is the eact model number ?   this is alternative way to reset the country code     Did you every seee the " Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, " ?, I ask because I remember, that a year or so ago, I got messages saying my smart hud would be de-activate - I just checked and it has been !,  So older TV may not have is anymore   this guide shows u differernt buttons to press, depending on the year of make of your TV
  8. US Netflix

    Found this on the internet   Change Samsung Smart TV Hub region F-Series If you own an F Series Samsung Smart TV, the steps needed to change your Smart Hub region differ a little. Choose TV as source. Select Menu on the remote control. Select System. Choose Setup. Continue the set up. When you get to the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions page, press the following buttons on your remote control: Mute, Return, Volume Up, Channel Up, Return. Choose your new Samsung Smart TV region. (US, UK, France, etc.) Continue the setup as usual.     Are u sure that you did get to the page were the "Smart Hub Terms & Conditions page", before you press the buttons on the remote control
  9. US Netflix

    sorry I probably wrong ! I guess you must be trying to install a now TV app on your TV. Not install the NOW TV box.  
  10. US Netflix

    I did set my Samsung to UK, to get the UK apps, which now I never use any more...   I do not see any reason why, you need to set your TV to UK mode, to make the NOW TV box work.   When I installed my NOW TV box, the NOW TV box outputs an HDMI signal, no special TV setup required .    I was only  required to enter the SmartDNS addresses in the ( 2nd) Router, for a location near me.   Are you sure you read the instructions correctly ??
  11. Samsung MC28H5135CK Microwave Oven

    sorry I have just seen it :)
  12. US Netflix

    The above article, says "Services where the main feature is the provision of access to and use of copyright protected content, or the selling of copyright protected works in an intangible form, such as music streaming services, e-books, online games and software, are excluded from the scope of the regulation. But this will be subject to a review by the Commission."   Which means things will not get any easier for accessing content, outside your country zone.   Although I have read in other articles that the EU have changed "the holiday regulations", in that if you live in the UK and go on holiday to Spain, you will be allowed to access the iplayer ( in spain ) until you come back to the UK, but this is not the case for people living permanently aboard, how they are going to enforce is, is any bodies guess.   And of course, the UK will leave EU regulations sooner or later ....       
  13. Samsung MC28H5135CK Microwave Oven

    Model nr, please
  14. Microwave plus Grill, any good?

    Difficult one, I have  microwave/oven/grill and I love it !, I very rarely put the main oven on now. I agree with @Metal, the real wire oven element is much better than Quartz, the browning is just much better, but the wire ones are harder to find these days and cost more and the modern mounting system in the microwave is just not as good as the old style system, which allows you to alter the height between the food and the grill element..   However, they are small ( normally ), so you cannot  to cook a meal for 4 in them, just 2.   I should say I love to grill everything, grilling the fat out, I think is better for you. The oven function warms up to required temperature in less time than my normal oven, for cakes, pizza etc. Obviously the microwave warms things up quick.   Maybe your normal oven is better than mine ! but I like everything about my combined  microwave/oven/grill. I have looked around for a replacement  for my microwave ( for when it breaks ), I cannot find anything on the marketplace that would replace what I have now, I just hope my unit keeps going ...   Good luck with your choice  
  15. One suitcase, one carry on bag for free

    Does it come with the bottles of beer ?