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  1. did plan on finishing at 60, but my company is offering a deal to leave at 58 - not sure they would let me take it thou   lots of travel for me, managed 82 days hols/flexit last year  - will be better with 365 days to go at   But probably not in Munich 
  2. keep on dip in and out of tesla   made 1000 euro  on em, 2 weeks ago   Will buy again , if they drop below 330 - 335, and the rest of the market stable    
  3. Ive been making a bit on Airbus    Noticed, they are up and down 10 % over 5 or 6 days, done it 3 times so far.   Get the feeling, with all the Corona stuff, that we are looking at another big dive soon.
  4.   You still have to know how to use the app, lots of older people do not have a smartphone and some would find it difficult, rather than stamping your ticket.   The OP had problems understand the system, and got caught out, thats all that happened, expected a different country system to be the same as your own home country, will always lead to mistakes, unless you understand how things are done in the new country.
  5.   To be fair the bus-cop was just doing his job. How is he supposed to know the OP was just riding the bus every day and did not want to pay, then telling everybody I did not know the rules - when they get caught.   I tend to believe the OP, so its just bad luck - but to be honest I do not really know.
  6. First sorry to hear about your bad luck 1 ) Pay the fine  2) You can appeal, but normally it will not help   I live in Munich, Normally if I did what you did then for a first offence you pay 5 Euro, its only a repeat offense you get the 60 euro fine Goto the central station, there will be an office there where you can ask for a first time offence reduction.   Sorry but in Germany, you need to cancel the ticket, by putting it in a machine that stamps it. This means you cannot use it again for another trip.   So the system is buy your ticket, put the ticket in the cancel machine just before you travel, next trip you need another ticket, sorry you went wrong by not cancelling or validating your ticket, You can have many tickets in your pocket, but until you validate it, its not active.   3 ) German is safe country, they will not steal your card details.
  7. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      This is a deeply personal question, nobody can answer the question but yourself.   I wanted to go visit my mother, in end October, but I feel there is too mush risk, other people in my office are going in 2 weeks time.   I have asthma and am in at risk age group, so its not for me, but other people will think differently to me and there is nothing wrong in that
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    I still think there will be a deal   It was always said the last point for a deal would around 1st of November, which still gives them some time, even without extra time   Both sides are just saying things to try and get a better deal at the moment, maybe both sides have enough for them to accept the deal, but why not carry on chatting, maybe one side of the other can get some more advantages.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      They have all gone quiet If only they were quiet full time  
  10. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

    They do both - and I have tried both, but its not the easiest place to get to without a bus or with a bit of a walk 
  11. Brexit: The fallout

        Eire although officially neutral, it did help the allies in various ways during WW2   Eire provided the detailed weather reports, that made the invasion in 1944 possible.  
  12. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

      You should try Hindura Indisches near trudering. I asked for it hot, they said after a while  1 chilli or 2 chilli or 3 chilli, I got 3 chilli, that was very hot/spicy - I will be going back    
  13. I declared less income to KSK

    It will not be a problem.   You have to give an estimate so that they can work out your pre-payments for the next year.   You will just get a new lower pre-payments for next year.   But dont think you have more money to spend this year, keep it safe in the bank - they will ask for it at some point.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    seems like all the trolls are out tonight ( oktoberfest must be over ), o wait a moment where is HF
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    I would have thought the EU will buy its fish from other EU counties or EEA like Norway and Iceland   While fish, contributes a very small amount to the economy,  it was a massive issue for the referendum, if Boris backs down on fish he will probably have to face the public anger. Same for france they are adamant that if there is no deal on fish then there is a no-deal.    Its going to be difficult to square this one, without one side or the other losing face.