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  1. Coronavirus

      As i understand it, yes a cycle ride is allowed, but not put your bike in the car drive to a different area and cycle there.   again, we are all advised to isolate as much as possible, to reduce the spread risk - the more we follow this the quicker the virus will go away - I am still allowed to use the underground in Munich, but I do not because I think the spread risk is more than walking, to  my local shop   I know its boring to do the same walk in the park every day, but thats the way it is at the moment, as far as I understand
  2. Coronavirus

    The rule is a the moment   You are allowed, to out side for walking and  jogging, with a maximum group size of 2 people - or families.   You can use your car for going to work, but you are not supposed to use it for private reasons, except shopping, medical reasons etc, but I would imagine, you will not get stopped by the police, and probably not a fine either.   By I would urge you not to do it, you should do what the Government is asking you to do, stay inside as much as you can, its the best way at the moment to defeat the virus - each time you go to a different area you increase the spreading risk - please act in a responsible way at this moment
  3. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    on hearing the UK PM, the minister of health and the department of health have all got COVID-19  A lot of people are asking if the they are following social distancing themselfs   and then I noticed this
  4. Coronavirus

    I also think that we should be near the peak and very much hope it goes down soon.   But I still remember those pictures on TV, when the lockdown was announced in Italy, that the railway station filled up of people  wanting to leave, those people could  have taken the virus to many other parts of Italy - then the virus spreads there.   I not sure I think when china went into lockdown, very few people goto out of wuhan
  5. Coronavirus

    looks bad again in Italy 900+ dead   On the positive side, the lead indicator of number of infections is down today, so once the current number of infections  goes through the system ( takes about 1 or 2 ), the number of deaths should start to go to down, but its going to take to time to run through the system.  
  6. Coronavirus

     -  each of the private firms will bill for each test, that can be counted.   I always think the Germans itemise everything, when I take my car for repair, even things like a 10 cent washer is on the bill.    I do not beleive that the Germns do not have accurate figures for the number of tests performed, they itemize everything in a way that I have not seen in any other country - but of course I cannot provide a source for this :)
  7. Coronavirus

    Sure no government will say the reason why we do not do this this is because it cost too much,  I think no government has ever said that you are saying let let people die because its cheaper, which country will say that ? Governments please people to get re elected
  8. Coronavirus

    It can be, it depends If if done correctly ie having enough tests and disturbed in the right places and across different age groups, then yes you can see a trend of whats happening. If you just test in one area, that does not have many cases, and not a cross different age groups etc etc, then no the data can be bad.   if you get good data, its a lead indicator, it allows you to plan, it allows you to shut down areas, before you get large numbers of deaths,  using the number of deaths, is kinda like shutting the barn door after its gone ie at that time you need to go into longer and deeper shut down measures - probably leading to more deathsno   The WHO said weeks ago the most important thing is concentrate on is the testing program, hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be able to buy home testing kits ( on the car radio today BASF have got one which could hit the streets by April ) which can be used to determine if you should self isolate or not. Which means more people can go outside, more of a normal life, after that test are coming which will indicate if you already had the virus and got rid of it, thus gaining immunity to the virus, will will allow even more people to leave the house.  Testing will give us the ability to return to normal life earlier, than waiting for a vaccine -its that important period.   As JG52 said, and I watched the same program, a lot of deaths are not tested for CD-19, because its expensive at the moment - so we do not really have an accurate data source for that.   they say lies, dam lies and stats
  9. Coronavirus

    Agree with @Mike, it must be increasing in the rest, or non-locked down parts of Italy.
  10. Coronavirus

    Another bad day in Italy infections up +6153, but deaths slightly down ( 662 down 20 from yesterday ), when are we going to see this turn around, its getting to be well late from the china lock down
  11. agreed ETF's are a good general investment, but when there large changes in stock prices, like now I prefer individual shares, but there is absolutly nothing wwrong with ETF's
  12. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    its not your fault, a lot of people on this site report, posts appearing from no where and various strange things happening.
  13. good and valid  point, there are many stocks with reduced values a the moment - spread your money around - spread the risk - never put more money in than your could afford to lose, which is different for everybody
  14. Coronavirus

    Crazy when the virus first went to the USA, he called it a hoax   He did nothing, the virus spread, then he starts to wake up, now it looks like its going to be a major problem, which unfortunately a lot of people may die.   The president main responsibility is to look after the health of the nation.   having failed on one of his prime responsibility how can he be so popular
  15.   yes, I agree, playing on the stock market is kinda like a pack of cards, - sure you can analysis the company and the general market - sure you can count cards   but at the end of the day, you have to decide if you accept the risk or not   I think the governments will ball out Airbus and Boeing, they just have too many jobs dependent on them, like the banks and they make a lot of money - just like the banks, once carona is defeated. One way or another, the airline business will come back, and they will order more aeroplanes, its just how long to wait - I think between 2 and 5 years. of course I can always be wrong, so never put more in than you can afford to loose - the same as playing cards for money.   buying shares I think is more risky than funds, but you can make more/lose money out of it