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  1. Disposing of old tires

    Seeing the pictures of whales filled plastic bags down its throat, I deicide to improve my own waste  management, I found this link, on how to dispose of many common  household waste in the Munich area.   Although this link covers many items, interestingly, it says you should get rid of old tyres  at the tyre dealer !.
  2. if anybody is interested, here is a link to "what you should do with old junk" in Munich.
  3. Customs at Munich airport

    The problem with multiple sims, is that once you swap them then, its hard to contact you on a sim that you have just taken out of the phone, so you have to give everybody, like 2 numbers for your different sims, or you have to check ( by again swapping the sims )  to 'see' if anybody has maybe rung your other number.   Having two mobile phones avoids this, but then you have to mange 2 phones aswell..   I bought a dual sim phone, so I can keep receiving calls abroad on my home SIM and get a local SIM card for use in a foreign country, which is ok, for 2 country's. Of course apple do not do a dual sim phone, but Samsung, Motorola and many other cheaper phones like oneplus do.     
  4. Disposing of old tires

    THe Wertstoffhöfe will not take them, or at least my Wertstoffhöfe would not take old tyres. I was advised to take them to a tyre dealer - Which I did - cost 2 euro per tyre
  5. Help! Tea spilled on Laptop

    A friend had also lost the sound from the Notebook I got   and it works goof
  6. Touching buttocks of women

    There should be a law, saying you have to swallow not spit.
  7. Touching buttocks of women

    So what have we learned today ?   The feminists do not accept any for of violation of their body, by a man putting his hand on a woman, for example Romantics, ( ), like the idea of random flirts.   jeff only does threesomes, maybe 4ors are out because its 2 against 2.    
  8. Touching buttocks of women

    Looking at this   The overall effect of "me too", might make it harder for men and women to come together.   While very few would, defend "Touching buttocks of women", without prior consent, it just make it harder for a man ( or women ) to decide what actions are appropriate in a given situation.  Does a man always have to ask consent before performing an action ? ie once and man and man have ended up in bed with his partner, should a man obtain consent before he can touch the buttocks ?, does that destroy the romance of one or the other taking spontaneous actions ?   The trouble is, almost any action has to be viewed as appropriate for a given situation, and the views or both parties have to be respected , before any action is considered appropriate - but you can never really know how the other party will react until, you perform the action. If you guess wrong, you are an assh***e, if you guess correctly, other one could like it. By all of us tying to be PC the romance of the situation can be destroyed.    
  9. not really sure, what is the normal binbing type, I would say from looking at others on the slope, that strap in binding are the norm  ...   Most people rent the board at the ski resort they go to, this because its easier to drive to the resort, rent a board and give it back at the end of the day/week. if you rent from a Munich shop then. u have to transport it and get it from the shop/ bring it back === too much hassle.
  10. BOSE SoundDock Serie II white €100

    Since there is no price given, I can only assume its for free! In which case, tell where I can pick it up from    
  11. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    yes that's what I was thinking ! I have 2 routers, so I can send my banking stuff through the normal system and the TV stuff through the VPN.   But on some routers, you can configure some traffic of the traffic to go through the VPN and some not, so if the source is from the Firestick then it will directed through the VPN and if the source is the PC (ip address ) then it will not use the VPN channel   That's why I was asking which router he/she has, maybe he/she does not need to buy a new one.   I have the 2nd gen firebox, and I notice that it is a lot quicker than the 2nd gen Firesticks ( when using at a friends place ). The is always performance over cost  
  12. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    yes I accept, I was wrong :)   configuring in the router is probably the best way, maybe jeba, has a good enough router that he/she can configure in the VPN in the router without the need to buy a 2nd one. Which router do you have jeba ?   By the way, if jeba buys a Firestick, only some of the VPN company's have native VPN apps, if he has a VPN company that does not support have  Firestick apps, then he/she would have to root his firestick in order to put on a third party VPN client.   I use Firebox, and consider it to be the best alternative at the moment, because I find the Firestick a bit slow and you can extend the memory in a more easy way, but costs a lot more.        
  13. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Not really sure why you want to a VPN if it works without one being installed !   The easiest way is to ( if possible ), check with your VPN company to see if they have an android VPN app, install that with your user name and password, it should just work .. well setup your VPN location to Germany..   If your VPN company does not offer and app then you can configure your phone's VPN client, with your VPN username and password. yeah, each phone and version of Android is slightly different in the way you have to set it up, so its best to put in google something like this   Your phones name/model  followed by VPN client setup, you will get something like this   you will ( probably ) get instructions  on how to setup your phone       
  14. I am with LeonG on this one   When I was last in the UK, I ended up buy my mother a new mobile phone.   yeah, she is old and does not really understand how to use a modern phone, and because she does not use it much she never gets to remember how to use it. Earlier this year I was trying to ring her up on the landline, but because she had forgotten to hang up the last call, I got a continues "the line is busy" call tone and of course the mobile was switched off. That's quite worrying for me that I cannot contact her. I have installed a webcam in the kitchen on an "old" mobile phone ( with the app "Alfied"  total free !) so I can see what's going on there, witch helps with the worrying.   Anyways, I ended up buying her a Doro 6520 which has as features   Big buttons, so easy to dial for people with poor eyesight Big screen, easy to read Very loud call tone ( the loudest you can buy ). One touch button on the back, which can be programmed to call up to five number in sequence, if the others do not pick up the call, ie first call my bother ( closest), if no answer my sister, etc etc - she can maybe use this if she falls over and needs help. Not too many gismos to get confused over. 35 pounds in the UK, include 10 pounds of talk time.   I course I realize, that as she does not use it much, she will never really understand how to use it, but it makes me feel more happy that I tried to find here a simple phone for her.      
  15. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Here is a list of the non approved ( banned) kodi addons, which can stream ilegal content   provided by Kodi, kodi has nothing to do with the illegal addons    The authorities have shut down several of them already, but each time one is shut down another 3 appear, when  exodus was shut down ( just not updated),  Covenant was born, the storey goes on, looks like Covenant is going down as well, but there are lots of alternatives, see the list The  authorities have never prosecuted an end user, only the suppliers of the addon or asked them to shutdown