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  1. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    yes that's what I was thinking ! I have 2 routers, so I can send my banking stuff through the normal system and the TV stuff through the VPN.   But on some routers, you can configure some traffic of the traffic to go through the VPN and some not, so if the source is from the Firestick then it will directed through the VPN and if the source is the PC (ip address ) then it will not use the VPN channel   That's why I was asking which router he/she has, maybe he/she does not need to buy a new one.   I have the 2nd gen firebox, and I notice that it is a lot quicker than the 2nd gen Firesticks ( when using at a friends place ). The is always performance over cost  
  2. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    yes I accept, I was wrong :)   configuring in the router is probably the best way, maybe jeba, has a good enough router that he/she can configure in the VPN in the router without the need to buy a 2nd one. Which router do you have jeba ?   By the way, if jeba buys a Firestick, only some of the VPN company's have native VPN apps, if he has a VPN company that does not support have  Firestick apps, then he/she would have to root his firestick in order to put on a third party VPN client.   I use Firebox, and consider it to be the best alternative at the moment, because I find the Firestick a bit slow and you can extend the memory in a more easy way, but costs a lot more.        
  3. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Not really sure why you want to a VPN if it works without one being installed !   The easiest way is to ( if possible ), check with your VPN company to see if they have an android VPN app, install that with your user name and password, it should just work .. well setup your VPN location to Germany..   If your VPN company does not offer and app then you can configure your phone's VPN client, with your VPN username and password. yeah, each phone and version of Android is slightly different in the way you have to set it up, so its best to put in google something like this   Your phones name/model  followed by VPN client setup, you will get something like this   you will ( probably ) get instructions  on how to setup your phone       
  4. I am with LeonG on this one   When I was last in the UK, I ended up buy my mother a new mobile phone.   yeah, she is old and does not really understand how to use a modern phone, and because she does not use it much she never gets to remember how to use it. Earlier this year I was trying to ring her up on the landline, but because she had forgotten to hang up the last call, I got a continues "the line is busy" call tone and of course the mobile was switched off. That's quite worrying for me that I cannot contact her. I have installed a webcam in the kitchen on an "old" mobile phone ( with the app "Alfied"  total free !) so I can see what's going on there, witch helps with the worrying.   Anyways, I ended up buying her a Doro 6520 which has as features   Big buttons, so easy to dial for people with poor eyesight Big screen, easy to read Very loud call tone ( the loudest you can buy ). One touch button on the back, which can be programmed to call up to five number in sequence, if the others do not pick up the call, ie first call my bother ( closest), if no answer my sister, etc etc - she can maybe use this if she falls over and needs help. Not too many gismos to get confused over. 35 pounds in the UK, include 10 pounds of talk time.   I course I realize, that as she does not use it much, she will never really understand how to use it, but it makes me feel more happy that I tried to find here a simple phone for her.      
  5. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Here is a list of the non approved ( banned) kodi addons, which can stream ilegal content   provided by Kodi, kodi has nothing to do with the illegal addons    The authorities have shut down several of them already, but each time one is shut down another 3 appear, when  exodus was shut down ( just not updated),  Covenant was born, the storey goes on, looks like Covenant is going down as well, but there are lots of alternatives, see the list The  authorities have never prosecuted an end user, only the suppliers of the addon or asked them to shutdown        
  6. Weekend commuters to Munich

    Although this is not a private travel community, sometimes I have tried   Its very good All you do is put in start position, Destination date, preferred language and currency, and also a time you  want to travel It will give you a list of options to travel, with prices, from   Bus travel, default and normally the cheapest Train travel, just click it to see all the options on the day . Travel in somebodies else's private car, from blablacar, if you are intending to drive, then you can also sell seats in your car to offset you bills - on or .de Travel by aeroplane, just click it   All like because you can, all the options in one place, just by clicking the right symbol.   Also, but mainly in German only, try   There are also apps in the play stores for IOS and Andriod To be honest the list is almost end less, checkmybus is easy to use and gives a good overview.              
  7. Best 70s Horror Movie Ever?

          I gues you mean Dracula AD 1972 !, which I watched the other day I liked it because it was set in London Like 95% of all Dracula movies are set in a castle in Romania with lots of trees     
  8. The Vietnam War and JFK

    A said by Tim and me Both all sides were presented good and bad many many americans/vietnamese  on the show, giveing detailes on the succeses and failures   its fascinating  
  9. The Vietnam War and JFK

  10. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    just had an interesting call, indian girl calling from Microsoft Ms:Microsoft is calling MS:I have a serious infection on my PC, they need to clean it   me: ok, what should I do about it ?   MS: you should push windows key and R together  ME:ok MS: do you see the window appear in left corner ME:, well i did !, ME thinking, I am not going to edit the registere for them, so I just said no i do not see anything MS: try again  ME: again nothing happens , happens 2 more times MS: ok, sir, start your internet browser, and type in ME: ok MS: do you see a picture of a man holding a phone. ME, no I see error. MS: try again happens 3 times, after a while ... MS : Do you have an internet connection ? ME: sorry no the internet card stopped working. MS: sir you are a f**King assh**le  ME: what, I don't think microsoft should be using such words !! ME: just one thing I do not understand why you microsoft rings up, my computer is an apple ! MS: You Mot**er F**ker hangs up   Whenever I get a scammer on the line, I always try to waste as much of there time as possible, because thats the expensive part of there scam. I got them to 10 over minutes this time a new record for me Always piss em off and waste as much of there time as possible.   sometimes I like to use the please, I need to go to the toilet, please wait me, that can waste a bit of there time.              
  11. The Vietnam War and JFK

    if you really want to know about, available for the next couple of weeks.   Watch, VPN or SmartDNS required*   Its the most comprehensive look at the war, including what politicians wanted and why, the way the grunts sore it and  the people of America and Vietnam sore it. Beware if grips you to the sofa watch it.
  12. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Agreed in general As some add-ons become popular, they sometimes start to slow down, also it depends where the target audience is for the add-on is, so you will notice add-ons that are targeted for Germany, may slow down during prim German TV times, eg 6 to 10pm  most days.     Try installing several addon-ons that do the same thing eg for movies, there at least 100 addons available, install several of them to your kodi device and swap between them until you get a stable feed. yes 16 is enough, but 16DSL is know to be very slow during prim German viewing times. 16 is the max, and you can often get only 4 !, you can test your internet speed from several speed checker sites.   also use a VPN while accessing kodi, VPNs can be slow at times aswell  
  13. Where to buy a Dirndl in Munich

    Seems strange to join this web site, yesterday   just to advertise this website, maybe they work for this web site !!!   A friend of mine bought Trachten stuff a the Schliersee, and is very happy with it 
  14. Extortionate German mobile bills

    You can port your number to your new company, as I did sure Voda phone will charge you 25 admin fee, but my new company gave me 25 euro to cover this .. so moving mobile phone company does not mean a new number.   Sadly, customer loyalty is rewarded by people getting ripped off   
  15. Extortionate German mobile bills

    try looking at   select Handytarife then  vergleichen   Its interesting the the most expensive contract you can get is the " Telekom Mobilfunk Magenta Mobil L",  for 48,42 a month that everything, except roaming calls and out side Europe calls.