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  1. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    In the help text,"Miscellaneous items for sale" ie Munich, Items for sale,  Miscellaneous items for sale it says " Sports kit, household items, aluminium ladders, etc. "   I have never seen any "aluminium ladders" for sale there ever!!! It seems a bit obscure, I mean doesn't "household items," cover aluminium ladders anyway ??? Why not add help text of "hosepipe" as well ??   "aluminium ladders" is just to specific and should be removed.
  2. Which Mieterverein ?

    Short info from me I joined  on the 31st july 2018   Sent them all the documents I had on 2nd august 2018 got a reply from them asking for more information on the 7th august 2018   waited until today ( got tired of waiting ), phoned them up, got through to a layer, and chatted about my case.   They said they would take action today   The lawyer I got, seems to works there 3 days a week, so can be difficult to get hold of.   That's what happened, not sure if you consider that quick or slow, but there you have it. There are other Meit verins around ( search on google ), seem to be the biggest in Munich area    
  3. I would imagine, the sign is for the forrest gump type divers, who are technically good divers, but have not enough common sense to realize which direction they should be diving. Although it seems strange that the diver cannot see the sign as they are facing the wrong direction, maybe they have a system of mirrors so the diver can 'see' the sign.   Of course, when they move on to a different type of diving style the sign has to be replaced !    
  4. You can clearly see, the sign refers to front diving, which is banned, the diver in question is diving from the rear entry, which would be allowed according to this sign.   Solved
  5. Buy-to-let apartment in Germany

    ok. so its not a good idea to buy right now in Munich !!!   Which shares should I buy instead ???  
  6. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    What about the classic "bedknobs and broomsticks" then ???
  7. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    What about dads army the movie
  8. My colleague does not speak

    send him to my office, I have several talkaholics in my office and spend parts of the day trying to shut the f**kers up.
  9. How to dismantle a single lever mixer?

    Turn the device upside down ( or which ever direction), so the liquid will 'flow' down the thread. Using heat is a very good idea, if you can gain access.  
  10.     Just as a note, at all beer gardens - its allowed to bring your own food, but you must buy your drinks from the beer garden, otherwise you break the bavarian rules.  Otherwise have fun
  11. things I normally think about when buying a property   1) Try to asses the property by comparing it with other properties from sites like This gives an easy way to compare what you get to  a price of several properties, but it seems to me that there are a lot of properties on offer just through a an immobilian, try to check immobilian in your local area aswell to get a full picture of  what you get for what price" 2) Interest rates have been low for several years now, these low interest rates, means other people can get large mortgages, this means property prices may be much higher than 10 years ago - maybe in the future interest rates will rise ( maybe not, you have to decide what you think will happen ). This will reduce how much people can lend and therefore reduce the property prices. 3) Un -like some other countries, it will cost you at least 10% of the property price to buy, if you go through an immobilian ( the normal way ). 4) Do not take it for granted, that property prices will go up,  the market is at an all time high, maybe it will go higher maybe not, it depends on a lot of the factors, listed above, but also on the local economy.    
  12. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    difficult, choosing a router depends on what you what it to do with it, but you should consider at least   will it run dd-wrt ?, ie firmware available how quick it is, so if you want VPN performance, you need a good processor in it, not less than 600MHZ how many people will use it ?, dad watches football, kids watching movies, then get a gigabit router.   as with everything else, you get what you pay for, a cheap router will work for a single person, only doing smart DNS, but get better hardware if you need the performance.   by the way I had a dd-wrt router, they are hard to setup, you need to  know a  bit of linux to do anything not standard.   Most ASUS routers can add MERLIN, which can be configured in an easy way, just clicking boxes on the screen and will do (most ) if not all things, people will want to do. Including stopping the internet connection if the VPN fails, which can stop a lot of big copywrite bills coming your way.    Also you do not flash a new dd-wrt firmware, with the built in 'firmware upgrade', you normally have to login in to the router from a terminal window and then use a special program.
  13. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    go to, click router database, enter 841  -> you will see a list firm wares   by the  way, the TL841N is not a good router to flash with dd-wrt, because it only has 4md flash space, normally you require 8mb to get all the normal dd-wrt features. You may find the features you want are not included. There are ways around it !, but its hassle. You need to know more about your router ( chipset etc ) to find the perfect version of dd-wrt for your router.   by the way, if you flash the wrong version, you can brick your router, be careful.      
  14. Unfortunately that not the way it works   if you stop paying, the will come after you for the money with fines as well.   if you put the new contract, they sent you in the bin, with all the other stuff they sent you - then you are not in  a good position to start. I do not like the way 'they' have treaded you - but this kinda normal practice in Germany - I am sorry to say.   I as a general rule never sign up for thing over the phone, because you never get a copy of the transcript of the call, I know its boring but if you sign up to for stuff in the shop, you at least get a copy of the contract you signed.   I am sorry for the way you have been treated, but you will waist a  lot of time/ happiness / cost  trying to correct this, and you have to think if its worth it to you  
  15. Unless you can get a trans script of your telephone call, which shows what you agreed to. Then I would imagine you will lose any court case. sorry, they are in the better position, yes I believe you, but you cannot prove it.