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  1. Shirley Williams dies Politics has changed  
  2. Thanks for that, maybe you can help me even further.   the BBC article says    "Guidance on holding a funeral in England - during lockdown - says that mourners who have come from abroad can leave their place of quarantine "in limited circumstances, including on compassionate grounds". This includes "attending a funeral of a household member, a close family member or a friend". Which I think comes from  This looks like a sloppy bit of work from the BBC at the moment, and I think he is getting special rule breaking powers because he is a Royal, that SP and everyone else cannot get.   Looks like the BBC are using the general rules for self isolation given here  COVID-19: guidance for arranging or attending a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic - GOV.UK (   where people can attend a funeral if you were living in the UK and been told to self isolate   But this is not the case for prince harry, he is coming from aboard, and should follow the stronger rules, as given below, us plebs will have to follow them, but not the Royals   while the UK government website says from    How to quarantine when you arrive in England - GOV.UK (   says      I could not find limited circumstances, in the UK GOV page at all, so I quoted the above.   As you can see exceptional circumstances, do not actually list a funerial, it talks more about medical emergencies , lets face it this is a funerial, an every day event, if it was not the Royals.   I would be interested if you or anyone ( I have looked ) else can find this limited circumstance on a government web page or exception for funerals        
  3. Are you sure you were not sleeping that day in geography lessons ?     No hard feelings    
  4.   Country do not choose to be part of a continent.   The UK, choose to leave the EU, it cannot choose to leave the European continent    Canada, cannot choose to leave the American continent, is part of the American continent.     Continents are geographic areas, not defined by counties, they have nothing to do with with how a country votes
  5.   Nope, see any map of European continent and the UK is on it  Europe Map / Map of Europe - Facts, Geography, History of Europe -   even Iceland is part of  Europe     Are you saying that  Alcatraz, is not in the American continent because its not connected by Land ?   Or even  Staten Island, because its not connected by land ?   I am sure there are many large islands, very close to the US, that are counted at American continent
  6. and there many UK Brexiters, that would quite happily punch you in the face, if you called then a EUROPEAN. Even though, UK is part on the European continent.  
  7.   I guess the funerial will be held in private  Windsor castle chapel, so if Harry is isolating in Winsor castle, maybe he will be allowed to just go to the funeral, still bending the rules thou
  8. and how is harry going to get to London, by next Thursday, with a self isolation time, Or are the rules going to be broken, just for the Royals  
  9. World of Music (WoM) closes all its stores

    There were 2 ( that I knew of ) in Munich, not sure which one you would call the main one   One was in the Kaufing str - yes it was underground, I think it was a shoe shop thou, just a bit further out than C and A  is, I remember walking down the stairs to buy the Beatles Blue album on CD, those were the days - I look at it every time I walk that way and remember how you got into it - I did try and look it on street view, and use the time line feature to go back, but I could not get it to work, and I think there were closed by the time google was invented anyway.   The other one, was on the sonnen str ( on the West side of the street), at street level, between Kaufhof and City appart hotel, this one closed first - remember you had to walk past a sex shop to get to it, as it was not directly on the street side, seemed quite unusual at the time.      
  10. Coronavirus

    Yeah agreed But I want to visit my 89 year old mother, she has had both jabbs   Do I think I will not go before I get at the first jab and waited a month. I would feel pretty bad if I took the virus to her  
  11. Coronavirus

      Those are good numbers, but depending on your age it could take months to get your turn, and only then wait 2 or 3 months to get the second and wait for its effects to come into place   As said, this is great news, but we are not out of the woods yet
  12. What made you laugh today?

  13. I am with the cannot stand heated seats club, whenever i go in someone elses car and they are switched on by defalaut, I ask for them to be switched off, the driver does it, but just cannot understand it.
  14. Coronavirus

        Thats certainly good news   I did hear however,  Moderna is not going to deliver any vaccine to the EU in April, while the UK jhas got some and was injecting it yesterday.   But  Moderna  is only delivering 35m doses
  15. Coronavirus

      Some friends use the "skin in the Game" term, to refer to how many shares the directors of a company hold.   The idea, is if the directors of a company are increasing there own personal holding in a company or have a large holding, they think the company is doing well and the share price is going to rise, while if they are selling, the directors know some bad news is going to be released and the share price will drop, so they get out before it happens.