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  1. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      this has been coming for months, there have been reports ( in the press ), of his wife's un happiness, at all the bad things being written about them - they have tried to take the newspapers to court over some of the things that have been written about them!, which again is a big change for the royal family, they never go to court.   It would appear, after months of un happiness, that they have had enough, and want to walk away -preying the press will leave them alone in the future.- but they will not - even if they live in Canada.  
  2. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    I do not think the press would be more lenient if Harry's bride was English.   I can still remember sarah ferguson, being called the "duchess of pork" in the 80's or 90's, after having put on a bit of weight.    
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Ok, Harry is trying to do the right thing.   But I do not believe the UK press will leave him and his family alone from now on. He is an important royal and as such the UK press will follow his life, report any decisions he makes good or bad and continue to take/publish photos of him and his family. I cannot see how he will ever get out of that.   
  4. Pointless plastics..

        Where did you order the battery from ? I want to replace the battery in my Braun tooth brush, but could not find where to order it from ...   buy the way, a new Braun tooth brush costs about 20 euro, cheapest model  
  5. Diet Culture Rant

    My favorite diet to try was the beer and pizza one, coupled with extensive use of the TV remote control.   I did not lose any weight, might have even gained some, but it was the best I ever tried. I would recommend it to anyone.
  6. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    All a lot of speculation   The deal, including the benefits and down sides, will be haggled over in the next 12 months,maybe longer maybe not :), maybe shorter! ( no-deal). As far as I can see, agreements can be made over trade, health care, security, flying rights, driving licences  etc - its just a matter of negotiation.    Nobody here, will get to know the details, until its speculated ( from the people who know ) or its published.   Ofcourse, I would be surprised if the UK gets a better deal than the EFTA counties
  7. Need temporary Internet help (fastest possible)

    I have been using 3 for about 7 years now .. never had a problem .. never a blockage I use a dual-sim phone, when I goto England I take out my German SIM and put my 3 SIM card in, and  the other way around.   I heard that if the SIM card is in the wrong country for more than 3 months it gets blocked, When you come back to Germany you have to take it out of the phone before you get to Germany, otherwiser f it does not see the UK for the next 3 months - then it will get blocked, as its the last country it sees - that starts the 3 month count down.    
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Looks like the practice of mining colbot, required for the  production is causing deaths in Africa , where its sourced from.   Legal cases now be made.        
  9. Losing WLAN connection

    You could download and use for free a tool like this   It shows you the relative signal strength, in different parts of your living area.   It could, well be that your laptop, is old and the WIFI card is not the best anymore, and your Laptop is in a low reception part of your living area. If you use the above program, it can show you ( maybe ) a better place to put the Laptop ( ie more signal strength ). Which may work better there...   - on many routers you can boost the radio frequency to get better results    Also, some of the apps, shows you, if you are using the same radio frequency as someone else, next store, thus making it harder to pick up, the above program will show you that, you can then change it, to get better reception.   The other thing to think about, is that WIFI reception is affect by micro- wave ovens and other electronic items that leak, on certain wave lengths. it could be that the reason the signal drops is because  the person  next-door is cooking or has the washing machine on. If so, change the radio frequency.   I guess you tried, just reconnecting to the WIFI, without re-starting the whole machine ?   the program, will help you say what's going on with the Wi-Fi in your area, there are many other free and paid for programs that can help - but you still have to understand what its tell you - sorry.        
  10. Looking for VoiP to call abroad at low cost

      yes, I know the many providers have altered there rates to be completive with the not so new alternatives.   But I still think the overall package from  a separate provider is the best alternative, for the following reasons   - While on holiday, last week in Thailand, I was able to connect to the hotel WI-FI and talk to my mother in England on her landline, all for nothing - try that with your package. - I can call mobile numbers in a lot of countries for about 1 or 2 cents per min, at home or another place with Wi-Fi or 3g. - The list of counties I can call is massive, for cheap rates - having said that I generally do not ! - I can configure the 'source' number of the call to be any number, I own. So I can call from England to Germany, using my own home number ( festnetz ). The other party has no idea - I am in a different country. - If you are interested, you can run your call through a VPN, to hide you conversations from others and you can get around hotels and mobile phone companies blocking you from making cheap calls.   I will say it is more difficult to setup, than buying a package of DT    
  11. Tech guru need your help on Windows 10 login

    I removed the password from a windows 10 machine for a friend, last year   Its quite easy and free, you  just need to make a boot disk/SD card, then boot the machine from this boot disk, then just remove the file with the password in - re boot the machine ( without the boot disk ) and you are in - you can just make another password at that point
  12. Looking for VoiP to call abroad at low cost   Pay 10 euro Make calls for free, for 120 days to many many countries, inc USA, UK Germany, Austria etc   Then pay typically 1 cent per min to many many countries   Until your 10 Euro ( that you paid ) is used up -> buy another 10 euro credit repeat repeat etc   Normally I get away with 25 euro per year   Works at home and on your Handy ( mobile ), note it needs a Wi-Fi or faster mobile connection to work ie 3g      
  13. Cowboy plumber

    Call lisa13, she will do the job, while wearing pj's
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I would imagine Germain data privacy laws would prevent the automatic data collection of millions of cars.   It's only possible in more delectronically developed counties like the UK