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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    You can use or get the android app I guess apple app as well   You can use this to find the next/closest/all  LPG(autogas)/diesel/Petrol/etc  station near you ( or in a town ) - and it tells you the price of the liter etc - not electric yet - so you do not have to drive all the way to find a very expensive litre price. Not sure I think it only work in Germany   It will even navigate you there aswell.
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Have you thought about a TARDIS ? --   They use solar winds ( as far as I can remember, for power )  - so you never need to tank - saves money They can travel un-limited distances and unlimited turn up time as well, useful if you need a cup of tea before you set of to the clients place and you have no time. They have unlimited storage space inside, great for multiple satellite dishes They can be scaled down to fit in almost any space, avoids parking problems in cities.   and costs less than your budget          
  3. Things you can say during sex and at a job interview

    Am I on time-and-a-half for this 
  4. Einbürgerung for Brits, yes or no?

    if you do at least apply for it now or before B-day, then you cannot do it later without losing your original citizenship ( for EU people).   yes, you will have no right to vote in national elections   also   if you leave Germany for more than so many months/years then you will have no right to come back ( as your Permanent Settlement Permit can run-out), except as applying as an almost newbie.- See all the rules   Although its work to do, it maybe be a good insurance policy against not being able to come back in un-foreseen circumstances.    
  5. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    I would recommend Hoover, I had 2, both have lasted more than 20 years each, the 2nd one had a dryer included   They are easy to repair yourself and the repacement parts are cheap   They seem to be about half the price of a meile, so you can buy 2 of the machines for the price of one meile.   they come with energy efficient of A+++.    All in All not bad,
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    came across this by mistake, maybe someone wants to read about - In Germany FAQs on right of residence in the context of Brexit
  7.   You do not need any paperwork connected to your grandparents, from what you said    read here for details and the documents you need.   you are applying to register your birth in Ireland, which gives you Irish citizenship. The process will take a while ...  
  8. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      yes, I accept sorry, I was wrong    
  9. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      So afternoon ping pong game starts   Krieg do not use your useless, expensive and hope links, when you can buy it from Amazon direct  for 35 euro   maybe you are man enough to apologize, for your crap options and ill informed views, maybe not           
  10. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      But you seem unable to read and understand what you have written, please try to be clearer it helps everybody reading this   You originally said that that you have 3 sticks, without out saying which generation, then you  said the 3rd generation is much faster ( you said "The 3rd generation is VERY fast" ) than the 2nd generation - so I assumed you had one.   Now you are saying, you only have the3 x 2nd generation, which probably means you are just making things up without ever having tried the 3rd gen - which I guess is normal for you.   anyway I have found that the generally the faster the processor speed ( given the same OS/memory  etc ), will make the box faster - the 2nd gen box has a 1.3 processor while the 3rd gen box has a 1.7 clocked processor  ( 2nd gen AFTV has a 1.7 processor ).  I am sorry I have to point the obvious out  to you.     and again, I would buy the 3rd generation, because it has the faster processor and it only 10 euro more          
  11. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      I compared the 2nd generation box ( which I have 4K ), to the 2nd generation stick ( a friend has ), and found the stick much slower, maybe you did not notice because you only have the first generation box, or your brain is slower and cannot notice any difference. In any case you have no point because you have not compared the same things I did.   If I had the choice, I would not buy the 2nd gen fire stick @25 euro, I would go for the 3rd gen stick @ 35 euro, as the processor is of the same speed as the 2nd gen AFTV box..
  12. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      I think you will find they are on there 3rd generation by now   I played with a second gen version  
  13. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    yeah well I got the AFTV box not stick.   I have played with a friends stick!!, and find it to be slow to operate, the box is much faster, but is no longer sold anymore.   If you do not really need  the Amazon Store/services, then I would look to buy a more expensive Android box, to get a faster and hence better experience. Even NowTV, was a faster and nicer experance than the AFTV stick, and is about the same price - either system is very easy to setup.    just saying
  14. Access Netflix TV shows and Movies

    It depends on how much money and effort you want   ExpressVPN, is one of the more expensive VPN's, but I have heard good things about it, in terms of it always working.   Buying your own IP address in the USA from a VPN  company, costs more, but it normally offers problem free operation.   Renting your own server in the USA and setting it up with OpenVPN ( for example ), costs even more than the above, but you will probably never have a problem with NETFLIX, as you will appear to NETFLIX as a regular punter in the USA.  
  15. ApplePay!

      I never used the phase "It does not provide me an overview of my expenses".   I usually, "manage my expenses" by taking out from the machine say 400 euro ( for example ) and I know that will last me about ( for example ) a 2 weeks - If I noticed that, that my wallet get really empty  more quickly - then I start to think what's going on, and maybe alter my spending habits in the future. Mostly I check my bank statement every month.   I just could not be bothered to download all my expenses every day and check them, maybe some people have more time than me and I guess more interesting lives.   Again as everyone says, there is nothing really wrong or right with any method its just what you prefer. Some people prefer to download the expenses into another program and perform analysis on this data  - I just do not want to