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  1. ALG1 & Brexit - Proving German Residency?

    In case anyone finds themselves in the same spot, here's what I got back:    
  2. ALG1 & Brexit - Proving German Residency?

    Danke!     Sounds like a plan. But does anyone know how to apply for a Fiktionsbescheinigung as a British citizen?   Can't see an appointment for this online, so guess I'll need to see if they start taking walk-ins anytime soon
  3. Happy new year folks!   I was made redundant by my last job. The last day of my contract was December 31st. To tide me over and make sure my health insurance was covered, I applied for ALG1 starting January 1st. This date also happens to be quite a big one for us Brits.   In the 'provisional answer' from the Agentur fur Arbeit they have said:   "Nachweis Aufenthaltsstatus ab 01.Januar 2021fehlt (Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung/Fiktionsbescheinigung)!"   I've been living in Germany as an EU citizen up to now, so don't have one. I do not yet have a 'Aufenthaltsdokument-GB'   How should I best proceed?   Can I apply for a Fiktionsbescheinigung now?   Wait until I get an email from the Berlin Immigration Office for an appointment to get my Aufenthaltsdokument-GB? The Agentur fur Arbeit has asked for proof by the end of February, so I have a bit of time.   Thanks!
  4. Are landlords obliged to send out letters regarding the mietendeckel and a resulting reduction? Or is it on those renting to send them a request?   I've been hearing of people receiving letters from landlords about their rent being reduced (but that the mietendeckel may be overturned) - most of them never made any request.
  5. ah sorry! Update: I just signed it and decided to move on. Talked to a couple of 'no win no fee' firms and I wasn't really convinced of the chances of my case
  6. Apologies for starting a new thread. All the ones on here I could find are many years old (though this one was a useful read).   A bunch of us in my company have been let go. Just want to be sure I'm tying up any loose ends before I sign any documents (and avoid any confusion with my bad german), and to check what my options are (if any). We don't have a Betriebsrat, and foolishly I don't have any legal insurance.   For arbeitsamt purposes, I want to make sure i'm made redundant rather than signing some kind of mutual agreement (aufhebunsvertrag)   The document I've been handed is titled 'Abwicklungsvertrag' but it states quite early on 'Die Parteien sind sich einig, dass das zwischen ihnen bestehende Arbeitsverhaltnis durch die von der Gesellschaft am xx.xx.xxxx ausgesprochene ordentliche Kundigung aus dringenden betriebsbedingten Grunden fristgemass mit Ablauf des xx.xx.xxxx endet'   Does the 'betriebsbedingten Grunden' confirm that this is a unilaterla redundancy for operational reasons?   With this type of redundancy do I have any options at all? i.e. what happens if I don't sign? I'm guessing it's a challenge to go to a lawyer and argue this is an 'unjust dismissal' if the company is deleting some roles?   I had quite a large number of annual leave left over (busy Q2 & Q3). Do I have any right for that to be added on top of any severance that is negotiated? (I've been at the company just over 1 year)