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  1. Führungszeugnis

    What about this red section? Do we have to have someone sign it before sending it to Bonn?  
  2. How to provide Zahlungsnachweise to Finanzamt?

    Also, I want to send the missing proof by elster.de, but I'm not sure what do I enter here?     I understand only "Vorname" and "Geburtsdatum".
  3. I've send my tax declaration for previous years but Finanzamt replied they need proof of payments. Problem is my proofs are only account statements from my bank in PDF. Almost everything I've declared was paid online via SEPA Lastschrifteinzug, so it was recorded by the bank, but there is no way to export it to single payments for easier reading. Finanzamt should obviously not be interested in my other private payments I've made in a given month, but I have no other option than just to send them the monthly PDF statements I got from the bank. I have no invoices, i.e. SBahn yearly subscription (https://www.abo-antrag.de/) doesn't provide a way to print any. Should I just send them my bank statements (only pages where relevant payments appear)? Will it be sufficient? In my foreign bank there is an option to view all payments even from 10 years back, select one single payment and print it to pdf, but Deutsche Bank doesn't even allow me to go back further than 180 days  and provides no way to print single selected payments. All I got from them are static PDFs.  
  4. How to activate DKB Visa card?

    Update. Turns out DKB just needed some time after first login to open card activation. Both dkb.de and DKB app were updated today with new options. As you said, a big coloured box appeared in Finanzstatus, also a new option in Services section called "Details Visa Debitkarte" and "Visa Debitkarte aktivieren", as expected.
  5. How to activate DKB Visa card?

    Well, I didn't get any activation message. Maybe they've changed the procedure for new clients. But you don't happen to have any "Visa Debitkarte aktivieren" in Service section? According to the letter I've received with the card I should:   This is rather plain Deutsch, no other way to interpret it than to go to Services on dkb.de. But it's not there  Not sure what the alternative "Klicke auf die Meldung zur Aktivierung" means exactly though.
  6. How to activate DKB Visa card?

    @PandaMunich what should I see on this NeueApp site? It always displays "Super, alle deine Visa Debitkarten sind aktiviert." even when I'm not logged in, it seems to be just a static page that displays only this text.     They even have this site indexed in Google, what the...? xD Something is royally screwed on DKB's side.
  7. How to activate DKB Visa card?

    Yea, I saw this already, this message is contradictory, vague and not helpful at all. " The best way to do this is to register in your web  banking  at dkb.de. " No shit, I thought I have to send them a fax. Why do they even mention this as an online bank <facepalm> " We will help you to carry out the necessary steps " What? Why such basic operation sounds like it requires a customer assistance? " via a message in your financial status: " a "message"? in "financial status"? In the letter it clearly says it has to be done in "Service" section, not in "financial status". "Set up Visa Secura" It won't let me, one has to do it in their DKB app under Card Control section but on my app it says "No cards available"
  8. How to activate DKB Visa card?

    I've opened a girokonto at DKB, managed to log in on dkb.de but I can't activate my new Visa debit card. It says here in the letter that came with the card, in step nr 2 I should go to Service > Visa Debitkarte aktivieren but there is no such option on dkb.de! @DKB users: do you have this option on your dkb.de? In Service menu, under "Konto und Karten" section I only see:   Kontowechselservice Kontoauszug online Karten sperren Ersatzkarte bestellen Kreditkartenumsätze reklamieren Girokartenumsätze reklamieren Debitkartenumsätze reklamieren Scheck einreichen Konto kündigen Entgeltaufstellung anfordern Girokarte kündigen
  9. Which part of nebenkosten are tax deductible?

    Hello, anyone here deducts Nebenkosten in tax declaration? No one replied 3 years ago, maybe this time I'll be more lucky ;) I would like to deduct: Gartenpflege, Hauswart, Gebäudereinigung. Can I do it? Should I add more to the list? It's a rented flat.
  10. I'm all freaked out, because all this time I thought I fall into "voluntary" category, which means I still have up to 4 years to file my taxes, BUT I've just read that married couples in 3/5 class setting are always obliged to file taxes?! Even if partner on class 5 never had any income? My situation is stagnant and non-complicated, logically thinking they don't need any more information from me besides what my employer has already provided: We never had any income except my single wage from a single employer, who filed all necessary payslips to Finanzamt. I didn't receive any benefits, sickness allowances, short-time allowances, compensation payments. We don't have any children. I haven't changed jobs, didn't have a loss, nor any investments and tax office has never contacted me. Do I still fall into "mandatory" category only because my income-less spouse is on tax class V? In other source I read "A tax declaration is required for married couples who both receive employee wages and are taxed according to tax class V or VI. " which would mean it doesn't count, since she doesn't receive an employee wage.
  11. As a tenant, in the yearly Abrechnung I'm supposed to get a summary of costs which are tax deductible.   source:  https://liveworkgermany.com/renting-in-germany-dont-get-ripped-off-with-annual-service-charges "A summary of costs which are deductible against income tax law §35a. This is a really important part of your Abrechnung and many tenants don’t know that this is actually tax deductible. Without going into too much detail, this summarises any manual labour incurred by the property management company (common examples are gardening and janitorial services). These can be deducted on your tax return at 20% of the total costs incurred."   I did receive the Abrechnung with Nebenkosten broke down to many different costs. How do I know which one of them is tax deductible? In example we have a garden and in the Abrechnung a Gartenpflege costs position (150€/year) is listed there. What else can be deducted? We also pay for Hauswart, Ungezieferbekämpfung (insect control), Gebäudereinigung, Winterdienst, Versicherung and many others but they don't sound like it's something deductible as it does not imply manual labor.