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  1. Which part of nebenkosten are tax deductible?

    Hello, anyone here deducts Nebenkosten in tax declaration? No one replied 3 years ago, maybe this time I'll be more lucky ;) I would like to deduct: Gartenpflege, Hauswart, Gebäudereinigung. Can I do it? Should I add more to the list? It's a rented flat.
  2. I'm all freaked out, because all this time I thought I fall into "voluntary" category, which means I still have up to 4 years to file my taxes, BUT I've just read that married couples in 3/5 class setting are always obliged to file taxes?! Even if partner on class 5 never had any income? My situation is stagnant and non-complicated, logically thinking they don't need any more information from me besides what my employer has already provided: We never had any income except my single wage from a single employer, who filed all necessary payslips to Finanzamt. I didn't receive any benefits, sickness allowances, short-time allowances, compensation payments. We don't have any children. I haven't changed jobs, didn't have a loss, nor any investments and tax office has never contacted me. Do I still fall into "mandatory" category only because my income-less spouse is on tax class V? In other source I read "A tax declaration is required for married couples who both receive employee wages and are taxed according to tax class V or VI. " which would mean it doesn't count, since she doesn't receive an employee wage.
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    https://www.thelocal.de/20220119/millions-of-germans-no-longer-considered-fully-vaccinated-on-public-transport/ 1/1 J&J from Juni 2021 still valid on SBahn, or not? It was supposed to be valid one year. According to stats from today only 48% of Germany had taken 3 doses, so it would be strange if they'd enforced it already, but hardly anything surprises me in this world anymore...
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    Just got caught up with the recent news, but not everything is clear for me yet.   I was vaccinated with J&J in my home country, it was supposed to be valid one year. So 6 more months in my case. Now I read that J&J got downgraded, or what? Does it mean I cannot use public transport because I'm not fully vaccinated according to new rules? Am I treated like non-vaccinated person now?   To be honest, I don't care about restaurants and I don't want any covid-tracking apps on my handy. How can I tell if my QR code is sufficient?
  5. I'm obviously not up to date, but this got me curious.   Last time I checked place was supposed to be closed due to eviction, then it turned to vaccination center and I stopped following. Today I saw some pictures from 2021 from which it seems that it's thriving again. What happened? How did it come back to life again?   Second thing, are such parties even allowed? And by this I don't mean nudity and public coetus. I mean everyone crowding without mask indoor, dancing, etc. How did they find a workaround in the face of statutory, night-life-slaughtering, covid regulations of last 2 years? Meanwhile other places during summer required to wear a mask even outisde.
  6. How to get rid of construction waste?

    @murphaph Oh, that's good news. I'm not able to carry it to recycling center myself, can I call them to pick it up? It costs 50 € if I understand this correctly?
  7. I have some construction waste left after previous tenant I need to get rid of. Nothing super heavy and not rubble, only few large airbricks. Not sure if airbrick is the right word, it's also called aerated concrete. I already used BSR in my area for electronics, but would they accept airbricks too? According to https://www.bsr.de/die-berliner-stadtreinigung-in-englischer-sprache-26142.php I don't think they would. Problem is I don't have a car and it wouldn't be easy to carry these bricks because of their large size (rather than weight).
  8. @Fietsrad Maybe she has intentionally applied reverse psychology on you  
  9. I know, that stands in conflict with what I want. I want to use this occasion to make a change in life: take a break, recover from burnout and focus on health, general wellbeing and learning German. But obviously it's not a good idea to tell them that, as they only care about kicking me back to work   Thanks for all replies guys, that's really reassuring.
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. Finding a job is not a big problem, but time is. Part-time contracts in IT are not common, they always want you full-time. What if I insist that I want to work only in german company that requires speaking german, so that I integrate to society better? This would decrease my current qualifications and buy me some more time before I master German.
  11. My company has been closed and everyone including myself was fired. I'm not officialy unemployed yet but I've already registered at arbeitsagentur.de and filled Arbeitslosengeld form. I was not able to submit it yet, as I'm still waiting for Arbeitsbescheinigung from my employer (they claim they have to wait for my last payslip before sending it to me). My security status is PIN-Brief-bestätigt.   I've received a second invitation to Arbeitsagentur but I'm not sure what to expect. I have been there already but it was not very helpful. I've been asked strange and pointless questions about my strengths (?), but after a while of translating the long list of strengths from Deutsch to English we gave up (the lady was kind enough to speak English but this list was a bit too much). I just handed over my CV and agreed to fill in my strengths and other info later by myself, but I cannot find it anywhere on the web portal now.    At least I've learned that they cannot send me to a german course because my german is not good enough (?!), I need to be at least B1+. Only migration office (BAMF - Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) can send me to A1-A2 courses (even though I'm an EU citizen and never had to visit BAMF). Thankfully, my german school have already taken care of BAMF on my behalf and I'm currently learning German on a very intensive course, best decision in my life.   Anyhow, I need to go to Arbeitsagentur again and I don't know what to expect? I'm worried about saying something that might block me from Arbeitslosengeld.    Obviously I don't have time for a new job yet as I'm learning german full-time. This is more important for me than another job that would keep me in english-speaking bubble. They have send me a lot of offers, but I've ignored them because they were all in german - my previous job was 100% international, I didn't have to speak german at all, I'm struggling to speak german in every day life, let alone in professional environment.
  12. As a tenant, in the yearly Abrechnung I'm supposed to get a summary of costs which are tax deductible.   source:  https://liveworkgermany.com/renting-in-germany-dont-get-ripped-off-with-annual-service-charges "A summary of costs which are deductible against income tax law §35a. This is a really important part of your Abrechnung and many tenants don’t know that this is actually tax deductible. Without going into too much detail, this summarises any manual labour incurred by the property management company (common examples are gardening and janitorial services). These can be deducted on your tax return at 20% of the total costs incurred."   I did receive the Abrechnung with Nebenkosten broke down to many different costs. How do I know which one of them is tax deductible? In example we have a garden and in the Abrechnung a Gartenpflege costs position (150€/year) is listed there. What else can be deducted? We also pay for Hauswart, Ungezieferbekämpfung (insect control), Gebäudereinigung, Winterdienst, Versicherung and many others but they don't sound like it's something deductible as it does not imply manual labor.