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  1. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      I've heard from a friend's lawyer today that while moving from Germany to Portugal on would apply to NHR (20% flat tax rate on Portuguese income, and 0% on foreign income) one can be qualified under Erweiterte unbeschraenkte Steuerpflicht nach Par. 2 AStG - since 20% will be just slightly lower than 2/3 of the taxes from 77.000 euro single person. That is made to avoid Germany losing tax money from people moving to 'tax heavens', and can lead to dreadful consequences.    It's normally applied to real tax heavens like UAE or Bahamas, and Portugal is not naturally triggering this red flag, but it could..    Anyone have dealt with that during their move? 
  2. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      I believe in this case one shall read a beautifully laconic 97-page document   IMO, it's ridiculous how people tend to overcomplicate the things:) as if boring people have invented the set of measures to make everyone's life equally boring    To answer your question: I'd say that tax from employment will be going to German FA, while rest of world-wide income associated tax - to Portugal. 
  3. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

    For all those who is interested:    The old formal rules (number of days) have been substituted in 2017 by different definition logic.   In short its following:  1) IF permanent home available --> Resident. IF Permanent homes available in both states --> Where personal and economic interest is closer?  2) IF interests are hardly identifiable OR IF no permanent homes are available: --> where is habitual adobe (e.g. long-term rented hotel suite); 3) IF habitual abodes in both states OR none --> nationality; 4) IF both nationalities are present OR none --> mutual agreement.    So for most cases it falls into the dimension of "personal and economic interests". Which are quite vague imo, in other words give unnecessary power to the states to attack their residents. 
  4. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

    Could you please share your experience: Can deregistration be done by post? And do they require to attach a new address for their database?  While moving away I guess you still had a few months of work performed in Germany during the transition year : did FA additionally enquire about other sources of income that year?    Thank you! 
  5. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

    Totally agree, but I am not a sparfuchs:) Just I always tried to think and act in a way that my salary is not my main source of income. I am in crypto world too: we are in the mid of the bull-run now, but at some point it will be important to take the profits and step away for the next 3.5 years. Understanding and navigating economic cycles (incl Kondratieff) are more important for my decision making comparing to career achievements. 
  6. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      Dear Mike, many thanks for your reply as well!    I am so far not planning to work in Portugal in 2021, but might get a few months of an equivalent of ALG-1 (if the hustle worth it - I still did not find the Portuguese lawyer who will handle that for me). 
  7. Moving away from Germany to Portugal. Abmeldung.

      Dear Panda,    thank you so much for your efforts! Not just from my side (regarding the described above situation), but from all the future forum readers!   For all those who are interested: I've already registered in Portugal (as I factually live here since 2020), and my core priority is now to get the desired 'abmeldung' from Germany as soon as possible to reduce the period that can be considered as overlapping tax residency.   German employer still wants me to perform some activities, but to be on the safe side I'd prefer to discontinue employment as soon as possible - even taking the substantial financial loss. I am aware that receiving the payment from German employer does not automatically make me a tax resident there, but nevertheless would prefer to have as little questions from FA as possible, and have my employment period ending before mid-June. 
  8. Dear All,   I have a German citizenship, and have been studying / working here for the last several years. At some point, I've decided to move to Portugal where my girlfriend is also is.     My questions are following:  1) I am employed with a large organization (which I am about to quit), working online during last 4.5 years. The notice period is 3 months, but I believe I'd have to negotiate it down to officially spend less than 6 months in Berlin. Afterwards I'd like to apply for ALG (60% of net salary) related to reallocation and change of residency.  2) I've made some capital gains in February (25% already collected by trading broker). Assuming I move away to Portugal now, can I claim them back (since for 2021 I am tax liable towards Portugal, not Germany)? And if yes, when shall I do so - now with broker, or in 2022 with tax declaration (FA Germany)?   3) Most important - how to make Abmeldung properly? I am not in Germany, and will prefer to do it by post if possible. Any hints on the forms to submit? 4) I still have a rental contract in Berlin, and would like to keep the place on my name (Ferienwohnung) which I can visit for a couple of months per year. Is there a way German FA can make a trouble out of it?  5) What are the 'hidden' things to watch while making sure I am properly 'abgemeldet' from Germany? Shall I terminate mobile phone line, internet and electricity contract as well, or is it not obligatory (to be honest it's a time investment assuming I have a few flats in Berlin, which I'll rent out of course officially).     What's really important for me is that for 2021 I am the tax resident outside of Germany for tax reasons (and after checking a few places in the EU, Portugal appeared as a first choice to me - I am here since December already and love it).     Thank you in advance big time!