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  1. Requesting old Anmeldung from 3 years ago

    you need to call or email the administration and ask them to mail you your Anmeldung Bestaetigung.  
  2. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    I think Merkel should be responsible for this. Her indiscriminate welcoming of islamic refugees triggers a widespread hostility against immigrants. As Germany has no tradition of welcoming immigrants as USA or Canada does, Germany reluctantly takes in labors only under the pressure of an ageing population. Now millions arrive not to contribute to the tax system but benefit from it , which definitely offends those underclass Germans who rely on the welfare system.  The biggest change I have observed since the arrival of refugees is that many people who were not against foreign immigrants have changed their attitude toward the immigrants as a whole from positive or indifferent to negative.
  3. this is typical of German men. lovers of ambiguity. When i arrived in Europe, I was told that French and Italian men never had a sense of responsibility while German men were never mentally mature to handle a long-term relationship.  At the beginning I felt this was a kind of cultural stereotypes but it turns out that nothing comes into being for no reason. I have witnessed many cases in which German men behave in a very naive way, especially those in a middle-life crisis.
  4. Starting school in US or Germany... and back?

    German education is preferable unless you are rich in USA. The american public schools are mostly lousy unless you live in a rich community, whose property tax is high enough to support a good public school. The private schools in usa are exorbitantly expensive.  I have seen kids who have gone through American education. Without any extra tutoring ,they could not go to a decent college. And it is also easier for anyone in the german educational system to transfer to the american educational system, much harder the other way around.
  5. How to stay friends with a friend

    definitely, i have exactly the same discovery that Germans does not value friendship. they seem to put friends in the same category as acquaintances. What's worse , many have cut themselves even from their original family members since reaching adulthood.