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  1. Tax Returns

    Hi i have question i plan to go to a Lohnsteuerhilfe for help with my tax returns. I am interested to know what kind of documents and information are usually required for this. I tried finding it on line but since my German is basic i was unsuccessful. I am aware that i can probably ask when i visit Lohnsteuerhilfe but i just want a head start and have things prepared as much as possible  especially if it turns out they don't speak English.   Ty
  2. Tax Returns

    no i had no idea i could do that until this year.   btw. can someone recommend a English speaking  Lohnsteuerhilfe in Bonn / Königswinter . i can speak "street" German well enough but when they start talking bureaucracy speak i get a headache. xD
  3. Can anyone recommend a nice place for a semi large group of people to hang out for an evening.  I was tasked to organize a night out for the company employees but im not really sure where. So i was thinking somewhere where we can eat but also have fun like a bowling alley.  Any help would be appreciated i am looking primary in Sigburg or Bonn area but Cologne is also acceptable.    P.S. it does not need to be a bowling alley necessarily no idea will be turned away xD.   ty