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  1. extending expired EU driver license

    what i mean by expired is the document is not valid. that is need to update the pic and exchange for a new standard.
  2. extending expired EU driver license

    Are you sure because that was my first assumption and I went to extend the license where it was originally issued. And I was specifically told that they can not issue my license because my home address is now in Germany and by EU regulation I need to request a license from a country I reside in. And that i need to ask how to do it in Germany, but that they can provide me with what ever is necessary to prove that my driving test is still fully valid and recognized.
  3. Hello I have moved to Germany few years back and was living here ever since. I had a driving license in my country but I left it there  and unfortunately since I did not have a car I forgot about it thinking that the one I had was a 50 year one. But this was not the case. Now  in my home country I can extend it no problem but since my address is registered in Germany I was told I need to extend / get a new one here.    My question is was anyone have a similar situation what was the procedure and where did you go to do it I have found this link on-line ( ) but no one is picking the phone or answering email. My next step is to go there but i want to confirm this is where i need to go before I do, since they get pissy if you show up with out the appointment.   thx