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  1. tax question

    Last year i started a new job for 2200 gross that came to 1600 net. 2 months ago i received 200 eur more as a bonus on my gross pay coming to 2400 but that seemed to have incised my tax percentage since now i receive only 1647 eur net. is this supposed to hapen and i am supposed to be taxed at almost 42% of my paycheck for the money i make. i am tax class one
  2. So today i have caused minor damage to a colleagues car while working a fork lift. Usually there would be no problem and insurance would cover the damage but i was asked to drive a forklift even tho i have no license for one. I have of course informed my company on this fact and they said it was no problem and since we are short handed someone needs to fill in. I was hesitant but i agreed (i understand that i should have said no). But my problem now is they are talking about me covering the damage for the accident that happened on the company grounds, with the company equipment, after i was asked to do the job and they being informed several times i had no license.  Who is responsible for covering the damage and do i have any legal recourse to refuse to pay?