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  1. Can anyone recommend a nice place for a semi large group of people to hang out for an evening.  I was tasked to organize a night out for the company employees but im not really sure where. So i was thinking somewhere where we can eat but also have fun like a bowling alley.  Any help would be appreciated i am looking primary in Sigburg or Bonn area but Cologne is also acceptable.    P.S. it does not need to be a bowling alley necessarily no idea will be turned away xD.   ty
  2. Online Computer Shop

    so i decided to buy a monitor, but unfortunately the stores wont let me check the monitor out before i buy it i want to check for bleed through and dead pixels and such. but i was suggested i order a monitor on-line check it out and if everything is not as it should be i legally have 14 days to return the product no questions asked and can request a new device.  Im interested to know how true is this and did anyone have experience doing it.
  3. Online Computer Shop

    So anyone have experience with some of the on line PC shops in Germany i'm buying a new PC, but i was told that some on line dealers are better avoided since they wont replace a part or give you a refund if you change your mind or replace a part that arrives damaged. Also i'm obviously looking to pay as little as possible so is there a site that compares prices in different shops in Germany. Anyone have experience that they could share i would be very greatfull.