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  1. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. I agree now. After reading advises on this topic. I think I was under affect of youtube videos I've watched on how to appraoch women on street. I think not only they are for increasing views, but also not a good example for German society. I will now work on these advises: Teaching some skill to people Learning something in a class with many other female students (Specially dance classes) Museums Singles events on the two websites berlinersingles and internations And keep improving my life and enjoy it alone (for now)
  2. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. Amazing! I wondered where are these people?! I will try museum for sure.
  3. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. This is actually a good tip to ask "What keeps you busy?". In rare cases that I could talk so far I asked "What do you do in Berlin" or simply "What is your profession". Yet as an engineer I find it hard to find working people among those I have the chance to have a small talk. Of a handful of people I happened to talk with since I started this topic, mostly where unemployed or still students amid being around 30 years old. So I do care about profession but I need a better way to ask it.
  4. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. That's also a good idea. I'm thinking of doing it. Not as an English teacher as there are many native speaking people better than me but I have plenty of other skills in which I'm good more than enough to teach other people. I will work on this for sure.
  5. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. What a good idea. Didn't think about testing one day and join if atmosphere was good enough.
  6. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. Of course I took these advises seriously in past weeks and I'm working to improve my own life. I go out more often. Engage in activities I enjoy. I feel like my life is getting amazing and wonderful. I also work on my appearance. But still no date so far. So I feel like no body even finds out who I am what I'm doing to then feel good about it or not. While I'm working on improving myself, I still need to improve my chance of talking to someone otherwise I will be a wonderful person only for myself!
  7. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. Yes. I now mention first hand that I have a different religion. Still some people wouldn't believe which makes situation harder. Those who believe me then turn discussion into political talks about my home country and its government and so on just out of their own curiosity. So no surprise chemistry doesn't work between us as it doesn't feel so romantic then... .
  8. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. I think you're correct. I will change my place of residence because in this part of city there's no much. And then join some Verein around the new neighborhood. It seems like the American way that I see on youtube videos (How to approach women on street) doesn't work very well here. In my home country it was similar. You could find it so hard to get a phone number from a girl just on street. But going to classes and clubs would make things much easier. Because women would prefer to know someone a bit before exchanging phone numbers and hang out. Until government cracked down on all classes and clubs and then ordered sexual segregation in all of them. They even ordered language classes to be separate for men and women in even and odd days of week!! While I'm still under effect of those years of trauma, I should not forget that I'm free now so why not? It's Germany.
  9. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. Similar idea was proposed by balticus and as I answered above, decades of propaganda by the regime in my home country turned young women against men. Specially those of women whom migrate out of the country are already fed up and feel like the source of all their problems is "Faith of men" in their home country. Even when I describe that I don't even follow the religion it doesn't work. They still prefer a local person specially to marry and get a second citizenship. So I better off not bothering them with their personal plans.
  10. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. You know what I learned from it? That I should move out of my apartment to somewhere else. Because my area doesn't have much bars or cafe. A friend of mine, once heard about this problem told me: "It seems like you banished yourself out of city!". Maybe those first days I came to Berlin I was desperate to rent somewhere as fast as possible to not stay in hostels and hotels and so I rented the easiest offer I could find in out skirts of the city. I should move somewhere in the center or at least chose a bar in city center to go constantly every night.
  11. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. Didn't try this yet. Will do.
  12. How to date without tinder

      Thanks for the reply. There is something weird about meetups in Berlin the city where I am. Every time, there are like 10 man per each woman! Most men I see are also using platform to find girls. The result is that all of us compete tooth and nail to gather attention of the girl and she gets overwhelmed and leaves the meetup in matter of minutes! I decided to not join the competition anymore and just sit back, smile and watch others exhausting each other over only one girl! Same I see in bars and even on streets because following advice on this topic I finally decided to man up and approach women on street. But which woman? Where are they?! I even took photos of random locations in crowded areas of city around 7PM to 9PM just to watch them later and analyze to get some numbers out of them. There are around 10 to 20 young man per every young woman in every random photo I take. Maybe there's a gender disparity in the city. Maybe single young women drive directly from work to home and never go out. Therefore young women are so scarce everywhere I go that it sometimes takes one week or two until I can approach only one woman for a small talk. The result? So far: Thanks but I have a boyfriend.   I keep trying. But it's so slow.
  13. How to date without tinder

    Thanks for the reply. There's a problem with this approach. Everytime I approached a girl from my own country I heard the same reply in various forms: That she prefers a local man. Be it because it helps them get German citizenship over three years or just Schoen ist anders! They prefer not to be with a man from their home country. Yes these people are so nice and better educated. But for people from other countries. The best example is when I approached one and she said she is looking for someone from a "Different culture". And when I said the reason I left my home country forever was that I had a "Different Culture" she insisted and said she finds it boring to talk to someone with the same background. The worst example is another girl whom in an event was approached by my friend and quickly rejected him by a very short reply. Later that night she went out with two brothers from Germany one around 60 years old and the other around 50 both with hands around her waist... . I'm sure the later case is so rare and we can't judge people based on it. Anyways I don't have much chance with girls of my own country. There are other problems, including that government in my country always excused its brutal behavior against women by claiming that they are protecting Faith of men! I cannot change result of 4 decades of a very sophisticated propaganda machine just in a small talk in a party! Been there. Tried that.
  14. Hi Folks, Is "VON PRIVAT" safe? How to rent directly from landlord? What is the chronological steps of signing, payments, getting the keys, etc? What steps should I take to make sure that I do everything legally correct and not to loose my money and become homeless?! What documents/copies should I expect from landlord to show/send to me?   Background: In what I call the "Berlin Apartment Olympics" I have tried applying for several apartments offered by Maklers and the problem is that (As I'm not German) so far after I visit, nothing happens and a few weeks later I follow up just to receive a formal rejection email. I have been in Germany for years now, have permanent resident permission, a good paying job with pay slips, net salary close to 4k per month, schufa, you name it. I send all documents, still the same.   But this way (directly renting from the landlord), I feel like if the landlord is unwilling to rent to another race/ethnic group/nationality, and for any reason, he will not give me an appointment in the first step. Therefor I can save a lot of time and headache. But as it's my first time in Germany renting directly from the landlord, I'm a bit worried of wiring the money from my bank account (Of course no grip money or western union) and still not receiving keys or realizing that the apartment was not owned by the person, etc.! So how to do it safe? Thanks in advance.
  15. Separation and Insurance

    Tooth insurance.