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  1. Just finished reading this one: Looks like it is impossible for me to ever enter any nightclub in Berlin and at best I can sue them one by one and receive 500EU from each! Still appreciate if anyone ever seen a nightclub letting men with black hairs and dark eyes enter. Maybe we can form a group or multiple groups, keep going to night clubs of Berlin every week, sue all of them one by one, and use the money earned this way to compensate our time. It might take months or years, but they will finally stop this stupidity:
  2. So do you know a club name where you think I can get inside with another man with black hairs? At the time I didn't have a girlfriend so going with a lady isn't an option for me.
  3. Don't know. I'm asking for others information.
  4. Thanks for the reply. My experience was immediate rejection regardless of my style. I don't go drunk. I'm not noisy. I don't go late at the end of the queue. I just get bounced. I stopped trying eventually and if you know a club where you see actual single men with black hairs CAN get inside, please write the name of the club here. Thanks.
  5. The benefit of card is that you don't have to carry your passport just to get into a hotel or club. You will then have a photo ID. Yes legally it is only valid with the passport but in my experience, people accepted it in various situations without the need to show the passport which is very helpful.
  6. Hi Everyone,   Door policy of nightclubs in Berlin is vague. They never mention it on their website, there is no clear information on google maps or other customer review portals, and trial and error does not look like a good option for a single man with black hairs as you get bounced again and again sometimes with violence and discomfort. So anyone knows any night club which lets a single man with black hairs and brown eyes to get inside alone (Without a girlfriend, but well groomed and dressed very well)?   The question might look stupid, specially if you are a gifted person who can always get inside any nightclub or if you never feel like going into any or whatever. But please try to answer the question if you can and we get to criticizing the question and the questioner later. Thanks in advance.
  7. Any other idea? How to get there without appointment? How to get eAT instead of sticker? How to get things done somewhere out of Berlin without actually moving there?
  8. Can I just show up there or I need to first meld myself? Because moving to a new apartment in a new town is not possible for me.
  9. Thanks for all the replies folks. There are two bad news here: First the closest appointment in Berlin is for one month from now which is too late for me as I also need to apply for a UK visa. How can I do it without appointment? Second, I used to have a eAT(elektronischen Aufenthaltstitel). It was good because I had an ID card to carry and I didn't need to carry my passport with me. Now they are saying: Grundsätzlich wird der Aufenthaltstitel als Etikett in Ihren neuen Pass eingeklebt. Das Etikett bekommen Sie auch dann, wenn Sie bereits einen elektronischen Aufenthaltstitel (eAT) im Scheckkarten-Format haben. Neue elektronische Aufenthaltstitel werden in Berlin derzeit nur in besonderen Ausnahmefällen ausgestellt. Does that mean with a new passport I loos the option of having an ID cart in Germany? This makes life so hard. I don't want to have 1 and only 1 mean of identification and if lost, fall in trouble! In case I loose my passport, I need to show some documents to my embassy including my eAT as a proof of identity! I know that as a fact, because I recently renewed my passport. Now if eAT is not provided anymore and in case I loose my ID (say going to a concert or festival), then what can go wrong?! How can I request an eAT?
  10. I don't know why but after giving up with the date picker, clicked back until I returned to first step in their wizard. Clicked on details button on bottom right. A new browser window opened with general details about the type of appointment I had. Clicked on the blue button on right sidebar to choose an appointment anywhere in Berlin. Opened a new tab in background with a different wizard and date picker! Chose an appointment there! Problem solved.
  11. Hi Folks,   I have renewed my passport and now I have to transfer my permanent residence permit to the new passport. I went to LaBo website to book an appointment. The problem is their booking system is not working at all! I go to: I choose the correct type of appointment and I go to the step to select a date. I clicked next to find an empty date (blue) up to year 2025. Nope. It doesn't show any. I also sent them a message through a feedback form on their website but I doubt any human being would ever read that.   What's next? What should I do now? Thanks in advance.
  12. Deutsche Post P.O Box keys not arrived

    Ok. When I thought about what has happened in the post bank branch, the employee briefly looked at my letter from Deutsche Post, went behind, quickly came back, telling me with a very rude mood that this is Deutsche Post and we are Post Bank and we don't know about their business. Your keys are not here. Go come back tomorrow or call Deutsche Post and threw my letter toward me! I decided to try again. Here is what I did. Went again a few hours later to the same Post Bank branch, this time knowing that these guys also have a lot of complaints and very low customer review on internet. Waited in the queue again and once it was my time, skipped my turn two times just not to talk with the same employee! Once the other employee called, I went forward and asked for my key and showed my documents and she gave me the key to my P.O box! In fact my keys were there since 13 days ago! I briefly complained about her colleagues behavior today and came out with my keys... !
  13. Deutsche Post P.O Box keys not arrived

    Thanks for the reply. It is Deutsche Post that I have a rented a postbox with. I have sent an email to Deutsche Post but their colleague on phone told me it takes days for them to answer an email. I'm waiting, but I know that querying these information by email forth and back can take months. I still want to know what happens to my legal letters in this between?
  14. Hello Folks, I rented a P.O Box (Postfach). 11 days later on 17.09.2019 I received a letter from Deutsche Post that I can receive my keys on 18.09.2019 at a post office. I went to the mentioned post office 5 days later. Still they say my key is not arrived yet and that I should only contact Deutsche Post. Deutsche Post answering machine has no option for this problem and employees tell me to press number 4 which does not exist anywhere in their menu. After 1 hour of calling and getting dropped by them, finally an employee answered me saying that I should wait more. What happens to letters sent to my apartment? Do they automatically end up in this post box? Thanks in advance.