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  1. Hi folks. Is it still possible to get a driving license in this country? I share my experience from Berlin. 3 to 6 months waiting time for the exam. If you fail, go and come back 3 to six months later. How is your experience in your city? How long is waiting time there? For those who are living in large cities like Berlin and do not have a previous driving license from another country to convert, do you have any idea how to solve this puzzle? If you could try the exam again after three weeks of failing your exam, then you would finally get your driving license. But with current situation of waiting times... . I see most posts are from around 2010. Let's brain storm here to see if anyone has any idea how to get a driving license in Germany in 2023.
  2. Hi Folks, Please kindly give me advice where should I go from here. I have enrolled to a driving school in late January 2023. Six months passed. The school frequently changed the teacher. Every teacher just quit without handing the job over, and the new teacher repeated the same basic skills over and over again. The last teacher was the worst. Problems including verbally abusing me and not letting me even practice for the exam on my own. As you can guess, the exam was failed. I don't want to go through the details and proof that it was my fault or his fault. Here is the current situation: I have an "Ausbuildungsnachweis" from these guys who had charged me more than 3000 EUR so far. I have manual driving certificate I have theory exam certificate I have finished all the special driving sessions and they are written in my Ausbuildungsnachweis also. I want to move to another place to get my driving license. I prefer to find a teacher who works directly and not under a driving school. This way the problem of teachers changing every few sessions is prevented. Also the teacher would then care about his own reputation and will be responsible rather than get into some school, get some cash, ruin someones exam and get out! Question 1: I really cannot afford to pay for repeating basic skills all over again. I want to go right away to practicing for the exam. That's it: "Take my money. Let me prepare for that exam". Can you please suggest someone/somewhere to do so? Question 2: Seeing that almost 100% of major roads in Berlin are turned into a war zone of constructions sites with hundreds of temporary road markings and temporary signs around each of them, and the months long queue for the exam appointment, should I give up on Berlin and go somewhere out of this war zone? If so which city do you suggest? Is it possible to go there and take with me my existing certificates? Would I need a meldebescheinigung there? Please advice. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I passed my driving license theory exam on the very first try and I want to share with you, lessons that I wish I have learned from the beginning, so I could have spent much less time for this step on the way to become a driver in Germany.   As an engineer, I tried to prepare for the driving license theory exam, just like preparing for any academic exam in the field of engineering. That is, the exam can have infinite variation of questions, which makes it impossible to memorize all of them. And that all those questions and answers are logical which makes it more practical to learn the logic behind it before taking the exam and then passing the exam by remembering the logic and doing necessary calculations. This is not the case with driving license theory exam. There is only around 1200 fixed standard questions. Each question has two or three fixed standard answers that you must check one or more of them on the answers sheet. And not all questions are logical. In fact, learning it logical can make things even a bit harder! One example of an unreasonable question and answer: There's a question that shows a traffic sign of an uphill slope, and asks what should you do when you face this sign? There are three answers as far as I can remember: Shift to lower gear if necessary Accelerate as much as you can Drive up hill carefully First one is the correct option to check. Second one is obviously wrong. Then, if you've read the theory book, you might think the third one also must be checked. Why not? A bit careful is always good. No? No! Wrong! If you check the third checkbox, you loose points! Only the first option must be checked! It is as if German driving license theory authors are telling you to not drive carefully on an upward slope! Sounds ridiculous hah?   Now let's get to the lessons I got after successfully passing my exam on the very first try: Start using the app the day you enroll to the driving license theory class There's a flash card database to download on AnkiDroid app (if you know what AnkiDroid is), but it is not complete, the video files are not included, and you must kind of hack the app to manually download and include the video files. Not worth the effort. I found a better method to memorize all the answer as I will describe below. Don't spend much time on the book. It is good for general knowledge. But not all material of the book will come in the exam. As I said, there is only around 1200 standard questions and answers, and that's it. Study using the app every morning when your memory is fresh. If you're work starts early morning, then wake up even earlier. Even 3 AM in the morning. And spend couple of hours of your morning studying the app to get your driving license sooner. That would mean sleeping early as well to have enough sleep. Do not look at social media or listen to radio or a music that is new to you, when you study using the app. This will mix lots of unwanted stuff inside your memory and severely reduces your memorization efficiency (trust me it does!). First begin by going through all the theory questions by their topic (I used ClickClickDrive app which was sold to me by the school and I found the quality acceptable). IMPORTANT: Remember to mark every question that you do wrong. Even if you answered it correctly the second time. These marked questions will become super important later down the road. IMPORTANT: Remember to take notes in a notepad application on your phone, every special number. i.e. stopping distance from crossroads, parking distance from leveled crossings, maximum total mass of blah blah, etc. These notes will become super necessary later down the road. Once you finished one round of going through all questions by topic, start taking simulated exams using the app: Every morning, go once through questions that you have marked (those which you answered wrong and had marked them). In the app I have used, there was a button to search through all questions, and then a cone shaped button for filtering, and then an option to filter marked questions. So I could only see questions I have marked. If you see you can easily and correctly answer the marked question, simply unmark it, so that you won't spend more time on it tomorrow. Then read through all the notes you have written about all the important magic numbers. 3.5t, 1.6mm, 15m, 50km, ... Then take 4 simulated exams and mark any question you've answered wrong. Try to answer questions as fast as you can and finish the exam in less than 20 minutes. Spending less time thinking on each question, makes it in fact easier for you to memorize questions. For some questions, you might even find it easier to remember the correct options by just reading the list of available answers rather than the question itself! For the app I have used, internet speed was crucial. Because slow and unstable internet would mean some of my marked questions would look like they are marked, but not being marked!! So I had to go back later to those question to make sure the app had really marked them! Take a note every day of how many times you failed your simulation exam and how many times you've passed it. You will see that gradually you start to get better results. Once you reached the level of 3 times passed vs. 1 time failed, you're ready! Hope this helps.