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  1. Seems like I'm out of luck with bank. The website where I have placed my order had sent me an invoice with the name PowerOak gmbh. There is a company named PowerOak UG with a phone number. I have tried the phone number but they quickly reminded me that this is the PowerOak UG and not GmbH and that I must contact the GmbH! The website of only has an email which has not reply to my enquirers so far. They payment was true a third party (sofort), so my bank says I cannot request for a refund. To make matters more complicated, the delivery company DPD has brought me half of the order (Solar panels and not the power station) and I'm left with one box instead of two boxes. I have read this has happened to another customer as well. Sofort also says it is not possible to take back the money from their side. So yeah. Very similar names and using good reputation of another company. It happens. Still any other idea to take back my money is highly appreciated.
  2. Thank you very much for the replies. How can I cancel it exactly? The website was using Sofort uberwisung which deducted money from my bank account which is of course in Germany. Should I contact the bank? Is there a German word for it that I can ask on a phone conversation? Can I do it via internet? Thanks again.
  3. Hi Folks, I have bought a product from this shop . The original product has good reviews and the parent company has services in various countries. But unfortunately I did not notice that Germany is always different! So one week has passed, no estimation when the product comes, no tracking number, not even any clue how did they send the product, no phone number, no answer to my email, nothing.  I know one week is still too soon. But since I have seen worrying reviews about them on internet, I decided to wait one more week and if they keep ignoring my order (which is more than 1200 EUR by the way), I should take action. So if they refused to send me the product, what is the next step legally? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi folks, I have stomach pain. I have visited house doctor. He has told me that the cause of pain must be examined and it can be dangerous. He has given me an Ueberweisungsschein for Gastroentrologie. Now the website doctolib shows texts like this for all the doctors in Berlin for Gastroentrologie:   Is that it? Am I out of luck? Should I keep up with this pain for months until the nearest appointment? Any help is really appreciated.