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  1. I've been here for a few months now and have had two packages sent from the US, both of which were problematic getting through customs: 1) I ordered two books from Amazon for about $100; the books were held up at customs and I had to go to the customs office to pay 7 euro in duties and pick up the books; and 2)  I received an international drivers license and a couple of credit cards in the US and had them sent here about two months ago.  I just got an invoice from UPS saying that I owe them 40 euro for customs clearance.     --Why do I have to pay customs on two books worth $100?  I can't believe that the 7 euro of customs duties pays for the time of all of the customs officials dealing with this, much less my own time.  Most countries I'm familiar with have some kind of minimum value before they start charging duties--no such concept here? --Why do I have to pay 40 euro for customs for getting an international drivers license and credit cards through customs?    So is it possible to send ANYTHING from the US without having to pay customs or pick an item up from customs?  I looked forward to moving here because I thought it would be fairly easy to send things from the US, but so far I am 0 for 2, and it appears that sending things from the US just isn't worth it, even for items with zero commercial value.  Very disappointed and frustrated...