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  1. I lived next to a crack house once. They were obnoxious as hell. People streaming in and out of that house all day and night. I remember getting into it with them (dangerous but I'd had enough). I went back inside and cooled off. When I  went back out to get in my car to go somewhere the windshield was smashed in. Cops wouldn't do a thing and we were in a family residential neighborhood.

    Anyway, I have a sense of what you're going through, as it seems unbelievable that there can be people who can abuse the system like this and get away with it. Good luck in court. 



  2. Ein geschlossenes Wohnheim situation is pretty much the same in Germany as in America. Of course, as in America, if you are loaded with cash to spare the situation improves quite a bit.


    Really, a lot of the info is on the Internets. You just have to be able to understand German. 



  3. It's pretty obvious that she doesn't love him. Sounds like he's still in love with her. Makes it hard for a guy to go from love to hate overnight. He's trying to be reasonable but there's no rhyme or reason here. Just a woman who wants a child and a house without a man around or, which I rather doubt at this point, another guy. My guess is she can't handle having a husband from another culture. 

    Whatever the cause, his question tends towards the practical and the emotional will come later: what to do with the house. I haven't got a clue, but a lawyer would sure help. 


  4. You won't have any trouble getting the drugs for Bipolar or ADHD, but you should wait until you are here to get your testing for ADHD because the medications will have to be prescribed under German laws regulating Betäubungsmittel (Anasthetics/Narcotics).

    Lamictal will also not be a problem, but finding an Analyst will take at least three months. Most doctors, especially analysts will speak fluent enough English, as you will find. Also, if you are seeking analysis, then you should ask around for an Analyst. Analysts are psychiatrists here but have left working in a hospital with intake of acute patients or clinical situations where patients are seen for a half hour once a month or so for meds and to check up on their conditions, which is which you might end up doing for your Lamictal.  Analysts see private patients in the classical sense and aren't called Psychiatrists, so don't ask for one when you are looking for therapy. Once you get insured in Germany you usually get three years of analysis paid at three hours per week, but a lot of analysts will want to see you an extra day which will come out of your pocket. 






  5. I still haven't figured out why my Frau thinks apples can't go in the refrigerator but bread does - sometimes. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason. 


    The beds are horrid. 


    Everything said about open windows in winter is true, but try to run a fan - excuse me, Ventilator- in summer when it's 35 degrees was always met with complaints. I'm able to run fans in Summer now but the window stays open in Winter. I just throw another quilt on the bed. I'm from Wisconsin anyway so there's hardly any real winter here.