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  1. Looking for a kiosk, Wochenmarkt stand or store that sells cheapo backpacks. Functional ones like in the picture, not leather or fashiony. I've seen a couple kiosks in U-Bahn stations or out in front that have racks full of dozens of bags and backpacks but I don't remember where. Likewise at Wochenmärkte, I've seen stands sort of like in the photos but with tons more bags and again I don't remember where. Are there any other stores like Taschenaparadies? They and the Schulranzen store in Europa Center are exactly what I'm looking for but neither had the size/form I need. The serious outdoors stores are probably too expensive and buying online is not an option. Hope this is the right place to post; wasn't sure if this is considered "hard-to-track-down".
  2. Does anyone know of any cream available in Berlin that has more than 35% fat and is NOT cultured (for example creme fraiche is cultured - completely not substituable). You need it for many American, French and Italian recipes that call for heavy cream which has 36 to 40% fat.   The only such product has been discontinued (Dr. Oetker's creme double, 42% fat).   Below are all other candidates that aren't options because they're not available in Berlin and/or don't have enough fat. Schlagsahne and Suβe Sahne - not  enough fat (30%) Konditorsahne from Hanasno - not available in Berlin (35%) Schlagram from Weihenstefan -  not available in Berlin and not enough fat (32%) Konditorsahne from Milram - not available in Berlin and not enough fat (32%) Schlagsahne from Andechser - not available in Berlin and not enough fat (32%)