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  1. One of the hard things about living in a foreign country, is it's hard to build up that sort of instinctive knowing of which foods or brands you like. Even though there may not be that many, say things like cheeses, it has sort of overloaded my mind trying to remember which are any good (I think it's "not many"). I buy Lidl cheddar when it's in stock. it's good.   More importantly, anyone have any suggestions for modestly prices wines? At the moment I am drinking a Zweigelt (or possibly a Barrique, no idea how the names work) from Lidl which almost certainly cost under 3€ and seems very pleasant. Often I buy the colour coded range from Netto that also costs about 3€ (there is a red tempranillo, a blue pinotage, a green one and a purple one IIRC). They are reasonable too. I suspect in the uk they would be 5 or 6 quid.   I know when talking about wine, most people go for more upmarket stuff, but I have never felt able to justify spending more on the refreshment than on the meal. But feel to flaunt your extravagances too.