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  1. As far as i know the people sending out the 900ish euro "fines" are not from big companies but small lawyer firms that go for the "small guys" that dont know better.
  2. Hello.  First i would like to apologize for reviving this thread/topic. I know its been asked a lot on the forum but i cant find recent information about it so here i go. I moved recently back to Germany and a friend told me that internet copyright laws had become even more strict.  Back in 2015-2016 i used to watch streams (movies/series), view stuff like comics, mangas or read novels online and had 0 problems since it was "Gray area". But now my friend told me all of it is on the same level as torrenting meaning that they can and do trace it. He even said he heard about someone who got traced thru VPN. After our talk i got a tad "paranoid" and now im afraid to even download a game that i know im getting from the main source (publisher/owner). So can anyone clarify or share recent experience regarding Streaming, Image viewing (comics/manga not from publisher source), Text viewing (Books,Novels not from publisher source) and general stuff like "i like this picture il download it for screenserver".  
  3. Hello everyone.  I would like to share to you all my experience with 1und1 DSL internet. It all started with me signing a contract thru internet chat service that they have. It all went well  considering the other person knew English and explained to me a few things.  Now comes the problem part. I was told it would take 2-3 weeks for the installation crew to come and  install the DSL cable. That didn't happen! They scheduled a date for 8th of march (that was exactly 4 moths after the contract was made). Since this is not normal even for German standards i decided to ask customer service why exactly must i pay 4 months of internet when i wont have it... From this point i was put into a 2 week limbo trying to get a hold on a English speaking employee. When i managed to connect to such a employee he started  to tell me how either the technicians couldn't make it sooner because of work or there is some other problem. (From her tone it was obvious there was something else). They offered me 2 months of not paying for compensation even thou it was 4 moths to the date. I was ready to wait for all this time as long as i got the service but today i got a  phone call from a another employee saying that they cant make it on the 8th but instead they could make it at the end of March. I asked that same employee is it possible to cancel my  contract since they basically failed to deliver the service for so long. After the usual scripted response to such a demand he finally told me it is possible and that i will receive a letter containing instructions on how this all will happen. TL;DR - I signed for internet and didnt got it for more then 4 months because of different reasons every time. Can anyone here suggest another internet provider company that has good English customer service? I am currently considering Kabel Deutchland since my whole building has already connection to it.  p.s. Sorry if i have made a mistake making this post here. It is my first time writing in this forum. I actually have no other place to ask for such help.