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  1. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    find me a bus that actually drives 90 and not 110??
  2. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    sorry to rant and rave but it makes my blood boil, especially when I hear of kids failing here...where I come from, if a kid does not pass or learn, it is cause the teacher failed to teach the kids correctly!   In my job if my customers are not happy then what? tough shit? - NO I failed to make my customers happy!  where is the accountability in this school system for TEACHERS ???
  3. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to see how the years actually went before coming back to this topic..   I can say only this...it was a waste of money!  so it seems the bullying and mobbing continues...its all about a name and who has money and what not.   What floored me the most is the TEACHERS that were paid were barely around which resulted in kids getting busted stealing, drinking, and nobody really giving a chit about the museums and such. Two of my kids have so far been to Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Denmark, Austria, Italy....Does this really start to sound like kids or TEACHERS wanting a vacation???  I have only been to 1 of those places and it was all business only so no enjoyment on the city.  I'm going to have to say, the system in Bayern is Hogwash and the quality of schooling is way too old school and sucks...I could also not believe the amount of money I have to pay EXTRA for PAPER and STUFF every year as a PUBLIC school supported by TAXPAYERS Dollars...a ream of paper is only 4 euro for 5k sheets of paper? why do they want 50 euro every quarter?  my kid surely does NOT bring home 5000 copies of paper and I HAVE TO PAY FOR BOOKS ON TOP OF IT??  What the FUCK?  can anyone relate?...oh and back to the overpriced trips...I did the math and the tour guide made 2k for  a 1 hour bullshit trip...I was like FOR REAL?...yup all combined and the kids learned NOTHING! so what gives?  I just wish the teachers actually cared in Würzburg Landkreis - Specifically -OCHSENFURT GERMANY!  please NEVER go here, it is worse than...IDK...KANSAS?
  4. I live in Bayern, and I'm wondering why 47 kids are going to Strausbourg which is 2 hours away from us for 2 nights but it cost 200 Euro per kid, who has this money right? ...but every 9th kid is free?  what does this mean?  This seems very expensive considering the distance and the price is the same for 30 kids or 47 kids or more...  Am I the only one crazy here?  I had a child go last year to MUENCHEN for 3 days and it only cost 160 euro...same skit...only sleeping but only breakfast included but they did way more and the bus ride was included.  they actually want me to sign a contract ensuring my kid will go on the trip...  For some odd reason I'm required to  pay for the following... 2x ubernachtung mit Fruhstuck in 2 sterne hotel. Farhrt im reisebus hin und zuruck schalfsessel und kilmaanlage inkl. separate Zimmer fur 3 begleitpersonen 2 std, Stadtführung Strausbourg Ausflug nach Ungersheim Eintritt Eco museum Straßen und parkgebühren Ruckreise entland der weingstraße ( strange I live in a wine region) dt./engl. sprachiger Ansprechpartner vor Ort (Did I mention this was a French class?) Stadterkundungsspiel zur eigenen Durchführung Welcome- Info paket zur Reisevorbereitung 24hr Service-Rufnummer während der Reise Insolvenzversicerung (WTF?) Teilnehmerausfallschutz- 10% inkl. Reiserucktrittsversicherung bis 200€ p.P Jede 9 personen Frei ( WTF? lerher/in vllt?)   Sorry its a mix of English and German, but that is how the paper is I got.   I appreciate your thoughts on this...I also just realized it was booked at ''Welcome Berlin Tours''.  My daughter is now in tears cause I simply dont have this kind of money for two days to screw around in a city 2 hours away and not including food.  Geesh!  what do I do now :/  Sometimes I really hate this system...I believe on almost 10k someone is getting sorely paid out of this ordeal and I wouldnt doubt if it was a kickback to Ochsenfurt Realschule