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  1. Debitoor and assets

    Thanks! What's HGB and is there a table somewhere with this information that I can check for asset life and residual value of /stuff/?
  2. Debitoor and assets

    Hello, I am using debitoor for my bookkeeping and when I enter an expense I can select that the expense was to acquire an asset. When I do so I need to enter the asset life and residual value. Are there any rules I need to follow in Germany to input these values or are they best guesses? Like, I bought a computing server for my office costing ~10.000EUR. I have no idea what the asset life and residual values are. I hope it will last at least 10 years but even if that's the asset life, I have no idea how long its value will be then. There must be surely some rules regarding this, right?
  3. Hi,   I am a freelancer in Germany since April and I am filling in for the first time the Elster form Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung. I only had one client in Spain for whom I charged no Umsatzsteuer. As far as I can understand, do all the values in the form need to be zero or do I need to input somewhere the amount charged without umsatzsteuer? Are there any online guides to filling this form in English? Thanks, Paulo
  4. Submitting freelance monthly returns in English

    Will definitely struggle, therefore I asked for an English version. (-: I don't think Finanzamt will wait for me to get my German up to scratch.
  5. Submitting freelance monthly returns in English

    Until now I only submitted the forms with zeros in all fields. I haven't seen how to properly add other numbes.
  6. Hi,   I used SteuerGo in English to submit my taxes for 2018. I just recently became a freelancer and started having to declare monthly (it seems it has to be done like this for the first couple of years) my income in Elster. However, I always need a German speaking friend to do this and after a couple of months I am trying to find a way to submit these using an app in English, something akin to SteuerGo but for freelance declarations. Is there something like this? If not, is there any guide in English as to what each field in the tax declaration form mean?   Thanks,   Paulo
  7. Freiberufler VAT number

    Thanks all. I got my steuernummer 3 weeks ago but no VAT number so I went ahead and followed El Jeffo's suggestion and applied for one.
  8. Freiberufler VAT number

    Hi, I recently registered as a freelancer in Germany. I got a number from the Finanzamt that looks like xxx/yyy/zzzz. I thought this was my VAT number but it's not. It's my steuernummer.   1. Does this mean I still need to register for a VAT number? 2. For example, I bought yesterday a microchip board at and they asked me for my VAT number. I gave them xxx/yyy/zzzz - they haven't complained yet. What should I give companies asking me for my VAT number? 3. I have a client in Spain, I assume I don't need to charge them VAT but do I need to do anything special like register somewhere or write something on the invoice, or nothing extra is needed?   Thanks,   Paulo