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  1. Freiberufler VAT number

    Thanks all. I got my steuernummer 3 weeks ago but no VAT number so I went ahead and followed El Jeffo's suggestion and applied for one.
  2. Freiberufler VAT number

    Hi, I recently registered as a freelancer in Germany. I got a number from the Finanzamt that looks like xxx/yyy/zzzz. I thought this was my VAT number but it's not. It's my steuernummer.   1. Does this mean I still need to register for a VAT number? 2. For example, I bought yesterday a microchip board at and they asked me for my VAT number. I gave them xxx/yyy/zzzz - they haven't complained yet. What should I give companies asking me for my VAT number? 3. I have a client in Spain, I assume I don't need to charge them VAT but do I need to do anything special like register somewhere or write something on the invoice, or nothing extra is needed?   Thanks,   Paulo
  3. arbeitnehmerähnlicher Selbstständiger

    Thanks but that's not the case. Since Nov 2015 I have been leading a company here. Therefore I have been a selbststandiger since. Now I plan to take on an opportunity as a freelancer for an international cooperative that hires freelancers remotely 35hrs/wk.   I assume than that I will have to pay into the Rentenversicherung 18.7% of the taxable income. Is this forever or is there a way to later become exempt and register for a private Rentenversicherung? I don't know about Germany but when I used to work in Englang, I gathered a few private schemes in companies  like Aviva and Allianz that were supposed to be better and cheaper than the public system.
  4. arbeitnehmerähnlicher Selbstständiger

    Hi,   I read here in a post from 2016:   that if one works for a single company and derives most of its revenue from a single source as a selbstandiger, he's a "arbeitnehmerähnlicher Selbstständiger". This means that one has to pay into the public pension scheme.   Two questions: * Is this only the employee part 9.35% of the taxable income, or 18.7% of the taxable income? (also, is there a cap to this value?) * Are there any more taxes that one has to pay in this situation when compared to a normal employed person?   Thanks.
  5. Calculating net freelance salary

      Not really employment, because the company is not based in Germany (but it is registered in Europe) and this would be remote work, therefore I would be simply registered as a freelancer charging my salary to the same 'client' (if you will).
  6. Calculating net freelance salary

      I think you are referring to the term Scheinselbständigkeit. I am not sure exactly what's required but is there any english explanation of what exactly this means?  
  7. Calculating net freelance salary

    OK, I probably should have explained more. I won't be a normal freelancer with possibly no work. I will actually have a foreign contract with a company but from the perspective of the German Government I will look like a freelancer so I will be guaranteed holidays, sick pay, salary, etc. My question is... if the company hires me as a freelancer for X Euros / year. How much of that will I see in Net after removing everything I need to pay? I assume as a freelancer I will need to get health insurance and a private pension scheme on my own.
  8. Calculating net freelance salary

    Hello,   I am based in Bavaria and thinking about going freelance. Is there any calculator out there can can tell me for a gross salary, how much net I get? I know this one:   but assumes I am being employed by someone. Also, do I need an accountant or can I do everything myself? If I need an accountant, how much do I need to pay him per month in general? I know it depends on the person but are we talking 20-50, 50-100, 100-150?   If you know of any books or online resources in English on going freelancer in Germany, it would be appreciated.   Kind regards,   Paulo Matos