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  1. Planning for retirement

    Not sure my German wife would appreciate that suggestion!
  2. Elster Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung for European Clients

    OK. Obrigado   Using debitoor and it's not bad.
  3. Planning for retirement

    Hi,   I have moved to Germany a couple of years ago and haven't had a great deal of thought about retirement in Germany. As a freelancer, I am not paying into the German system so, as someone who's turning now 38 I should probably think about what I will do in 30 yrs time. What are my options? I have been accumulating my savings (about 30% of my income) into the stock market,, and a no-interest savings account. I have heard about privat rentenvorsorge (or privat rentenversicherung). Are these worth a look or should I just put the money into some sort of long term investment options instead?   Kind regards, Paulo
  4. I found out recently that as a selbstandige in Germany you can take advantage of JobRad to purchase a bike.   I am curious how to report this on Debitoor (or in general to Finanzamt). The page is not very clear and the tax advantages form isn't either   Also, it is not clear to me if the payment of the bike installments comes from my brutto (pre-tax salary) thereby having savings of around 40% (since I am on the high tax rate) or only saving the VAT in which case I would only save 19%. Has anybody used JobRad or knows how it works?   Paulo
  5. Debitoor and assets

    Thanks! What's HGB and is there a table somewhere with this information that I can check for asset life and residual value of /stuff/?
  6. Debitoor and assets

    Hello, I am using debitoor for my bookkeeping and when I enter an expense I can select that the expense was to acquire an asset. When I do so I need to enter the asset life and residual value. Are there any rules I need to follow in Germany to input these values or are they best guesses? Like, I bought a computing server for my office costing ~10.000EUR. I have no idea what the asset life and residual values are. I hope it will last at least 10 years but even if that's the asset life, I have no idea how long its value will be then. There must be surely some rules regarding this, right?
  7. Hi,   I am a freelancer in Germany since April and I am filling in for the first time the Elster form Umsatzsteuer Voranmeldung. I only had one client in Spain for whom I charged no Umsatzsteuer. As far as I can understand, do all the values in the form need to be zero or do I need to input somewhere the amount charged without umsatzsteuer? Are there any online guides to filling this form in English? Thanks, Paulo