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  1. Recognition of divorce

    So I want to marry my German girlfriend sometime in the not too distant future. But it seems the authorities here don't recognise my divorce!?   Heres the background. I was married in New Zealand around 17yrs ago, and divorced in Australia around 10yrs ago. Apparently I need some kind of recognition from New Zealand that I am divorced. This doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.   Has anyone had to go through this, and have any pointers of what it actually entails?
  2. Recognition of divorce

      why do they accept a foreign marriage certificate, but not a divorce certificate. this makes no sense.
  3. Recognition of divorce

    I have another question while I’m at it. thus might seem strange, but I live an unconventional life.   I live in Berlin, my fiancé lives in Hamburg. I don’t plan on moving to HH in the near future, and she has a good job there and won’t be moving here.   would this cause problems?   i have my Aufenthaltstitel via a family reunion visa through my German daughter. So there are no visa benefits for me to marry. I’m not sure we’ll even stay here once travel restrictions are eased.   We’ve been in a relationship now for 2 yrs, and I have my life all sorted, as does she.   And although I’m a little reluctant to remarry, I also see the benefits of a lifelong friend and partner.
  4. Recognition of divorce

      wow, thanks. That seems much easier than trying to get some kind of proof from New Zealand. I havn't actually lived there for almost 25yrs now
  5. Recognition of divorce

    would that be recognised here in Germany? I only ask, because everything here seems complicated..
  6. I just joined the KSK, but was recently using the Expat Health policy from up until I joined. I never had any issues with them. it was 72€ a month with a 25€ deductible.   I used it 2x, once for a shoulder injury at the emergency room, and again for an ear cleaning at a specialist. I payed the treatments myself, and then submitted claims and was reimbursed within a week both times (minus the 25€)