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  1. Family Reunion Visa (parent moving for German minor)

      .   renewal is super easy, it was extended for another 2 years without any drama.   The auslanderbehorde wanted to see some kind of proof that I visit my child. I am on good terms with my ex, and we don't have any formal arrangements with the jugendamt. So we wrote up a letter of how often I visit my daughter and both signed it.   I also took in the passport from my ex and daughter to both the initial application and renewal, as neither of them came to either.   Also, we were never married. Just in a defacto relationship.     good luck! its not at all difficult, and pretty cheap (compared to applying for visas in Australia at least) just make sure you have all the original documents. The German govt likes that you want to be part of your child's life, and pay taxes here too I guess
  2. So I have a Temporary family reunion visa which I’ve successfully renewed 2x. My daughter lives in Hamburg with her mother and I live in Berlin.   i see the requirements to apply for permanent settlement states 3yrs. But it mentions living together….   Does anyone have any idea of the timeframe when I don’t live with my daughter?   I’m guessing it’s probably still 3yrs, but I’d like to know for certain.   Thanks in advance.
  3. Family Reunion Visa (parent moving for German minor)

    I forgot to mention the family reunion visa gives you full work privileges!
  4. Family Reunion Visa (parent moving for German minor)

    I am in this situation and have an Aufenthaltstitel which I have also renewed. it is very much possible. I live in Berlin, and my daughter lives in Hamburg with her mother. I was initially approved for just 1 year.   It’s pretty straight forward. Make sure you have the SorgeKlärung (spelling? It shows you have joint custody - pretty easy to get)   good luck!   what I have no idea about is the time frame about converting to a permanent visa.
  5. Supermarket current specials app?

    Is there some kind of app with a comparison of current supermarket specials?
  6. Supermarket current specials app?

    this look great! thanks
  7. Supermarket current specials app?

    Thanks! I’ll have a look
  8. Vasectomy?

    Does anyone know an English speaking doctor in Berlin where I can get this done?   Also, is it covered by insurance? My first guess would be no. But, it’s worth asking.   Thanks in advance 😊
  9. Vasectomy?

    Nice one thanks!
  10. Regular job as a side hustle

    So I’m self employed, and make a reasonable living. But I’m getting a little bored, and have been thinking about getting a “real” job as a “side hustle”. Mostly for the stimulation and socialising. And obviously more money is never a bad thing.   I own my own small company, and it’s running mostly on autopilot, and pay myself as a contractor, when work needs to be done.   Does any one have experience with how taxation would work in this case? Would it be perhaps better to just pay myself a company distribution, rather than payment for services as a contractor?   Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Regular job as a side hustle

    It’s pretty common in the tech community :)
  12. Regular job as a side hustle

    Yeah likewise :)
  13. Options for online store and payment processing?

    I also use Stripe. if you’re a dev, they’re pretty great and easy to setup with excellent documentation.