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  1. So I’m self employed, and make a reasonable living. But I’m getting a little bored, and have been thinking about getting a “real” job as a “side hustle”. Mostly for the stimulation and socialising. And obviously more money is never a bad thing.


    I own my own small company, and it’s running mostly on autopilot, and pay myself as a contractor, when work needs to be done.


    Does any one have experience with how taxation would work in this case? Would it be perhaps better to just pay myself a company distribution, rather than payment for services as a contractor?


    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. 2 minutes ago, RenegadeFurther said:


    Germany is under no obligation to accept a marriage certificate from Denmark. The Standesamt is also aware that people avoid German bureaucracy by getting married in Denmark.


    why do they accept a foreign marriage certificate, but not a divorce certificate.

    this makes no sense.


  3. I have another question while I’m at it.

    thus might seem strange, but I live an unconventional life.


    I live in Berlin, my fiancé lives in Hamburg. I don’t plan on moving to HH in the near future, and she has a good job there and won’t be moving here.


    would this cause problems?


    i have my Aufenthaltstitel via a family reunion visa through my German daughter. So there are no visa benefits for me to marry. I’m not sure we’ll even stay here once travel restrictions are eased.


    We’ve been in a relationship now for 2 yrs, and I have my life all sorted, as does she.


    And although I’m a little reluctant to remarry, I also see the benefits of a lifelong friend and partner.


  4. 1 minute ago, murphaph said:

    A Danish marriage is recognised worldwide. The certificate will even be in English and probably German too. You can then just go to the Bürgeramt and change your marital status in the Melderegister and the tax office will change your tax class to IV/IV automatically. If neither of you wish to change your names, you can just leave it at that. If you wish to use a common family name, then you can go to the Standesamt and have the marriage Nachbeurkundet for about €80. The Danish authorities cannot perform the name change part if you don't live there. That can be done as part of the Nachbeurkundung though I believe a name change may be possible in its own right also. The advantage of a Nachbeurkundung is really that it's easier to obtain a duplicate marriage certificate from the local Standesamt than the one in Denmark.


    I believe you must still do the Anmeldung part in your local Standesamt, even if you wish to be married in another one in Germany. They then give you something like an Überweisung and you go to the other one for the ceremony, but you have to get through the bureaucratic hurdles locally first. I stand to be corrected on that. It's what I heard from a couple that married outside their town.


    wow, thanks.

    That seems much easier than trying to get some kind of proof from New Zealand.

    I havn't actually lived there for almost 25yrs now


  5. Just now, murphaph said:

    I don't have any advice other than to say if the Standesamt in Berlin makes your life too difficult you could investigate a Danish wedding. They are a lot less stringent in terms of paperwork. 

    would that be recognised here in Germany?

    I only ask, because everything here seems complicated..


  6. So I want to marry my German girlfriend sometime in the not too distant future. But it seems the authorities here don't recognise my divorce!?


    Heres the background. I was married in New Zealand around 17yrs ago, and divorced in Australia around 10yrs ago. Apparently I need some kind of recognition from New Zealand that I am divorced. This doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.


    Has anyone had to go through this, and have any pointers of what it actually entails?


  7. I just joined the KSK, but was recently using the Expat Health policy from up until I joined. I never had any issues with them. it was 72€ a month with a 25€ deductible.


    I used it 2x, once for a shoulder injury at the emergency room, and again for an ear cleaning at a specialist. I payed the treatments myself, and then submitted claims and was reimbursed within a week both times (minus the 25€)


  8. I had my appointment to transfer my license back in September 2020 here in Berlin. my German license finally arrived yesterday. Jun 2021. talk about slow, i'd basically given up on it ever arriving. in the meantime, my foreign licence expired back in January 2021! so I had no valid license for the better part of 6 months.


    Luckily I haven't needed to actually drive anywhere, and don't own a car.



  9. o yes, the Rundfunk. how could I forget that...



    its really a great country to live,

    but some things here really make little to no sense.


    luckily these are all just teething problems,

    and the benefits to living here far outweigh the inconvenience.


  10. I understand that, but how does that apply to us individually?

    That’s the confusing part to me


    as we will be living separately with separate finances till at least next year. (Next tax year)


  11. The German tax system makes no sense to me...


    here is my situation, can someone please enlighten me.


    Say I earn 35000euro a year, my partner only 8000euro per year. We are both currently tax bracket 1. After marriage I would be tax bracket 3, my partner tax bracket 5.


    here’s where I’m confused.

    theres currently a tax free threshold of ~ 9400 euro. While single, my partner pays no tax. After marriage will:

    (a) I pay less, and my partner now pays tax?

    Or will:

    (b) I pay slightly less, and my partner still pays no tax?


    *we currently have separate finances, and live in different cities. And it will stay this way at least for the immediate future.



  12. Heres my situation,

    my 3 month tourist visa is up this weekend,

    and I was going to leave Schengen.


    but, with this 30day travel ban which has just been announced...

    does anyone have any idea if my visa will be extended for 30days?


  13. I have shares in a US company.

    If I receive a distribution from the company, Im wondering what effect it has on me and my taxes if I am resident in Germany. Which I currently am.


    Im deciding if it's most beneficial to stay a resident, or to move elsewhere and visit Germany instead.

    My income is inconsequential, as I do minimal freelance work to cover expenses, and it is below the tax threshold. The distribution will most likely be more than I earn from working.


  14. Are there any services where I can register as my place of residence while I am temporarily travelling?


    I would like to keep my residency visa and have Germany as my home for tax purposes etc. But have to extensively travel for work. What options do I have apart from just not deregistering from my current apartment when I leave?


    Are there any others in similar situations, It would be great to talk.


  15. On 21/02/2019, 8:11:28, jeba said:

    Btw, being the father of a German child living in Germany would also entitle you for a residence permit. You don´t have to be married. Just saying.

    I did exactly this, My partner left me and moved back to Germany. I got a 1yr visa which runs out this coming September. When I received it - the lady told me if I lived with my child, the visa would have been a 3yr visa.


  16. Ive just become a resident, and was wondering about taxes this year?

    I am a freelancer, and have some savings, so if it is beneficial, I can live off savings for the rest of the year to not incur any taxes.


    I see there is a 9000euro tax free threshold for the year, but what about part year?

    I will only be resident for 2 months of this year...


    will I need to file a tax return, and if so is there an amount which will be tax free?

    thanks in advance