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  1. Marriage and taxes

    o yes, the Rundfunk. how could I forget that... haha   its really a great country to live, but some things here really make little to no sense.   luckily these are all just teething problems, and the benefits to living here far outweigh the inconvenience.
  2. Marriage and taxes

    I understand that, but how does that apply to us individually? That’s the confusing part to me   as we will be living separately with separate finances till at least next year. (Next tax year)
  3. Marriage and taxes

    Taxes... health insurance... Is there some more unintelligible German bureaucracy in store for me?
  4. Marriage and taxes

    The German tax system makes no sense to me...   here is my situation, can someone please enlighten me.   Say I earn 35000euro a year, my partner only 8000euro per year. We are both currently tax bracket 1. After marriage I would be tax bracket 3, my partner tax bracket 5.   here’s where I’m confused. theres currently a tax free threshold of ~ 9400 euro. While single, my partner pays no tax. After marriage will: (a) I pay less, and my partner now pays tax? Or will: (b) I pay slightly less, and my partner still pays no tax?   *we currently have separate finances, and live in different cities. And it will stay this way at least for the immediate future.