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  1. tax on company distributions

    ah ok I see, only 801euro, that's not so much. It is a private US C corp, and I am single.
  2. tax on company distributions

    I have shares in a US company. If I receive a distribution from the company, Im wondering what effect it has on me and my taxes if I am resident in Germany. Which I currently am.   Im deciding if it's most beneficial to stay a resident, or to move elsewhere and visit Germany instead. My income is inconsequential, as I do minimal freelance work to cover expenses, and it is below the tax threshold. The distribution will most likely be more than I earn from working.
  3. tax on company distributions

    Does anyone know how company distributions affect taxes? If I receive distributions from a company I have shares in, how is that taxed? is it taxed?   thanks
  4. register while travelling

    Are there any services where I can register as my place of residence while I am temporarily travelling?   I would like to keep my residency visa and have Germany as my home for tax purposes etc. But have to extensively travel for work. What options do I have apart from just not deregistering from my current apartment when I leave?   Are there any others in similar situations, It would be great to talk.