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  1. Strange email demanding payment

    whatever you do. *do not* reply to the email requesting to be removed. simply add to spam folder/list as it seems you've done.
  2. Best Way to Transfer US Dollars to Euros

    Thanks for the heads up...am going to transfer a chunk of Euros to USD today. Woot.  
  3. https://www.komoot.com/guide/590/mtb-trails-in-baden-wuerttemberg   http://www.trailsurfers-bw.de/
  4. Payment for dryer to be fixed

  5. do a 'netstat -an | grep :8080' to see if tomcat is bound only to your private Class C address (  also, if you only have a non-commercial ISP contract, oftentimes ISP's won't pass 'typical' (80, 443, 8080, 22, etc...) inbound connection requests.
  6. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    as a matter of fact my wife is now in Pankow doing a 10 week artists residency and mentioned that she has felt a heightened sense of awareness twice already, once while jogging in a park near the residency and once at a U-Bahn station.  she is definitely street smart but i think getting a loud whistle would be in order as well as pepper spray (if legal). also, avoiding certain stations during certain parts of the day when possible.  
  7. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    i wasn't talking about how she was greeted or even that they were beggars but specifically that they blocked her way and she felt threatened. this is really all about the fact that she felt the situation had escalated, that she felt threatened by it and asked for suggestions. to tell her not to feel threatened by a certain situation is kind of like telling her what her favorite color should be. it's a person by person, situation by situation basis.
  8. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    ...and your suggestion, "grow thicker skin." again, i'm sure this is what you would tell *your* wife to do if this happened to her.
  9. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    again, you apparently (conveniently?) missed/ignored the part where the beggars in question blocker her passage, so "walking around them in auto-pilot mode" doesn't help much, i'm afraid.  if this were your wife, would you just say "honey, i know you were feeling intimidated by those beggars who blocked your way in the U-Bahn station the other night but just grow some thicker skin, please."
  10. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    please look at the title of the thread. this isn't about someone saying hello to someone or begging (although that's the way this particular threatening situation manifested itself) and yet you continue to harp on it and then introduce an asinine MJ comparison.  talk about a tin ear. your suggestion is akin to "man up, Alice" and isn't at all helpful in this situation. since it appears you have had a lot of crappy things happen to you out side of feeling inherently intimidated because of your gender, i can understand why *you* would have a thick skin. my suggestion would be to make note of what stations it's happening at, what time, who was involved, take a picture , get some pepper spray or loud whistle. saving that, a large dog.  
  11. Best Stationary stores in munich

    And even closer in town but not nearly as large (but they do have clay modeling supplies)  is :   http://schachinger-muenchen.de/   Josephspitalstraße 6, 80331 München
  12. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    not sure why you're choosing to focus on the "hello" part but maybe you missed the more important part where she says she felt threatened and asked for how to deal with the threatening situation if it escalates. 
  13. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    i think it's been established this is actually a woman who clicked the wrong button during account creation.    "Hi all,   I have a question regarding how to deal with harassments by strangers in Munich (especially when you are a foreign female). I am an Asian, and I occasionally get catcalling / shouted at while walking on a street (in most cases in Chinese, which is not even my native language)."