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  1. Moving back to Germany - location & schools

    I know it's not too helpful but you can go ahead and cross Munich off your list.  
  2. "Please call me by my first name"

    Not completely on-topic but, despite having a fairly common first name for here in Germany, all my German co-workers *insist* on shortening my name. Even in emails when I reply with my actual name.    
  3. Moving to Munich from USA

    You should of seen them, as they were the ones running away.
  4. Moving to Munich from USA

    Ah, you mean getting jumped by 2 guys in the middle of the night after a gig and fighting both of them off, then yes, that's me. But thanks for calling me a 'kid'.
  5. Is this WG offer a scam? How to proceed safely?

  6. Moving to Munich from USA

      Don't really see him fitting in here at all... /shrug
  7. Moving to Munich from USA

  8. Moving to Munich from USA

      I bet you get invited to a lot of parties.   (Butt-hurt?! 2005 is calling...)
  9. Moving to Munich from USA

      And I gave you that, as have many others, and all of it is to leave your vehicles back in the U.S. "But still he persisted..." lol. Hence my PSA post. But you also mentioned you were bringing furniture, possible, all in one...that's probably why almost everyone also recommended that you not bring it, as well, but just clothes. So, it sort of does sound like you want to bring all your shit to Germany...and yes, I guess you missed the part of our/me laughing at myself. 
  10. Moving to Munich from USA

      Ok, Francis.
  11. Moving to Munich from USA

    Sounds pretty solicited to me.
  12. Moving to Munich from USA

    I'm really dating myself here (few others would) but after he died, Yul Brenner made a PSA warning about the dangers of smoking and it was really just him (speaking from experience, obviously, since he had died of lung cancer) saying over and over in an ominous voice "Don't SMOKE!" ...and yet, I did, for 20 years. Even with the litany of folks on this thread warning the OP: "Don't bring all your shit to GERMANY!" ...I'm betting he's still gonna bring all his shit to Germany.
  13. Moving to Munich from USA

    As many others have stated, and speaking from experience, aside from clothes and memorabilia you'd like to adorn your new apartment with, leave everything else behind. (I left my TLC and BSA in the States...16 years ago.) I too had my shipping paid for by work but immediately regretted hauling most of it over here.