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  1. Hi All, I have an old washer/dryer in our storage room (ground floor) that needs to be hauled to the werthofstoff. We live in Solln. Make an offer via PM.  Thanks Zeek
  2. Even after all these years, I still...

    Been here in Munich 15 years, first few with DT, then KD which is now Vodafone...in all that time I've had maybe 2 days total downtime. 
  3. Schadenfreude

      As others have mentioned, this, and what you described earlier is deffo *not* Schadenfreude ... .
  4. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

      She will be managing (or did manage in SF) 30-50 web developers. 
  5. Americans just moved to Stuttgart

    I third the sentiment that your new company's HR department should have already done a majority of this legwork but, cest la vie...for the housing issue, you could always grab a 3 month corporate rental from someplace like this: https://www.agenthome.de/en/   At least it would get you over the initial Wohungsgeberbestatigung document hurdle.  Welcome to Germany.   -Zeek