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  1. Which school accept GI Bill?

    On SAP, to be specific: SAP MM Module would be a good bet for the OP, it is very general and you can land a job in Germany in that module or one related to it, for example SCM or SRM or LE...these modules all tie into MM module so it would be great to have a certification in that paid for via GI Bill, there are some fly-by-night SAP bootcamps in the US for which you can probably get GI Bill people to approve the programs (That is you find the program, tell the program you'll attend only if they apply for GI Bill approval), then you apply for GI Bill... it is not fun, the programs are often cr*ppy but you will get hands-on SAP plus the certification before you come to Germany, meaning once you come, you can focus on the language.  
  2. Which school accept GI Bill?

    The OP has a decent degree. I kinda had to get a Masters after I came to Germany as although I had lots of experience in banking, accounting and IT, my degree was in Chinese Lit. So I got a Masters in business here so as to have something presentable. But Supply Chain Managent is presentable for Germany.  Please OP see if you can do this while still in the US: 1. Get a drivers license in a State which will let you transfer it to Germany. My NY license was not eligible and I would have to start from scratch at about 2-3 thousand EUR to get a German one. 2. Learn German for now via youtube and books on your own 3. Do not do a distance learning degree program. 4. If you are IT inclined maybe take an SAP training course in the US paid for by GI Bill. 5. Maybe enroll in a German BA program in the US even if you intend to quit it and relocate to Germany, GI Bill lets you take a second Bachelors if I recall correctly...and just sign up for the easiest-for-you courses, maybe sports or something like that, to make the minimum credit load for GI Bill  so you can study as hard as you can for the German classes and learn as fast as you can...I don't know if you can find an inexpensive program in the US these days..I know tuition has gone hugely up 6. Come to Germany only after you have drivers license from a  state which license can be transferred to Germany later and German B1 level under your belt. 7. An SAP cert too under your belt? German language plus SAP cert = job in Germany.        
  3. Travelling to New York next year

    Bayridge and Crown Heights are the real New York. NOT pretty places though. I used to live on E 60th next to the Quensborough Bridge on the Manhattan side, that is, not far form the the Z Hotel location, and that would be great  in terms of convenience and getting to Manhattan fast from the Met Museum to Central Park to Chinatown..older folks might like Broadway shows and it would be fast to those as well.    
  4. websites for animal lovers

    I remember a video on youtube of a German lady who lives not far to the South of Hamburg who does foreign dog rescue and placement and she turned down a potential adopter of one dog because the neighbourhood Harburg was not good. This neighborhood is the one the Jugendamt wants to send my daughter to.    
  5. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    When I'm home I gladly accept packages for neighbors because we all usually have to go pretty far to the post office where the packages are usally left when we are not home... it ian hour round trip by bus...and they get a note in their mailboxes form the delevery guy and they ring my door when they want to pick up the package. ne of my orders this past week was sent back to sender apparantly instead of it being left for me to pick up at the local post office.. and I even seected the opton to sms me if there was a delivery option and did not get any sms...  
  6. Which school accept GI Bill?

    It is in my experience not a particular uni but a particular program at a uni is to be GI Bill approved. I got a Uni Hamburg masters program to accept the GI Bill, I wrote the draft application and told them where to send it.. did the work for them and it worked. I paid up front like the other students and then I got reimbursed eventually via GI Bill.    One thing that I think is not good about GI Bill for Germany is that I could never find a way for it to pay for a language usually that is done not through a uni but before one attends.   And the second thing that was not good with GI Bill for Germany is that in addition to German, it might make more sense for you to after learning German take a good, half year SAP course in German as a supply chain professional...but non-degree bearing courses outside of US do not qualify for GI Bill no matter how extremely useful they would be. I assume there is fear that if good German non-degree programs got approved within a week a hihundred Nigerian vocational programs would pop up asking for approval too so it is restricted to degree-granting, no matter how lame the degree.   So, GI Bill in Germany can go toward Bible Study (I saw it on the list of approved programs some years ago when I looked) but not the most useful things in Germany for vets relocating here after getting out of the military, namely learning German and getting some useful-in-Germany vocational qualification.   GI Bill will remimburse you for IT certification fees if you take the test here, but not for the course.   I would have much rather properly studied German and then taken a proper SAP course, but I could not find funding so just got a quick masters with it.   So, look for a program you want to do. If you think they would want you as a student apply and if they accept then say you will attend you go if they fill out the GI Bill form and draft the application letter for them, tell them where to send it, do the follow up for them. Make it easy for them. If it is a degree-granting program the GI Bill people will approve it. Be careful about the timing of the application of the university program to the GI Bill, it might have to be submitted by the university before you start attending the program.   So, you have to make it happen, that is you have to help the uni program get GI Bill approved for you. Based on the utter cr*p programs which have been approved, any normal uni program will be approved if they apply. The uni programs will not want to bother so you have to convince them to do it by making it easy for them, they just fill in the blanks and sign and send a copy of the program brochure to the US program approving office.   If you can find a degree program that would allow you as part of the program get credits for German as a foreign language then that might be the best choice, so you can be sure to be able to learn German properly. I did not find one.
  7. Doctor for Plantar Wart treatment

    No, I did not even realise this existed. Thank you Jeba.  
  8. Doctor for Plantar Wart treatment

    She is 9. The acid treatment is not painful to her but the warts themselves are. They are now deep in the skin. At this point it looks as though her first definitive treatment will not occur before July, as May will be a quick consult only most likely and for some of the warts at this point she may have to be referred to a practice that handles deeper cuts. If any Hamburg TTer knows a skin doctor that might have openings in April please let me know, I am happy with my skin doctor but he's booked up until May for even a brief first consult. Her pediatrician does not have the equipment so told me last autumn to skip them and go right to someone who will actually do the procedures she will need. In the meantime, as the cold therapy is my only option I will look into that over the counter pain killer cream. I will also contact one of the doctors I know who handles the more invasive procedures (surgery, as opposed to minor topical cuts which my skin doctor does) in case he has an earlier opening. She already has an official warts diagnosis and a history of the acid treatment not clearing up the problem despite regular application over a long period of time.
  9. Acid at home is not enough at this point, that I did that last year until I got her a doctor to confirm it was warts but he just prescribed more acid last October instead of taking the next step.   I made an appointment made for her with the skin doctor who gives me my regular skin checks against cancer but her has no opening until May and then will probably just reschedule the actual first treatment for a month after that or even later as that practice is all booked up and she needs aggressive treatment on multiple spots.   I tried starting two weeks ago the liquid cold therapy from the pharmacy but she was scared and can tolerate only 15 seconds of it instead of the recommended 40 seconds. Based on first attempt results, 15 seconds is not going to do the job.   Any idea where in Hamburg I can get an appointment to actually start some aggressive treatment?   Any idea what I can do to make having something painfully cold on her foot tolerabe for 40 seconds to her? I tried to distract her with watching videos but still the pain was too much. Or some other home treatment idea? I know to use disposable gloves, disposable abrasives, et cetera, how to slough off old skin before a treatment go.
  10. Travelling to New York next year

    I grew up in Manhattan, NYC. Last time I visited I stayed in Crown Hights Brooklyn via AirBnB, rented the entire flat and it was peaceful and felt like a home (as it was). It's the real New York, nothing expensive over there, it's a blend of Caribbean immigrants and Lubavitchers.. both on tight budgets so cheap takeout places and grocery stores available.   Food in Chinatown ... ooh I miss it so, from the Hong Kong bakeries by Canal Street to the Dim Sum brunches where the ladies push the trays around and you point to what you want... lots of yummy stuff on the cheap.   Staten Island ferry is cheap, take a subway for a day in Jackson Heights for the Punjabi food and shopping except for the gold... you can see Queens from the 7 train which is for some stretches elevated...   Hanging out in Central Park is free.   I'm not sure if you have to tell your credit card company you are traveling to the US to make sure they don't block it as 'suddenly someone is shopping in NYC with it'.   I dunno about Prospect Park, have never been there and don't know where it is, the prospect I recall is where there were shootings mentioned on the radio so unless you are sure it is good now please just do Central Park for parks.   There are the Cloisters way up north for a medieval feel, and the Met.. I used to hang out there after school on a yearly card. The Met was my livingroom. Near Central Park too.    If you stay in Brooklyn I would just take a cab to the flat from the airport and ditto on the way back to the airport, though might cost you very roughly 40 dollars each way.  Will save you lots of time and energy better spent on having FUN!   Maybe you can get some free NYC subway maps as souveniers.   In Manhattan not far from Chinatown is a little money exchange hole in the wall company with decent rates (forgot the address, sorry) for changing EUR to dollars.    
  11. She needs to find a way way to get the kids back to Japan now if she does not want to spend the next 18 years in Germany.   She needs a Familienrecht lawyer. Asap. Don't go to Jugendamt or couples counseling at this time just right to Familienrecht lawyer as she needs quick advice.   Without a permission note from the other parent if she buys round trip to Japan for the three people going and gives the children a story to tell the people at the airport unpon questioning ... visit Grandma is usually good... then might work.. I had a note from my daughter's dad just in case but my daughter was convincing so did not need to show it.   If she tries it and it doesn't work then I would ask a japanese relative to come over for a few months at a time to maintain family and cultural contact with Japan for the children even if it means showing up uninvited at the inlaw's doorstep. Yes, uncomfortable but this is after the other way was blocked and the children have a right to contact with grandparents which she is to encourage.   That is, if the kids can't visit Oma then Oma comes over. And take lots of photos of her when she's here.   Also she can in the meantime try quick tel or skype with Oma & Co with the children, but usually for little kids doesn't go so well without in person contact but better than nothing.      
  12. Best place(s) to buy furniture

    Do you have a relocation allowance? Is your position 'unbefristet`? Some flats do not come with kitchens so there goes a few thousand EUR or more...   What about transport back being covered? If that is not in writing then I would want to avoid moving much here.   I know two engineers who got relocation paid for to come to Hamburg but then got canned right before end of their 6 month probezeit and got no help to move back (was in both cases within Germany any way but...)    If you got a good budget to move stuff over but might want to start fresh to get stuff that matches Germany, and what will match will depend upon your home so nice to see it before you select what to get,  then imight ask HR if instead of a big movng allowance for transport firms to instead some transport and the rest for other items under a certain specified amount.     Furniture stores in Germany have showrooms but then you usually have to wait up to 6 weeks for delivery (they place the order through someplace they met on alibaba and have to order often 5 pieces at a time so wait for a couple more orders) and then a few weeks later you get an email tellig you it will take a few weeks more and... well takes a while which is one reason peple get IKEA even if they are sick of it: they can get it fast.   Whatever it is you might get taxed on it after a certain tax free amount, have no idea what that amount may be.   If you buy on ebay klein anziege you can get the transport people through there too to bring the items to you.   40 foot container might not cost much more than 20 foot, usually it will NOT be twice the cost, so might want to ask.    
  13. Where to buy kids’ clothes in Hamburg

    In Hamburg I've found flea markets best for the little kids... and they have a ball when you give them some money and they find some toys they like there on their own while your're grabbing the clothes they need but do get there early or else it's too crowded ... and H&M for cotton items such as undies and socks and t-shirts. Baby Walz is expensive, don't bother.   My daughter is now 8 and for the past 2 years or more flea markets were not useful for her any more for clothes.   Girls trousers tend to be narrower than boys so if your boys are narrow or  your girls wide they might end up in the clothes of the other gender.. my daughter can only fit into boys jeans.   Many parents get a paypal account and buy stuff on ebay kleinanzeigen ... I've never been tricked despite years of buying stuff from there. I get bikes there und used to get my daughter's dresses there but she's into jeans lately. If you see clothes you like you can ask the brand and then see if you can find it on ebay kleinanzeigen   A neighbor of mine seems to have a flair for timing when Lidl grocery store gets cheap kids items for the season.. I mean she gets perfectly fine boots for her kids at like 20 EUR or less there but I have less luck hitting that store at the right time...   In Hamburg since it generally is neither super hot nor super cold my daughter ends up year round in Hummels sneakers.   My mother in law lives near a good Tchibo and used to find nice stiff for my daughter there when she was little, but some other Tchibos don't have much useful.  
  14. Rent contract

    If it is a good location get your name added as Haupmieter if you can, that way your spouse cannot throw you out (heaven forbid) as happend to a number of women I know, they ended up having to move to crappy neighborhoods. Since rents are moving up if you can get added as a co-Hauptmieter at same price as til now then I would in Hamburg go for it for security, otherwise heaven forbid a split you are on the street and might very well end up in Veddel or Billstedt.  This way you have 50% chance not being on the street. If you have a job then probably great time to convonce landlord to add you as co-Hauptmieter at the current rental rate.
  15. Learn German - Integration Course

    Colon used to be the middle of the road one for people not rich but who are motivated. Goethe is considered best but costs a lot.