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  1. Do we have anything like an Impfpass in the US?

    I was in military healthcare a ways back and what we did was this:   If the source is credible we medics would neatly put what you had that was still relevant it into a yellow little immunization pamphlet, something that looked like this:   And then add an official-looking stamp of our medical organization so people knew that it was put together by someone who was up-to-date on immunization best practices and who was working directly under a physician.   You can buy blanks online or ask to use the german one they doctor has in the office. If he or she wants to vover his or her tush then he or she can write 'transferred from ...' or soemthing to that effect.  
  2. My daughter does Football training two evenings a week through ETV on schooldays, but she is just a beginner so will not be taking part in the weekend matches.   My leg is broken so I cannot take her out to practice with her myself at a local playground anymore. or do biking or jogging with her.   ETV so far I can find nothing for her  for the weekends for running around sort of sport, and she got chubby this past year from being inside most of the time on weekends.   On the playgrounds in my neighborhood on weekends are often a dad and a child or two kicking a football around, but I think my daughter would be too shy to go by herself and ask to join, plus she really needs soemthig regular as I lo longer can bring her out and do jogging or biking with her.   Any idea some formal or informal group she could kick a ball and run around with not far from Schlump station on the weekends? She can manage to take a bus on her own if it is not dark out. Pretty much any sport with lots of running around outside would be helpful.    
  3. Finding an apartment to live

    My neighbor who is looking tells me also about 30 40 per flat and my rental complex owner is telling me that for the newer more solid apartments that are bigger they are getting like 100! applications per flat.   So, just some ideas to consider:   Get your Schufa ready if not already on hand.   Get a Dringlichkeitsschein from the Bezirksamt.   Get someone white to go with you - a white neighbor got a place in my building fast although supposedly people wait 5 or 7 years to get in to this dumpy rental block. And my arab neighbor with a 'Dringlichkeitschein' for her and her four children with rent guaranteed to be paid by the government cannot get the apartment advertised in Harburg by my building owner...   Get somone who speaks perfect German to go with you..   Go for another sublet.   Can also try an ad in a hospital - the one on Hohe Weide - advertising Haushaltshilfe gegen Zimmer.   I had a leg injury recently and there is a huge unmet need for people who live alone in apartments in Hamburg who need but cannot afford help with groceries and cleaning and running errands but have space to apare. For example, one maybe 65 y/o in Niendorf her entire upstairs is available since she can't get up there anymore. People like her meet up at the hospital downstairs, can ask the Sozialarbeiter/Entlassungteam person if you can put up an ad. You could live almost rent free that way, not bad, and really help out an older person. Just have to convince the person to get internet maybe - you could sign up in your name to avaid risk to that person.   The owners of the flats almost always say yes, they usually just want you to stop by once and show ID, they will make and keep a copy, and give an estimate of how long you plan to stay (so they can adjust up by maybe 50 - 170 EUR a month the rent during this time).  As long as you and the main renter agree later, you may extend this time.   Insurance usualy does not pay for Haushaltshilfe, the amount per hour is like 4 EUR /Hour (for my insurance plan anyway, other insurance companies pay at least double that, but still less than minimum wage to the person doing the work) so useless.   Buy a little place.    
  4. If you're new to Hamburg or looking to save money or between apartments,   I'm looking for someone to help out with housework for the next months as I can't easily get up and down stairs for a while.   The hours would be flexible so could even fit in with full time work or study.   I would formally request permission from my landlord so it would be legal and above-board.   I certainly will need the help for a few months but if you just need someplace for a shorter time, such as until you find a proper WG room, or are just visiting Hamburg for a week, fine with me.   My apartment is very conveient and close to UNi Hamburg, Sternschanze...   U2 U3, Bus 4, 15, 181 or well, so close to central Hamburg one can just hop on a bike or walk places.   I have a bike cellar.   You might also through my insurance be able to get a tiny stipend.
  5. Setting up TV access for 8 y/o kid

    Thank you all for your very helpful replies.   Lucky you Joanie, I tried the just get a cheapo set, plug in and see what I get in Franconia and I got two channels: one  porno and the other Thomas Gottschalk.   I noticed the binge watch too with my daughter on youtube.   When she came home from school this afternoon I showed her the website with a KIKA section cartoon   and she said it's the KIKA she was talking about, so that seems to be able to keep her occupied until I can figure out the rest. She mentioned Disney Channel, Nikolodeon, and Toggo as others she likes.   But the KIKA stream site seems to keep her satisfied for now.   Disney channel sounds like it would have some films for children..  
  6. My daughter would like access to german children's TV programs in our apartment in Hamburg. She mentioned KIKA and that there are lots of other programs or channels for children she likes. Are these cable or what and how does one go about ordering? Can I just order online a TV and plug in the power cord to get KIKA, or is one to subscribe to some program service vendor? She likes cartoon films and also non-fiction programs for children. What service, if any, ought one subscribe to to get lots of children's programs in Hamburg? Rough ongoing costs? What sort of TV is required? I don't want to buy one  and then find out the one I ordered didn't come with the required acronym for the children's programs.            
  7. Bring 8 y/o to sports practice

    I have a leg injury and my daughter's sports club decided to move football training from close to home to too far away for her to in the dark go to and from safely by herself.   We live on Gustav-Falke-Straße and training is someplace on Eduardstr.   I'm not sure which building or the exact address yet but my daughter will probably remember as she was there two weeks ago.   Training starts at 16:15 and ends at 18:30. M&F. There is no training on Hamburg school holidays.    
  8. SAP FI CO Controlling Support Tech now available

    Thank you Alexnf.
  9. I'm currently available and looking for a position related to SAP FI CO BI support or something in that vein. Have also some MM experience. Based in Hamburg. Part or full-time. Have permanent residency Visa for Germany already and experience here.
  10. Maybe put a notice in the hallway of your current flat offering X EUR to someone willing to let you keep your stuff in their attic / basement for up to one month? I guess your area is affluent, so most neighbors don't need the money and so would have no interest but if you have poor neighbors, maybe there is a disabled person on a very tight income, might be appealing to somoene desperate for off-the-books cash to make ends meet? I suppose if you are in a well-to-do tenant building you might have to offer a lot to get anyone interested, but would save you from schlepping to a storage place.
  11. Immoral mother ?

    If OP is not rich or have access to a free attorney he might want to skip the lawer at this time and if his German is not good enough to call JA then can even right now email them in English asking help you shield your children form the drug use and the stange man who has access to them in their home. Ask them if they can have HER move out temporarily with her boyfriend while you stay in the marital home with the children. This is your marital home to which you as a husband have a right to be in peace. Even if you are not on the lease. Even if  you have not been mentioned to the landlord. Because it is at this point it is harder for you to find a new place for you and the children in Germany than it is for her and this way children can have home stability and the drugs will be consumed by her outside of the home and the stange man will not have access to the children.     Would be great if she gets high at home in the next days so you can have the police come and catch her red handed, with children in the home doing that.. but make sure you insist to Anzeigen. Kindeswohlgefärdung. Drug ocnsumpiton with childrne in the home or something like that. Some number of the incidnt. Police are often reluctant to do the paperwork. And you want to have the number of an incident.   Family court does not require a lawyer, the matter will be sent to the JA anyway so best to be the one who was proactive. And it would sound bad for you if it was going on for a long time and you did not contact the JA on it asking for their support to get a safer and healthier home environment fo rthe children.   If you do not contact them on this matter real soon it will look bad on you for not being proactive to defend them and advocate for them. Good luck!            
  12. Immoral mother ?

    How about:   Calling the JA now about the drug use in front of the children stating when it happend.   And when it actually is happening again call the police as soon as they light up the drugs  in the home when children are there. They will come in and see the bad situation the children are in.   When they ring and you open the door for them they will smell the cannabis stink, which usually does not bother police but when tthere is children involved not good. Try to insist on an Anzeigen and get the number. Otherwise there is no record. Complain about drug use in front of the children. Insist on getting some number for your record, you might have to go to the police station they next day to get it.   Get the children's documents and store them someplace else where only you have access. You'll need these to take care of the children. Ask to get Kindergeld sent to your account as she is using it for drugs. You'll need the money to take care of the children. Apply for alleiniges Sorgerecht immediatly after the police number is obtained. and after you have clled the JA.   Right now you have no friends on your side in your area to come over and apply counterpressure, which menas you have no witness so are very vulnerable at home to false accusations against you to get you thrown out.  This means soon she might make up something that you are abusing her so she has to make you leave.   So call JA today probably is the best move before this happens and also call police first... before she does. Call the police as soon as the light up.   If heaven forbid she gets you kicked out without the children try to see them regularly. Not sure if the JA can force her to drug testing.   Any TTers see some reason not to do the above? If so, please correct me.        
  13. German language is hard to learn so best to get them immersed here in it earlier better than later I would therefore say. 
  14. Baby boy due in four weeks, no name picked

    I just asked my daughter, just started 4th grade,  (raised in Germany) what she thought if a boy were named 'Falco' (I did not say whether with a 'c' or 'k') and she said 'Sounds like a hawk'. Then she said it 'Sounds kinda weird' but we are in HH, so she is not so used to boys names with an 'o' at the end. But nothing came to her mind in terms of any way to make fun of the name.