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  1. Son refuses to go home to the US for summer vacation

    I don't have a teenager but,   If you are sure the US boarding school option is better in your situation, or the only option because of immigration status, maybe the school you have in mind has some slick recruiter salesman who can have a talk on the phone with your son? And if the length of required stay is less than that of the German one (my neighbor tells me her daughter must stay at the boarding school in Schleswig Holstein she started about 4 weeks ago for two years) then that might help convince him to go to the US one?            
  2. Coping with mind games

    If there is Eilverfahren the matter will be delegated to JA to investigate as a tool of the court, which will mean the child will be required to have a chat with  a social worker or psychologist or someone of the sort selected by the JA, and that person will certainly ask her about how she finds her current school. Right now the continuity argument is on the side of Spiderpig until she actually starts at the new school.   I guess Spiderpig reads German but just in case not Seems to be happening to other parents as well - school change without both parents signing despite GSR - and one has to do the Eilverfahren to put a stop to it, and have a solution ready to make it not needed, such as help with drop off and pick up in the short term and an alternative for the mid term.   If Spiderpig knows where he would want to live with his daughter maybe he can call around Grundschule there and see where an open spot is starting the beginning of the coming school year and have that also a point to be considered during the Eilverfahren. Maybe too because he is a working parent the school would let her attend the summer daycare if they offer.    Best if the daughter could do some meet ups with children from the area Spiderpig proposes before the meeting with the psychologist otherwise a new place is a big unknown, but if she has played with some children there then she probably would be more warm to it.   This is of course extremely hard at this late point of time to make happen though. I hope he can buy time by Eilverfahren and arranging drop off pick up through the end of the school year.  
  3. Coping with mind games

    JA is not binding as far as I know for this, one is to go with a typed application to Family court with Eilverfahren. If you have GSR and she did not get you to sign to make the school change, that is a no go, she ought to have told you first and if you don't agree then the court decides, such as neither of you can do drop off pick up to the current school going forward so school must change. Type up what you want and don't want, and you might very well get it or at least some of it. If you want your daughter to live with you weekdays and go to a school of your choice (or the current school for now through end of school year, maybe with the help of someone you pay to do drop off and pick up if you cannot change your schedule so fast), give your and the ex's contact info on the document, no form needed but is to be typed, a short paragrah of the current situation... maybe propose a school closer to you as a possible long term solution if you plan to stay where you are for the next several years and for the short term keep her at current school? Or maybe your current place is a compromise place because you left the nice place to be closer to your daughter and so on got dragged about Germany... do you have something stable you could go back to if you could bring her? Such as a home you own someplace with a decent school not far away... then you can argue to keep her where she is school-wise until the end of the school year with long term plan of going to where you want.                
  4. Coping with mind games

    The parent with the child that day would be responsible for the babysitting arrangements that day.  School daycare and babysitters need to be scheduled often well in advance, (my daughter's school daycare is to be arranged months in advance), so all the reason for a set a formal Umgang schedule. But if you like where you live now and there is a decent school in the neighborhood then ask if the school near you has a spot from the start of the new school year if your daughter must switch school anyway? Or if you want her to stay at her current school then reject the school change and affirm that you will be doing the drop off and pick up daily to the current school, including on school holidays to make staying at current school doable?  
  5. Coping with mind games

    If your flat is closer to the current school then maybe your daughter stays with you regularly on a set schedule 3 or 4 days a week? You would probably have to reduce your work hours though on those days and make it up on others, don't know if you have this flexibility.   If your ex has a car maybe this would work as she could drop off and pick up your daughter to and from school despite being some distance away from the new home? One couple I know has done this. They set up one joint email and tell everyone to use the joint email so they can coordinate academic and social matters  for their daughter despite two households.   Apply for an Umgang schedule to accomodate this? If your daughter has friends at her current school she might prefer this option, so now is the chance if this is so and you're home is closer to her current school.  
  6. Seeking installer for 2 lights and 1 Ikea Tuppler

    Roller is installed, so looking for an electrician or someone who can figure out which wire to attach to which to install two lights, one under a kitchen counter and one on a wall...
  7. I'm looking for someone to in my rental flat for not a big amount of money:    1. install one  Ikea Tuppler roller blind. 2. replace the old under-the-kitchen cabinets light as the old one kept flickering off so I got a new one off of Amazon, but different model (cause couldn't find the old model I got form Ikea anymore) 3. install an Ikea  wall light on to my livingroom wall - capped wires are currently hanging out midway from the wall 4. help me carry down a 200cm by 90 cm mattress from the attic   I have an electric drill, 'Fix It' sheets, and Dübels of various sizes but with my luck the Dübles might not be exactly the size needed.  No ladder but I could move over a sturdy table or some other piece of sturdy furniture. I'll help of course to bring one end of the mattress down and help hold up the roller blind.   Please PM if interested.  
  8. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    @positivethinking I'm not sure exactly which vaccine you want, but there are vaccines that are not popular but still obtainable for persons who want something not mainstream. For example, Masern-Impfstoff Merieux. I saw this one just now being sold on German websites. If you mean just measles and not MMR by 'single' then it is probably available upon request. The one I mentioned here as an example, if the sort you want, is sold in a single dose. Maybe the physician will do if you supply the vaccine? He or she can give you the prescription. But I am not sure exactly which one you want, but I am guessing it is purchaseable legally in Germany with a prescription or a physician can order it for you if you are willing to pay. Maybe be not an extra cost or maybe will if the government is promoting more vaccines so wants to make the MMR free and the other one not...      
  9. I have been a bookkeeper in both countries and on a regular basis the  German points I encountered were:   1. Germany requires detailed asset listing  of office clutter such as cheap chairs. The auditors want to see an Excel digital file  or Datev paper printout of the assets (including sometimes even reference books and items with almost 0 resale value) which you are depreciating. There are 'AFA' tables to guide you.   2. VAT rules require you to be vigilant about getting vendors to supply certain details on their invoices to you. So, if you, say, get an invoice form a UK vendor, and it is missing a VAT required detail, contact them back right away and tell them to send a revised invoice with the corrections so you can pay it.  You may apply at year start for a month extension to VAT filings for all the months that year to give you time for this.   3. Bookkeeping for  iffy accounts receivable is different.   4. If you have employees:  many firms want to avoid getting into employee payroll bookkeping detail (even many German bookkeepers do not want to get into employee payroll bookkeeping detail) and so outsource to a Kanzlerei specializing in it. They usually use Datev software and are also used to dealing with the Datev payroll processing firm. Then the internal bookeeper types in the results the outsource firm gives them to the internal system (or Excel sheet if you are on that).   Best of fortune for your business!        
  10. Whichever city you land in, what often parents do is despite warnings of year-long waiting times, get on the list of multiple Kitas and then and then call to follow up now and then, because people move, kids say their play pals are gone and then parents switch Kitas space will probably open up some place and you can also turn to a Tagesmutter to get a break too... you can maybe ask the local Jugendamt for a list of names (or ask on TT when the time comes). Typically they are for very young children but they can take on an older child as well.   Some familes have to move twice: get a temporary apartment for at first and then get a longer-term pace... so you may be quite busy!   Unless you get the right school and right teacher probably your daughter will not be taught anything new math-wise at school for the first few years here.
  11. Pretty and Cheap Neighborhoods

    Marketing-related studies are popular in Hamburg but generally are a waste of time. Graduates stuck forever in internships... so many applicats per job...ending up in reatail at low pay... If you need it for a visa to Germany, could you do it a cheaper way?   For example, this sounds a step down, but actually might be a good alternative: come on an official au pair visa and as an au pair study like crazy the language... cuts your costs massively and lets you focus on the important thing if you want to stay in Germany: learning the language. Some supersmart women I have met in Hamburg have made the transaition to Germany at low cost this way and got to learn the language fast as well- much better than many foreigners who paid for uni programs. If you go through an agency and the family turns out to be not compatible with you  you can ask your agency to switch you to another family. There is also to look on your own.   You don't even need to put aupair on your cv: you can put year or two spent leaning the German language - and if oyu focus on the language you will pick it up well fast. Universities also will not help you find a job so you will have to do on your own anyway.   For job prospects here you can check with key words from your field.   Just I have seen so many families of foreign students pour tens of thousands of Euros (plus time lost from employment by the student) to marketing programs in Germany. Think of all the money and TIME you will save. Study German mornings/watch kids afternoons - maybe look for a husband - meet families and get an understanding of the society - if you go back to home country afterwards well you have did it all without blowing your life savings.  
  12. Time for the OP to get her own clients and cut out the middle man if she is not an employee even of the middle man.    
  13. For parents looking for simple introductions and examples in German on basic school topics for their children, my daughter recommends Lehrer Schmidt.   He's on youtube and has a website at      
  14. Need to rent space from a camp

    Sometimes church organizations might be willing to rent cheap for classes such as sewing or little science stuff for kids, so an art class would make sense and the setting would be nice.   Or some 'gifted' children activity place run for profit... since these usually have to take place on weekends and afternoons, they might have the space unused in the mornings, would take care of the day until 13:00 though not the afternoons unless the place plans to be closed then, which could very well be the case. These will be more in an officy setting but are at least used to messy goop and small explosion experients so messy art ought not be a problem. Can ask the local DGHK for ideas of places they use.. most likely you will not be in a time conflict with them. Can also ask the local Science Lab group if there is one in your area.   Can also ask some Kitas.. maybe one will be closed for their Ferien exactly when you plan to have the camp?   Maybe can ask a private Vorschule or school, maybe even their Betreuung will be closed then?  
  15. Family moved in with a roommate in a WG

    I just know in Hamburg my local 'Bezirksmat' has an office for space usage. Maybe Münich has one too   There is some hotline for Munich on landlord/tenant questions, don't know if helpful or not