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  1. SAP FI CO Controlling Support Tech now available

    Thank you Alexnf.
  2. I'm currently available and looking for a position related to SAP FI CO BI support or something in that vein. Have also some MM experience. Based in Hamburg. Part or full-time. Have permanent residency Visa for Germany already and experience here.
  3. Maybe put a notice in the hallway of your current flat offering X EUR to someone willing to let you keep your stuff in their attic / basement for up to one month? I guess your area is affluent, so most neighbors don't need the money and so would have no interest but if you have poor neighbors, maybe there is a disabled person on a very tight income, might be appealing to somoene desperate for off-the-books cash to make ends meet? I suppose if you are in a well-to-do tenant building you might have to offer a lot to get anyone interested, but would save you from schlepping to a storage place.
  4. Immoral mother ?

    If OP is not rich or have access to a free attorney he might want to skip the lawer at this time and if his German is not good enough to call JA then can even right now email them in English asking help you shield your children form the drug use and the stange man who has access to them in their home. Ask them if they can have HER move out temporarily with her boyfriend while you stay in the marital home with the children. This is your marital home to which you as a husband have a right to be in peace. Even if you are not on the lease. Even if  you have not been mentioned to the landlord. Because it is at this point it is harder for you to find a new place for you and the children in Germany than it is for her and this way children can have home stability and the drugs will be consumed by her outside of the home and the stange man will not have access to the children.     Would be great if she gets high at home in the next days so you can have the police come and catch her red handed, with children in the home doing that.. but make sure you insist to Anzeigen. Kindeswohlgefärdung. Drug ocnsumpiton with childrne in the home or something like that. Some number of the incidnt. Police are often reluctant to do the paperwork. And you want to have the number of an incident.   Family court does not require a lawyer, the matter will be sent to the JA anyway so best to be the one who was proactive. And it would sound bad for you if it was going on for a long time and you did not contact the JA on it asking for their support to get a safer and healthier home environment fo rthe children.   If you do not contact them on this matter real soon it will look bad on you for not being proactive to defend them and advocate for them. Good luck!            
  5. Immoral mother ?

    How about:   Calling the JA now about the drug use in front of the children stating when it happend.   And when it actually is happening again call the police as soon as they light up the drugs  in the home when children are there. They will come in and see the bad situation the children are in.   When they ring and you open the door for them they will smell the cannabis stink, which usually does not bother police but when tthere is children involved not good. Try to insist on an Anzeigen and get the number. Otherwise there is no record. Complain about drug use in front of the children. Insist on getting some number for your record, you might have to go to the police station they next day to get it.   Get the children's documents and store them someplace else where only you have access. You'll need these to take care of the children. Ask to get Kindergeld sent to your account as she is using it for drugs. You'll need the money to take care of the children. Apply for alleiniges Sorgerecht immediatly after the police number is obtained. and after you have clled the JA.   Right now you have no friends on your side in your area to come over and apply counterpressure, which menas you have no witness so are very vulnerable at home to false accusations against you to get you thrown out.  This means soon she might make up something that you are abusing her so she has to make you leave.   So call JA today probably is the best move before this happens and also call police first... before she does. Call the police as soon as the light up.   If heaven forbid she gets you kicked out without the children try to see them regularly. Not sure if the JA can force her to drug testing.   Any TTers see some reason not to do the above? If so, please correct me.        
  6. German language is hard to learn so best to get them immersed here in it earlier better than later I would therefore say. 
  7. Baby boy due in four weeks, no name picked

    I just asked my daughter, just started 4th grade,  (raised in Germany) what she thought if a boy were named 'Falco' (I did not say whether with a 'c' or 'k') and she said 'Sounds like a hawk'. Then she said it 'Sounds kinda weird' but we are in HH, so she is not so used to boys names with an 'o' at the end. But nothing came to her mind in terms of any way to make fun of the name.
  8. Dealing with dampness in a cellar

    Maybe the hike comes after 2 or 3 incidents? Happened with my family regarding umbrella insurance in Germany, we had a few this or that incidents over the years, nothing at all big but still got a letter about a hike. Was not a huge hike.
  9. I would not want to regularly be a female teenager taking public transportation in Hamburg without a mobile phone to be able to call police in case of a harasser, I have personally seen such harassment of a female teenager on her way to school incident in this post-2015 Hamburg. That age is the main target age. The OP is not being chauffered around town in a Mamataxi, sheltered from these men, they are rather her daily fellow public-transportation riders.   I walked a lot often as a kid, but we didn't even have to lock our doors where I grew up and I had never heard of say a stalkng or harassment incident. In my decent-for-Hamburg standards neighborhood there have been multiple stalking and harassment of girls incidents when they are commuting alone, and having a mobile is the only way to get timely help and evidence (who the perpetrator is before he moves on) in many cases. It really help to fend off the creeps sometimes as they don't like it when the mobile phone with a camera comes out and they often then get the message to leave.  Especially if a younger sibling or two is in tow, that's a lot of responsibility.   The OP sounds like a highly intelligent teenager, and teenagers tend to be super adept with smartphones so I can understand why having this tool removed would cause her multiple hassles.  Some highly successful and intelligent people such as Elon Musk tend to be mobile phone heavy users too. Emailing is his 'core competency' and he reads books with his mobile phone, so not definitely a sign of heading toward failure. It could be that through books is one way the OP can reach her mental peers.   Gymnasium as an international student must be very tough, many Gymnasium students n my neighborhood get through only with regular tutoring. Plus household help responsibilities take up a lot of time. Wish the OP lots of tenacity. My neighbor got her Abitur at eventually at 20, and she was born here, so not always a walk in the park.
  10. How about, for the meantime at least:   instruct peers what to do in case they see you acting dopey (I have only seen once a diabetic person on low sugar and the person looked at first to me drunk) or passend out, and where they can find the sugar (it's in your rucksack, your sportsbag, at the back of where you keep your workbooks at your desk at school...) to give you and how to do it.   Even if you were to instruct peers to keep an eye out for you and come get you if they don't see you for a while it would be easy for them to forget.   And also the staff at the school so they know. You can even have a cheap bracelet on your wrist mentioning the condition.   Maybe carry some small juice packets to drink in case you need a boost via a quick sip?   Does your school have a phone in the Sekretariat in case of emergency? Most schools have a landline (and when that's down they have a mobile for business use).   Maybe your doctor can suggest and write a note regarding some other method to get emergency notifcation out when you are alone and no one notices that you have (heaven forbid) become incapacitated? That would push the school to accept some alternative to keep you safe.   I like the idea too of some easy to use item to reach out in case of emerengy that another poster suggested, might be small and easier to carry around all the time. But helps too to have the bracelet probably to give them a hint as to what to do whent they do find you.            
  11. I'd go for the skyscraper one, that is, the real one. The DIY ones are best (can find how os on youtube under 'Schultüte basteln', since she is a bit older the theme could be a little more sphisticated that what is shown, they need not be perfect, just BIG and expressing her personality color- and theme-wise and able not to fall apart until after the photo is taken and the candy extracted.   My daughter started school two months after the start of the school year  and I didnt want to cause a disruption in the classroom with a big Schultüte with candy in it so she got hers after the morning was over when I picked her up so at least I could get a photo of her on the school grounds with it. If she had started at German school some time later but still in primary I still would have made sure she had one even if it were 4th grade.   I guess they know to pack a snackbox, water bottle, and pencase in the Schulranzen. If the parents have the money (200 EUR! a set) and want something that looks 'in', Ergobag seems more 'in' than Scout brand these days. Leder Israel has a large selection. Used Schulranzen which work perfectly fine are often on ebay kleinanzeigen.    
  12. Private home tutors that teach German

    If you are in Eimsbüttel I can recommend someone if you are in Eimsbüttel area but she would charge I think upwards of 20 EUR/hr. Maybe you can try Ebay kleinanzeige also? That's how most advertise both offer and seek sides. Because usually cost effective only when the tutor lives or works close to you.
  13. Racism in Berlin and Germany in general

    What do the in ladies in Berlin wear? If looking to look more in and not prejudged then perhaps adopt this uniform?   The uniform in my neighborhood in Hamburg, for example, is Derby raincoat and Hunter boots for the rainy winter season and for summer scandanavian-looking cut linens and cottons, so someone who does not look German or more nordic but who wants to fit in could try wearing the uniform.   Is there something analogous in your area in Berlin? Shallow, but might work.  
  14. Options I have seen used (I'm in Hamburg) instead of Hort are:   Au Pair Pay a maid to clean and mind the children, sort of half babysitter half cleaner (be upfront in the ad) Take turns minding the children with another family, hopefully the children will not always end up playing mobile phone/computer games at their friends' places Many familes use Grandma Some children who are say, Polish, attend a Polish afternoon class once a week Elder sisters are used to babysit younger siblings Home alone children are phoned by Mom from the office to remotely try to push them to do their homework