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  1. Teaching German Grammar to your children

    I just know some German parents get a workbook called 'Polly', my daughter liked it, but probably because at the time her stuff from her special ed mish mash class was so boring and useless to her that pretty much anything in comparison would have looked interesting to her...   For example: Grammatik 4: Einfache Wortarten und Satzglieder (Sprachbetrachtung), Ubungsprogramm mit Losungen fur die 4. Klasse (Vorbereitung fur den Ubertritt an weiterfuhrende Schulen): 9783881002141: Books   The answers are included - parents can pull out.     
  2. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Thanks for all the suggestions... still calling around to find a person who does the twice a year  toothcleaning on a late Friday through Sunday afternoon which is usually the only time my daughter is available...still can't find anyone..have googled and called the practices listen as open Satrdays on the lists but no luck so far...probably there is a dental hygenist who works then but haven't found the person yet in Hamburg...all practices I've contacted so far don't have one on duty those i'm still trying...but booking for a late Friday afternoon I have found one practice open with an opening in the next several weeks but not with the tooth cleaner... that person leaves by midday Fridays. No so easy to book an late Frieda or weekend tote cleaning for a child..most people don't work those hours...if anyone knows of s.o. in Hamburg please let me know.  
  3. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Book this Friday late afternoon as well as the following Friday afternoon someplace in the Hamburg area and pay for both? been there done that for Sports, medical, School, birthdays, visiting US Family, day care to Play with the neighborhood Girls other than the core few she Plays with in the neighborhood, if that is what you mean, book Things and then she cannot go and I pay for it anyway, lots of double paying,  I agree, that is also a Workaround I can continue to pursue for Basic routine medical appointments. It is debt-inducing, extremely time consuming, and rude to all the other paries involved...but I agree, if that is the only way then that is the only way.
  4. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    I do go private or to other options as I can for years for my daughter because of the blocks. I still need to know what calendar dates she will per the visitation plan be hopefully available to make appointments. That is, she might be available this Friday at 16:00. But I am not sure.
  5. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    It is a visitation agreement signed at the JA by her dad.   I'm in Eimsbüttel Hamburg and the good practices here are treasured and booked up for months or more when it comes to routine matters such as vaccinations or dental cleaning.   Parents are expected to tell the reception at the child's dental or pediatrician when the child is available months ahead of time and then an appointment is booked as the good practices are overfull here, so much so that many do not accept new patients.   When something urgent comes up, they usually have the parent bring the child immediately.   They need to keep this puffer for urgent matters.    Vaccinations and dental cleanings are routine matters parents here are expected to plan ahead a quarter to half year in advance. So I need to know that far ahead what dates my daughter is available.   I do not want to rotate her caregivers when the ones she has had are so good, are in the neighborhood, and know her for years. I like to keep the small town feel for her despite being in a big city, it is a big plus in our neighborhood here.
  6. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    If you know anyone who can translate a visitation agreement into calendar dates please let me know. Once I have calendar dates when she is scheduled to be with me then I can make an appointment and then within two years, or before she is about 12, she can complete the immunization. She is due for her dental cleaning as well and I was unable to reschedule on just a few week's notice to another date so she'll miss the appointment she has for tomorrow. If I had known a half year earlier of the dates she was to be with me, I might have been able to get a date and time when she was scheduled per the agreement to be with me.  
  7. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    How would you then go about removing the blocks to under the situation mentioned in the video, which explains my situation and the situation of thousands of other familes? Jugendamt: Die Deutsche Politik Verliert Ihre Unschuld   I do not take any pleasure nor do I condone anything that goes against the interests of my daughter. I do much appreciate the comments of the TTers, the suggestions are not always easy to implement, the video might explain why it is not so easy.   I take pleasure in spending time with family, friends and neighbors, gardening on my balcony, preparing and serving tasty food in my home, hosting guests, and reading and listening to music.
  8. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Jokes aside,this explains the current Situation:. Youtube: Jugendamt: Die Deutsche Politik Verliert Ihre Unschuld  
  9. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Regarding going to the local Hamburg JA to advocate for my daughter's rights, Well, here is the current situation, JA does not advocate for children but rather the income of various taxpayer-funded vendors which get orders from the courts and the JA. Advocating for children has been replaced by grooming products - children - for the lucrative Kinderheim industry. JA works for the Auftragnehmern, one child is circled by about 6 vultures all looking to profit off of him or her. It is rampant.  
  10. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Any TTer know of someone who can convert a visitation agreement into calendar dates for 2019? This would help me plan better. My attorney advised me to take of the whole matter to EU level with an EU-level qualified practice when I asked her if she could provide calendar dates off of it.  No one seems to be able to convert it into calendar dates other than for a few dates a year. Each person starts off very confident telling me how simple it is to convert it into calendar dates and then after seeing all the rules is no longer sure of most of the net calendar dates taking into account all the rules. In my area routine appointments need to be booked a half year in advance and I don't want to switch her pediatrician and dentist as they are really good and know her for years and are closeby.  
  11. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    If your children don't have any use for going to the twice yearly dental cleaning and getting the HPV vaccine then I agree,skip it. For my daughter there is no upside to further delay. Fortunately, she matches well the german healthcare guidelines and does well when they are followed so I see no reason to block her. She wants to go to the dentist cleaning, the person who does it is nice to her, it's just down the street and doesn't take long. The encouragement helps her. 
  12. Two living places

    I am not familiar with the money issues... and not sure if relocation order means from your employer but if your priority is to remain a parent and if he is German and you are not then run while you can with your offspring out of Germany and to heck with finances. 
  13. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    I have been told I have to go to the EU human rights court as JA orders have more power than German law so there is no legal recourse in Germany. JA is not helpful to say the least. If any TTer has experience with the EU court (the one that tries to mitigate some of the JA damage) please PM me.
  14. Can only confirm in Hamburg too the kita worker pay is way too cannot afford to live on it. Alternatives are , if you have the space, au pair, sometimes you canget one whose ocntract is over or who wants to change family fast and has experience, of course not as good as a Kita, once when I did not have a Kita spot for my daughter with kids she could play with (they left) I would bring her to the local sports club which has tons of children's acivities as was better than nothing, was only late afternoons though but got her some action with other chidlren and she loved it...also can try Tagesmutter, boring as not lots of children to play with, but at least will get some German language and culture exposure...not sure why a Tagesmutter wont work, in HH and in Niedersachen they take on children over 3 as well ... or have a grandparent come over for a few months...
  15. Germany to lead the way in cervical cancer vaccine

    Where can she get it on the weekend or maybe Christmas? I don't like to drag her to emergency rooms for a routine matter and I don't think they would have it anyway on hand. It is degrading and traumatizing to her. I just want normal care of her that is standard in Germany.