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  1. Street-safe sticker for bike

    Thank you all.   The danger is from the steel of cars and trucks against the bones of the bikers.   But as my daughter is German it would be nice to get stickers for the children's bikes in our family.   The bikes have  been professionally worked over, checked and gotten parts renewed to be in good shape.   Here cars are given priority despite there being 5! big schools plus 2 children's sports clubs densly close to each other here, not to mention the huge complex of pools also close by, from school spaces being given to children with parents with cars who bring them from far away daily over the local kids, who are as a result often excluded their neighborhood schools and forced to commute to other parts of the city or move out of the neighborhood as a result, to the several garage spaces of my WG given to the couple of cars of a couple of renters instead of to the 400 bicycles of 400 renters which could probably fit in the same space to people having to pay rent to sleep here but cars may stay here for free...    And the pedestrians are even lower on the totem pole trying not to have a hip get broken as the bikers pass them on the sidewalks.    
  2. My daughter has been attending a bike safety class at her school. She has a bike that I think is Verkehrssicher (I looked at the checklist and it seems good to go), but where can I get the bike officially checked and get the sticker? My daughter took a classmate's bike to the class when the stickers were given out at her school instead of her own bike. I asked at the local police station and they said at a bike store so I asked at a bike store and they said they don't know. Any idea to whom I can take a child's bike to get checked and get the sticker (I hope, or feedback if it does not pass the inspection) in Hamburg?    
  3. store with plus-sized

    Thanks, that seems to be the go-to spot for the big gals. Will give it a go.
  4. store with plus-sized

    I'm looking for a store in Hamburg, not online, with swimsuits for plus-sized women. I tried C&A with no luck, their sizes seemed up to size 48, and P&C said they don't carry swimsuits.   Jungfernstieg area, Altona Area, or Eppendorf area would be convenient.
  5. German passport for a minor

    You are the foriegn parent. JA is not on your side. They are wasting your time. Smile and be pleasant with them but they are not on your side. Make sure you have details of your child's current address, place date birth, same for your spouse and you and when where you were married and get a German to go with you one morning this week to family court and apply for permission to have access to son's passport or if lost then apply with just your signature for a new one to bring him to NZ between x and y dates for purpose of whatever. Have details such as what school child atends in Germany and the Schulferien dates. You might need eilverfahren, not sure if they will allow this as it is not a matter of where chidld will live or school choice but rather a holiday visit to family abroad which because of the distance makes the most sense to do during German summer school break. Do Not mention any ties you have to NZ to JA. Just it's been way too long since last visit an the timing for both is perfect so let's go this summer and would be good for the mother-son and antended family relationship as well. Attempt to get passport out of court have failed and therfore you are turning to the court, as child has right to maintain ties to extended family too and is a perfect way for you two to spend a holiday.   Will cost you about 300 EUR, you'll get the bill in the mail about 2 months after the decision. Also, have exact place names where you will stay in NZ so the whole thing is very concrete for the court to decide.   I hope you go Monday morning!   The German interpreter will dictate the matter to the court clerk who will type it up right there and then. I would NOT wait for an attorney on this one otherwise you will miss the entire year! It's getting close to Schulferien time already.    
  6. German passport for a minor

    JA will not bring the case to court, you have to. The yes was probably a delay tactic. To make the child have more and more ties to Germany and less and less ties to NZ. If you file for something modest though you might win. Maybe go to court now to try to secure a summer Schulferien visit to NZ if you can financially afford it?
  7. German passport for a minor

    Maybe get a family law attorney without English and pay someone to tag along to meetings and help interpret phone meetings with your attorney? For e-text the deeple website is useful. I don't know if you are working and how much savings you have left but if it is very little then you can maybe apply for a low-cost attorney, but not all attorneys accept the lower rates. You can probably find someone on ebay kleinanzeigen who needs cash and can speak enough english to interpret for you, even if not perfectly.   I just know JA will usually give the kid to the parent who has stronger ties to Germany (=the parent with the German passport) and who has more money (e.g., more modern apartment). So, you have two counts against you.   Also, if you have a concrete visit to NZ for family visit plan outside of school times that might help. Which family members he would see, which family events would be going on. Would he fly back by himself if you are working in NZ to stock up on needed cash.   Think about what you would want to go for if you were to bring the matter to Family Court. Right to visit NZ between dates x and Y for z weeks maximum? And right to have court replace spouse's signature on a passport application? Going for sole Aufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht might be too much at this time, especially as you are foreign and he is German, so you might want to go for just these two items. It is actually possible for you to with a n interpreter go to the local Family Court one morning with your ID and say you want to start a proceeding to get these two things done: passport coughed up to you or court replace spouse's signature for a replacement (not sure if just a german passpor is needed or if a NZ is needed too). and 2. Permission to take child between dates x and y for max z weeks to NZ to vist Grandma, Grandpa, et cetera. It could be that once he gets the court letter in the mail he will cough up the passport and give you a signed note that he is letting you bring your son to NZ for that period of time (which note you ought to bring with you to the airport in case you need it).   You can when you apply ot the court include maybe a short english request from Grandma or whomever requesting her grandson visit as she has not seen him for three years. Might be rejected as not an official sworn statement but might be accepted. If there is some inexpensive notary system in NZ she could write something short, who she is, her address, her relation to your son, and that she has not seen him since X time and she invites him for a family visit when outside of school days. If there is anythign special in the family going on that helps too, but not seeing one's grandma for three years might pull some heartstrings.
  8. Rights for employed parent when partner is sick

    There was no capacity from agencies with Knappschaft contracts my area at the time to cover what I needed. And I could find no one willing to work on the books on my own at the time. Glad others have had better luck!
  9. Rights for employed parent when partner is sick

    Which insurance firms do you two use? I am with Knappschaft and it was useless in Hamburg to get needed household help (Haushaltshilfe) in late 2017. I did not need nursing care as I could give the shots I needed myself. What did your insurance cover and what roughly were the reimbursement rates? And how did you find the worker, did you have to call 20 places yourself to find an agency with capacity? Was this in the countryside or a big city? I could not find an agency approved by my insurance firm with capacity for Haushaltshilfe in my area.  
  10. Rights for employed parent when partner is sick

    If a doctor writes for need of householf help then the insurance ocmpany will pay a fraction of the cost but only if the person works on the books usually (provides a receipt). Amount of subsidy depends on the insurance firm. If there is a Pflegestufe then easier to get help through subsidy.   If live in a city popular with singles you can trade room for free plus small stipend in exchange for domestic help for a few months as long as the apartment does not already have the maximum number of occupants. You can put in ads at wg-gesucht.                  
  11. Which school accept GI Bill?

    On SAP, to be specific: SAP MM Module would be a good bet for the OP, it is very general and you can land a job in Germany in that module or one related to it, for example SCM or SRM or LE...these modules all tie into MM module so it would be great to have a certification in that paid for via GI Bill, there are some fly-by-night SAP bootcamps in the US for which you can probably get GI Bill people to approve the programs (That is you find the program, tell the program you'll attend only if they apply for GI Bill approval), then you apply for GI Bill... it is not fun, the programs are often cr*ppy but you will get hands-on SAP plus the certification before you come to Germany, meaning once you come, you can focus on the language.  
  12. Which school accept GI Bill?

    The OP has a decent degree. I kinda had to get a Masters after I came to Germany as although I had lots of experience in banking, accounting and IT, my degree was in Chinese Lit. So I got a Masters in business here so as to have something presentable. But Supply Chain Managent is presentable for Germany.  Please OP see if you can do this while still in the US: 1. Get a drivers license in a State which will let you transfer it to Germany. My NY license was not eligible and I would have to start from scratch at about 2-3 thousand EUR to get a German one. 2. Learn German for now via youtube and books on your own 3. Do not do a distance learning degree program. 4. If you are IT inclined maybe take an SAP training course in the US paid for by GI Bill. 5. Maybe enroll in a German BA program in the US even if you intend to quit it and relocate to Germany, GI Bill lets you take a second Bachelors if I recall correctly...and just sign up for the easiest-for-you courses, maybe sports or something like that, to make the minimum credit load for GI Bill  so you can study as hard as you can for the German classes and learn as fast as you can...I don't know if you can find an inexpensive program in the US these days..I know tuition has gone hugely up 6. Come to Germany only after you have drivers license from a  state which license can be transferred to Germany later and German B1 level under your belt. 7. An SAP cert too under your belt? German language plus SAP cert = job in Germany.        
  13. Travelling to New York next year

    Bayridge and Crown Heights are the real New York. NOT pretty places though. I used to live on E 60th next to the Quensborough Bridge on the Manhattan side, that is, not far form the the Z Hotel location, and that would be great  in terms of convenience and getting to Manhattan fast from the Met Museum to Central Park to Chinatown..older folks might like Broadway shows and it would be fast to those as well.    
  14. websites for animal lovers

    I remember a video on youtube of a German lady who lives not far to the South of Hamburg who does foreign dog rescue and placement and she turned down a potential adopter of one dog because the neighbourhood Harburg was not good. This neighborhood is the one the Jugendamt wants to send my daughter to.    
  15. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    When I'm home I gladly accept packages for neighbors because we all usually have to go pretty far to the post office where the packages are usally left when we are not home... it ian hour round trip by bus...and they get a note in their mailboxes form the delevery guy and they ring my door when they want to pick up the package. ne of my orders this past week was sent back to sender apparantly instead of it being left for me to pick up at the local post office.. and I even seected the opton to sms me if there was a delivery option and did not get any sms...