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  1. What do you like about the German public schools?

    I want a teacher who teaches.   (says my daughter)   She likes to play with friends, be with family read and draw in her free time. She is looking for direct instruction school mornings.   Hamburg has no real MINT school offering, just a bunch of aren't we great, were differentiating! bandaids which suck up kids free time after they are robbed of basic education school mornings.   After my daughter was placed in a second grade Math class last Sptember (all 96 children in her current school were put back in second basic grade Math in September )  and she complained to me that she was in a second grade/Kita mish mash group (NOT the children but the class offered to them, which is what many Hamburg parents want)  and it turned out she was right I went up the chain of command and was told to get her tested by a psychologist so they can then advise me so I did, but the results were rejected as math single-subject acceleration is not allowed in Hamburg, and in many Hamburg schools there is no real class in which to spring, just another worksheet/workstation Babysitting room.   I went back with my daughter to the psycological profile tester to see how we can handle this refusal as I unfortunatley have no alternative for her at this time in Hamburg despite intensive search and networking (my personal contacts are having the same problem at their schools here, one is even private and getting the same busywork babysitting worksheets my daughter gets) and he implored me to get her out of her current school asap but in Hamburg I have no alternative for her at this time and for Gymnasium I can find few which still do traditional teaching and they are all Latin/Greek/ESL/Music as far as I have found.   Niedersachen would match her probably better as it is less reformed, but I would need help from the German side of her family, I considered that before she started in Hamburg but could not do it alone.   My husband sees her on weekends now and wants her to stay at the school she is now. Daughter was hoping I could fix the teacherless classes, even if just the Math one, so she could stay in the neighborhood (lots of kids to play with over here, it's crawling with kids), and this would have been the best solution for me too, but I was rejected to replace with a tutor following the Bildungsplan the Flex und Flo busywork despite trying intensively for months on end to get approval so she pleads out of the Arbeitsblättergefängnis asap.                   
  2. What do you like about the German public schools?

    The class, or Kurs, or pull out  is just another room with children being handed different 'Aufgaben' about 40 minutes a week so the school can say they 'differentiate'. The children go to a different room, a man comes in, hands them worksheets (or places them in front of a computer to spend their time doing Aufgaben on it) and then goes back to another room to Babysit other inmates.  Waste of taxpayer money and my daughter's time.  There is no normal class, let alone any extra class. CDU here has complained about this lack of teaching but they are a minority in Hamburg so ineffective. This problem of aversion to teaching Math is found even in private schools here.    Even if a parent were to offer to pay for a part-time teacher on an honorary basis for this group of children, it would be refused. Parent input is reduced to giving money to buy built-in cabinets to hold ... guess what .. more Aufgaben.
  3. What do you like about the German public schools?

    The pull out has no teaching either so is a negative. She needs accelerated instruction of new material  (compared to Hamburg average) and not differentiation (just another worksheet). Hamburg seems to have banned single-subject-acceleration, which she finds very demotivating.   Yes, she has nice German grandparents in Niedersachsen in a decent school district but they rightly seem to think that with two parents and only one child we should handle it ourselves.   S-H has no job for me, so no go.   She is a no go at Montessori, she wants fast instruction, direct instruction, clear grading and a class being taught together - she needs classic-style teaching and single-subject acceleration in Math (unless maybe I guess some Gymnasium in the South are fast-paced in Math so she would not need, that would be great).                      
  4. Alimony and child support in Germany

    He should pay for only what he absolutely has to at this point to protect his credit, if he cuts the phone she won't die, just get the message that the gravy train is ending.   If he can get rid of the car, anything he can get rid of, do so asap, to cut risk and costs. He has way too much risk at this point and in Germany divorces when a home is shared not seldom lead to bankrupty so he has to be very proactive even if mean, if he feels bad for his child he can buy something separate as the need arises, but in general cut risk agressively now. His fast downsizig will help motivate his family to downsize faster too which they need to do.    Make sure though the Kindergeld goes to the mother's account or whomever the children are primarily living with, or if it goes to his, that he wires it over to her, the same amount separate from any other wiring over, marking it something like 'Weiterleitung Kindergeld Januar' or something like that. Or else he might get hit with backpay demand from the government, even if he has been paying her mortgage.   If she lacks money to eat she may apply for welfare, so she won't starve and she hopefully has still healthcare through the family. So stop paying anything he does not have to to save his credit rating, except for KIndergeld Weiterleitung if it has been going to him and except for Kindesunterhalt (just look up the amount in the Düsseldorf table, if money is tight then send whatever is the absolute minimum), if he has not been sending that then he ought to start to, labeling it 'Kindesunterhalt Januar' or something like that, no formal agreement is needed to start sending that.        
  5. What do you like about the German public schools?

    @jeba, she seems to need the opposite of Montessori, she wants to be taught together with other children by a teacher and with a schoolbook. She needs more traditional German education style, one teacher in the room teaching the children something new together, clear grade progression, clear test and grading expectations.
  6. What do you like about the German public schools?

    @keroleen, thanks for the info!   @emkay, My daughter would find normal the sort of teaching you described. She had teaching before and still does in the non-core subjects, and even sees teaching in books she reads, and online too. School change was primarily for commute safety. I am unfortunately a single parent and the commute safety situation for my daughter had become bad. If I were not a single parent she would still be there. I would not expect a Schulministerium to be helpful in selecting a school, because I am not even a resident yet, but will give it a try!   @krieg, I have no interest in suing or taking down anyone. I need to find an affordable way to combine safety for my daughter with teaching for her school mornings.
  7. What do you like about the German public schools?

    I agree emkay, but after asking around there is no strong well-struktured MINT teaching Gymnasium in Hamburg. Public Gymnasium ín Hamburg do not have any academic entrance requirements. The child psycology doctor advised me to asap change her school. She pleads for a 'normal school' as well. Any ideas on Grundschule with strong Math and co. direct instruction in a Bundesland with a strong public MINT Gymnasium? I could even put her with same age children this way. This I cannot do in Hamburg.    
  8. What do you like about the German public schools?

    For my third grader,   any TTers know of in Germany a school with strong direct instruction (teaching) in Math? And where a child may do in Math single subject acceleration? Someplace which can really teach a kid who is towards the 'MINT' side?   Preferably public but private okay if not expensive. She would like a normal ('Regel', or 'Normalo') school but Hamburg is going further ahead to phase these out.    I only know that Thüringen and Bayern are generally faster-paced and not so Inklusion-oriented as Hamburg and so will have still more normal schools, but that does not help me find a specific school to contact.   @Jeba - thanks for the tip on Krativitaetsgymnasium, they seem to be pro-teaching. I have just contacted them.   @janjan I put my daughter on the Brecht waiting list even though I hear they lack direct instruction in Math because it is the only MINT Grundschule in Hamburg at this time. If you know a public or not-expensive private school in Hamburg which does direct instruction and might consider single subject acceleration for Math please telll me.   But from what I see on the further eroding of what is left of MINT teaching in Hamburg Gymnasium school mornings, if I want to keep my child in Germany she has to move to a different Bundesland for Gymnasium anyway.   If I can get her into a faster-paced in MINT subject school with direct instruction and real schoolbooks, then she can just go with the flow and it would be less frustrating for her.
  9. Protection software for Childrens internet devices

    The screen is small. If she's going to be staring at the screen and you don't want her wearing glasses soon you might want to just buy her a classic laptop with a big screen, unless there is some functionailty you really need that a laptop is missing.     
  10. Protection software for Childrens internet devices

    I have no expeirience with the hybrids. Unless the hybrid has some functions she needs, maybe just get a cheap plain laptop with a good-sized keyboard and screen? Will help her to become a creator rather than just a passive consumer. She can type in Scratch code, or draw on Paint easier with a plain old laptop. In addition to listening to songs and watching videos. Then with her own laptop with a good keyboard and screensize she does not have to comptete for time on her mother's computer.  Even a cheap laptop can carry her through the next 5 years, can even do a little school work on it later, you can load movies and music for her on it. If she will mostly be using the device indoors then maybe a cheap laptop is easier to use actively. 
  11. Protection software for Childrens internet devices

    Before handing over the device, Cover the camera by putting a post-it on and taping over that so people cannot see her. You set up her accounts on websites she wants to use, maybe this way she will not need an email inbox for a while. Visit the sites she wants to use and add to the favorites list on the browser so she can select easily from them. Safe search on on the search engine she wants to use. Can make it so that in the browser, only opted-in sites can be visited - all else is blocked. She wants a site added? She brings the device to you. Ex., if it is Safari      
  12. If you can't find people nearby and you could use a break, there is the american website, even the free parts of which have a lot to mesmerize a pre-schooler  and will get your child speaking American. But beware, your child probably will probably learn how to read just by watching  at three years of age  so if you don't want your child to know reading before school starts then you probably want to avoid it.  
  13. Moving van

    Put ad ad out in Ebay Kleinanzeigen and mention detailled what has to be done and max you will pay maybe? And how much help you yourself will put in. I mean if the furniture can be moved by just you and one hired person then 50 EUR might work, but if 2 strong men are needed and more than one big piece needs to be moved might be hard in Stuttgart to get.
  14. Hairdresser open on a Sunday / bank holiday

    Can always try ebay kleinanzeige..
  15. He may certainly give notice and leave earlier, it's not the US Army.   I have heard of, though, problems for experienced engineers wanting to work for a competitor in Germany if they signed some contract about not switching to competing firm, though am not familiar with the details of how that works.