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  1. I can pay some money, but I don't want to commit to a subscription. Thanks for the tips pappnase, lecheese, leong and smaug! She just wants to draw illustrations, and hopes to later add them to short stories she writes.
  2. Childrens Manga lending

    Hi, my daughter has some Mangas in English for young children such as Yotsuba Non Non Biyori Kitchen Princess Happy Clover Sweetness and Lightning and she always wants more and to keep her reading English I get the English versions.. but if anyone is intersted in cutting costs to share Mangas now and then let me know, I mean, these days some just sit on the shelf but she would love to have some new looking for some lending exchange to keep costs under control. Used to do this for preschooler books and it worked, we could exchange several books for a few months. We are near Schlump U2/U3.    
  3. My daughter has been asking me for almost a year now to get her Photoshop so she can create from scratch illustrations for stories she writes. She is definitely serious about it and am sure she would use it over the next years regularly if I were to get it for her. We just have an old circa 2010 iMac, hard drive replaced circa 2014 and which is updated with the lastest OS version. When that dies I plan to get a Windows laptop. She does not want to edit photos with it. She wants to illustrate from scratch and would be diligent at learning how to use the software to do this mostly on her own. Is there some inexpensive version without a subscription? Which exact version ought I get? I noticed GIMP is free and pretty popular now, but she enjoyed so much watching the slick and friendly step-by-step tutorials by artists using Photoshop to create illustrations from scratch, so I'm looking for a way not to let her down without breaking the bank. I cannot pay much for software at this time.      
  4. Bringing help to a meeting with the Jugendamt

    Just questions that come to mind, not asking you to answer here, just food for thought:           If she is 13 why can't she just hop on the U-Bahn and be at your place some times, including weeknights? What are you supposed to do when she shows up, drag her in the train back to her Mum's?        Is your place close to her Mum's that she could do some thing like M,T, W by you, and Th, F by her Mum or something like that...?        If she is more with you must she change friends , school, sports club...?        If she has to change school, is there space there? The Mum might not want the child to go to you as she might not be able to offer the child a few lears later the option of coming back as school places here are often hard to get in some neighborhoods, I know a 13 y/o who did come back, but there was no space, she was without school for months as a result, so this is a valid concern in some Hamburg neighborhoods.        Why is JA dictating to you when you may see her? I thought that was for a court to decide when parents do not agree.        Was there a court order on such little time with you, or just waht the JA said you are to accept for now (such as 5 years ago when she was younger, you had a full.-time job, and the Mum was a part-timer... or something that was okay then but the situation has changed...)?        Maybe apply to Familiengericht for more visitation, including weeknights, if child is so close that she can continue at the same school? A neighbor of mine has sort of 50/50 so both parents can hold jobs and both parents are involved in the daughter's life.        If you go to Familiengericht, DO have a plan including how you plan to balance work and your taking care of her on weekdays.        Can you afford an attorney? Otherwise, I am afraid you will continue to be walked over by JA if the other side has been spending time saying negative things about you to them such that by the time they interview you they already have their mind made up (which is what they will recommend to the judge in Familiengericht later ) before they even see you.        JA is known for sending out letters or saying things that are not legally backable in hopes a parent will not be able to afford an attorney to rebut or will not realise that the JA does this. JA just wants the case done fast as they have a high case load so they look at the notes of input provided by your ex, surely your ex has buttered up witnesses that count, namley school.. your witnesses don't count as they are just regular people, even if they know the situation very well for a decade.        Are you allowed to vsit the daughter at school and chat there with staff afternoons? If not, why not? Are you on the list for people who can pick her up from there?        Does the Mum live close to the grandparents? Doe you have family close by? Are the grandparents actively often involved?        Why does the Mum not want the daughter to stay more with you? Once every other weekend and no school nights? I don't see why so little unless you live far away from ehr school.        If she can commute easily to her current school from your place then maybe she just stays with you and you apply for her to live with you officially to Familiengericht?        If you are not on school Abhol list that shows lack of Bindungtoleranz (and in my opinion) just every other weekend over a long time is lack of Bindungstoleranz too even if the JA wanted it so, time to get an update to the situation.                    
  5. Australian (male) Parent of German child living in Hamburg

    Maybe you can pay through Paypal if wire transfers from a bank each month are not worth the fees?
  6. WG from tenant

    Maybe ask the government directly if a sublet contract is enough?
  7. WG from tenant

    May you have your name added to the doorbell and postbox (even if just a temporary sticker the main tenant sticks on and not something like the other tenants? Then at least you can get mail.   Most likely for the Meldeamt just the contract is enough, unless another TTer has heard differently recently.   If the main tenant was supposed to tell the landlord (which they are) and did not then that person is more in trouble than you as you were planning to stay just a short time anyway. Just I would avoid giving more than a small amount of caution in this case in case the main tenant does not give it back or is slow to give it back.   I would ask for a receipt for the deposit. And also a receipt for any rent you pay.        
  8. WG from tenant

    The main tenant must get permission from the landlord.   For example, in my case, my landlord requires that a subtenant show up once with ID to their office and they make a copy of the ID but other than that they do not care who moves in, as long as the apartment does not have too many people in it.   My landlord also requires to know the start and anticipated (can be later changed) end date of the sublet, as in my case I would have to pay an additional 100 EUR a month in rent to my landlord for an additional person.   My landlord does not care about what the agreement looks like between me and the subtenant, does not ask to see it, just wants the extra 100 EUR. If I were to have a subtenant I would write a brief sublet agreement and yes, this agreement is fine for Anmeldung.   It is not at all uncommon for people to have to when they first move into an area to have to Anmelden with a temporary address, and then change the Anmeldung a few months later to a longterm rental address. It is a pain to do all the running around and changing with insurance company and all but it is normal and legal. One of my former colleagues had to do this (he came with family to Hamburg so was a pain for him to have to do the running around with all the government offices twice while working full time but it was the correct way to do things).   You can cut corners if you want if just beween two permanent addresses, by using your previous Anmeldung address until you get your new longterm Anmeldung address, to save bureaucratic hassle, if you already have an Anmelde address you can use for what you need for now, and just informally as a 'friend' stay up to 6 weeks someplace, some main tenants desperate for a little cash do that at risk of getting kicked out by their landlord from the flat if discovered.  
  9. Free place to stay in exchange for household help

    Thanks for the tip ALLalone, I apologize for my late response.   Yes, I just started looking again.   If interested please PM me with info (I just deleted all my old Toytown messages). I feel finally good enough to look back into SAP FICO or some other IT or finance or project management related work in Hamburg ... 8 hours a day of office work is much easier for me than housework with my broken knee!    
  10. Do we have anything like an Impfpass in the US?

    I was in military healthcare a ways back and what we did was this:   If the source is credible we medics would neatly put what you had that was still relevant it into a yellow little immunization pamphlet, something that looked like this:   And then add an official-looking stamp of our medical organization so people knew that it was put together by someone who was up-to-date on immunization best practices and who was working directly under a physician.   You can buy blanks online or ask to use the german one they doctor has in the office. If he or she wants to vover his or her tush then he or she can write 'transferred from ...' or soemthing to that effect.  
  11. My daughter does Football training two evenings a week through ETV on schooldays, but she is just a beginner so will not be taking part in the weekend matches.   My leg is broken so I cannot take her out to practice with her myself at a local playground anymore. or do biking or jogging with her.   ETV so far I can find nothing for her  for the weekends for running around sort of sport, and she got chubby this past year from being inside most of the time on weekends.   On the playgrounds in my neighborhood on weekends are often a dad and a child or two kicking a football around, but I think my daughter would be too shy to go by herself and ask to join, plus she really needs soemthig regular as I lo longer can bring her out and do jogging or biking with her.   Any idea some formal or informal group she could kick a ball and run around with not far from Schlump station on the weekends? She can manage to take a bus on her own if it is not dark out. Pretty much any sport with lots of running around outside would be helpful.    
  12. Finding an apartment to live

    My neighbor who is looking tells me also about 30 40 per flat and my rental complex owner is telling me that for the newer more solid apartments that are bigger they are getting like 100! applications per flat.   So, just some ideas to consider:   Get your Schufa ready if not already on hand.   Get a Dringlichkeitsschein from the Bezirksamt.   Get someone white to go with you - a white neighbor got a place in my building fast although supposedly people wait 5 or 7 years to get in to this dumpy rental block. And my arab neighbor with a 'Dringlichkeitschein' for her and her four children with rent guaranteed to be paid by the government cannot get the apartment advertised in Harburg by my building owner...   Get somone who speaks perfect German to go with you..   Go for another sublet.   Can also try an ad in a hospital - the one on Hohe Weide - advertising Haushaltshilfe gegen Zimmer.   I had a leg injury recently and there is a huge unmet need for people who live alone in apartments in Hamburg who need but cannot afford help with groceries and cleaning and running errands but have space to apare. For example, one maybe 65 y/o in Niendorf her entire upstairs is available since she can't get up there anymore. People like her meet up at the hospital downstairs, can ask the Sozialarbeiter/Entlassungteam person if you can put up an ad. You could live almost rent free that way, not bad, and really help out an older person. Just have to convince the person to get internet maybe - you could sign up in your name to avaid risk to that person.   The owners of the flats almost always say yes, they usually just want you to stop by once and show ID, they will make and keep a copy, and give an estimate of how long you plan to stay (so they can adjust up by maybe 50 - 170 EUR a month the rent during this time).  As long as you and the main renter agree later, you may extend this time.   Insurance usualy does not pay for Haushaltshilfe, the amount per hour is like 4 EUR /Hour (for my insurance plan anyway, other insurance companies pay at least double that, but still less than minimum wage to the person doing the work) so useless.   Buy a little place.    
  13. If you're new to Hamburg or looking to save money or between apartments,   I'm looking for someone to help out with housework for the next months as I can't easily get up and down stairs for a while.   The hours would be flexible so could even fit in with full time work or study.   I would formally request permission from my landlord so it would be legal and above-board.   I certainly will need the help for a few months but if you just need someplace for a shorter time, such as until you find a proper WG room, or are just visiting Hamburg for a week, fine with me.   My apartment is very conveient and close to UNi Hamburg, Sternschanze...   U2 U3, Bus 4, 15, 181 or well, so close to central Hamburg one can just hop on a bike or walk places.   I have a bike cellar.   You might also through my insurance be able to get a tiny stipend.