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  1. Freelance while employee

    Regardless of the country you live in, if someone uses your account to make money through online freelance projects (or anything else) and that money goes to your bank account, it's gonna look like that income is yours. My personal opinion is that it's unlikely that anyone will start an investigation for such a low earning account, but you shouldn't let your friend use your name, login and bank account. 
  2. Freelance while employee

    Thanks for this info. Based on it, I assume that people who take on side activities without registering as freelancers are not producing invoices and is then up to the company who offered them the contract to take care of issuing payments according to what they agreed to.   To answer your question regarding why one would want to avoid registering: If trips to the Finanzamt and paperwork in German are avoidable, I would always want to avoid them. Also, I think that registering as freelance means having to give an estimate of how much you think you will earn in a year, so that they can ask you for taxes in advance. I don't find the idea nice if you are trying something for the first time and are not so sure about how much you will get. What if you earn less than you thought? What if you stop that activity completely? You are then left with a tax position you don't need and possibly the Finanzamnt asking you about money that you haven't made...It would mean more paperwork and waits etc. to fix it.
  3. Freelance while employee

      I heard from people being employed as a main job and then earning a small income on the side without the need to register at the Finanzamt to get a new number/tax position. Of course those earnings still need to be declared the next year in the tax statement as "Einkommen aus selbständiger Tätigkeit" and taxes may need to be paid at that point. What I don't know is if a person freelancing this way is able/should produce and send invoices to their client, or if the client is just making the payment and providing some form of document that states the nature of the work that was provided. Does anyone know about this?