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  1.   @MikeMelga when would be a good time to visit North Portugal/ North Western Spain? Looks like a great place for road tripping,
  2. Thank you everyone, as per suggestions from everyone i am going to skip Porto for now and stick to the southern part of Spain.    Appreciate all the feedback, you guys are awesome! 
  3.  Thanks for the reply dude, since you are from Portugal ,could you suggest an "in between" town/city between Porto and Tarifa, look at my Blue "triangle" in my OP  
  4. Well said Sir/Madam,   which is why i am asking for suggestions for couple of good towns/villages between those big Cities. 
  5. Well said @lisa13 thats what i'd like to hear, very good points you have there.    Being on the road is the goal look at this guy travelling small towns in Southern USA from FL to California.    btw i start with Barcelona cause its the cheapest destination i can fly to Spain from Stuttgart.    Appreciate your feedback!  
  6. @john g. Alright brother, thanks for that wonderful suggestion.   According to you what would be a next good Coastal city next to Barcelona? Valencia ??
  7. What would qualify as not a fleeting visit? like i said i can modify my travel map, but i can not spend 10 days in just one city.    It would be my first time in these countries and i do not know what i want. I just want to visit them and take it from there, Plans can remain flexible. 
  8. Thanks for your reply alderhill. 
  9. Appreciate your suggestions, i wanted to do a crazy road trip anyway like i said thanks for your input, have you been to Porto ? Would it make sense to visit Lisbon instead?      
  10. Hello TTers,   In the upcoming month i have planned a 10 day road trip in Spain/Portugal, my plan is to fly to Barcelona from Stuttgart and then rent a car and drive something like Barcelona > Porto > Tarifa > Barcelona. Total distance 3000 km    The idea is to spend 2 days in each city and plus 3 days that would take to travel in between those cities.   I recognise this is a whirlwind tour but i cant take more than 10 holidays at the moment.     Any suggestions or tips  for improving this plan?? Is it worth covering both Portugal and Spain in one go ?   Any suggestions regarding any off beat destinations on the way ?    Thanks in Advance.  Mech Eng  
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Since Germans invented and perfected the traditional ICE cars its naturally hard for them to accept a new technology such as an EV , and i say this with no malice towards the Germans or any other supporter of ICE cars.    I regularly discuss with my colleagues about EV vs ICE issue and most Germans are burying their head in the sand so to speak! Most of the people here are dead set against EVs ,and some of their reasons are valid such as Battery reach and Charging Infra, but most  still dont see the writing on the wall that ICE has to retire some point in the future, as eventually we will run out of Oil and in the process make a horrible impact on the planet  
  12. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Adding to your reply i would include Australia which has worlds second largest Lithium reserves and Australia is a stable democratic Country so i wont worry about human right issues involved in Lithium mining and using children. For electricity generation we can use Solar and Wind which are clean sources, however its also important to remember that we can easily build clean/efficient power plants (from Coal etc...) than we can build clean/efficient ICE cars.   An electric motor has efficiency of almost 90+% whereas an ICE has theoretical max efficiency of 35% (rest is lost as heat), plus Torque in EV is almost instantaneous and there is  no loss of power due to power train.    Another point to people who point out about Environment impact in manufacturing Parts of EV cars (as if there is no impact in making parts for traditional ICE cars!!) --- remember that EV car has roughly only 200+ parts as compared to 2000+ parts in ICE cars.   As the EV has much less moving parts there is also less maintenance required, so no need for Oil/Oil Filter change, almost no Brake change etc etc...   In my opinion,  EV is the future..only thing holding it back is the charging infrastructure and Battery capacity , both of which will improve in future, what is not so easy to change is the mindset of people specially some of the "Deutsche" 
  13.   No they cannot come on 1.02 and stay upto 90 days but they can stay for 29 days (since they stayed 60 days before)   The 180 days period  is a moving window, so Always calculate backwards 180 days from the day of your planned entry and count how many days the Person stayed.   so in your case on 1st February going back 180 days would be 1st August of previous year and your parents have already stayed 61 days from 1st November to 31st December.   This is per my understanding….someone can correct me if wrong.