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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Black 47!
  2. Upper Respiratory Virus Attacks Ears

    This is definitely very common, and not only in Germany.   Some parts of Germany, like Frankfurt, have crappy, wet climates and a lot of population moving and changing, so they're ideal for virus and bacteria transmission.   It's not magic though, I don't think that evil winds are the main cause.
  3. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

      Amber Sand is a sci-fi / fantasy location name.
  4.   I guess they had a bad experience one time and extrapolated from that to ALL healthcare (not sure why it should seem like only men, but maybe I don't wanna know details!!!)
  5.   I think all that stuff about rules and efficiency is basically marketing.
  6. Father and kid playdates in Frankfurt?

    Check out this meetup for Frankfurt Dads!   The first meet up of the Expat Dads will take place on 5th of May in the beautiful Holzhausenpark.
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      yeah, do the practice test and you'll see that it's a good old mix of topics:;jsessionid=9C5FD3FE5F00197B49B77C46CA25E6A8.1_cid368  
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I just   a) drilled the questions till I got a decent amount right and   b ) looked up stuff on  
  9. Being the outsider in a village

    Here's another of the sub-plots for those who are trying to catch up on this season:   I can't help wondering if this is the same "once in a lifetime opportunity" some geezer posted about on Facebook a while back?   It was on one of those Brexit-Germany-stuff related groups, sounded... interesting and/or iffy.
  10. Being the outsider in a village

        Did you actually do this, or was the pub closed before you moved in there?
  11. Being the outsider in a village

      Wait... what? In the field?! Which field?
  12. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Hi @bristolfan - that's my situation exactly and I got my Germanity this Jan. Go for it.   I see you're in FFM, great. They're very efficient and friendly, treat them well and you'll be fine.   If you fancy a beer and a chat in town sometime send me a PM.
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

      So that will be two stars now then?   ;-)   Someone wasting time trying to force you into changing some minor, supposedly negative, thing, using hugely disproportionate means, instead of just doing a few little positives that would make everything better. Ah, welcome to Germany.
  14. Funny German names

    What became of all these posters from back in the day?
  15. Funny German names

      This one might be related to Fugger, the family that dominated European banking for centuries?