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  1. This may be a long shot, but anyone know if I can keep paying into my German pension even though I relocated to Lithuania?   I'm guessing the German state pension is better. I'm a German citizen.
  2. TT'ers not actually in Germany...

    Fun fact, my new location isn't even listed on TT 🤷
  3. TT'ers not actually in Germany...

    ...where are you then, approx, and why do you still hang around?
  4. Roleplaying in Frankfurt

      Only 4 years late... not too bad for TT
  5. So our landlord (actually the giant property investment company that represents them) is a little slow in taking the usual direct debit that they've been drawing for literally years.   I was going to write a tentative email asking if everything's OK then stopped myself. Is this a good idea? I don't want them panicking and drawing it twice or something.   Anyone else experienced this? Is there any risk to just ignoring it (it's their problem after all, this was put in place years ago and they could have contacted me if there was a problem - which there isn't at my end)?