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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      Quel surprise
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Congratulations! I'm bogged down in sending on some final (?) updates and a proof of past studies that I literally had with me but wasn't asked for at the initial appointment...   So far I've sent them JPEGs, PDFs made from the JPEGs, small low-res PDFs from a new scan, and personally walked in with the originals and watched an official scan them again so hopefully between that something gets through.
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      So I found the RP Darmstadt staff in their new (or temporary?) buildings - which were completely unmarked outside and contained zero signs inside telling you where to find each department!   Once you find them they are nice people though.
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Tried phoning, it just rings and rings.   I might just go down there when a chance comes up.   it’s RP Darmstadt, I think they have a building move on too so they will be experiencing drama.
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Great!   Keep in touch.   I am waiting for the invite to the Ceremony.   They asked me for payslips and proof I was studying here back in the day (to make up my extra year!) and I emailed them.   Now I'm biting my nails off waiting because I got zero acknowledgement that the email went through.   What do you do? Fax them through as well? Pop over in person? Mail the originals (Germanized instincts warn me against that)...?!
  6.   Seriously though, in the same situation keep your job and just learn on the side.
  7.   Normally these threads hang around for years unanswered...!
  8.   yeah, they wanted updated payslips from my wife as part of the follow-up
  9.   I mean for the follow-up, the application went in months ago, of course
  10. Job wanted in Frankfurt

      Go to the jobcentre ASAP
  11.   Does anyone know how we’re expected to submit the latest pay-slip?   i guess just scan and E-Mail?   should we mail the originals?   Keeping three copies of course! 
  12.   I got the infamous request for up-to-date payslips!   It seems they don’t know how payslips work (?) since they asked for “current i.e. this month’s” - well, my “current” payslip is October’s since (you can check this) it’s still mid-November.   but this is a good sign, right?
  13. Daueraufenthalt for the 1000th time

      This was one of the best toytownisms this week.
  14. Daueraufenthalt for the 1000th time

      Yeah, if you can get an appointment, you can have it. Obstructive behavior aside (3 appointments per day; no queue management!) there should be no reason in heck to refuse it.
  15. Daueraufenthalt for the 1000th time

      I think my employer here in Germany would have had words to say about that :-)