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  1. Loitering in Germany

      OK, another reason I'm glad not to live in Munich!
  2. Loitering in Germany

    Indeed the German word for a group of people, die Leute, is the equivalent of the English word. Just hang out. It's what people do.
  3. Loitering in Germany

      Wait... no drinking in the subway? Wow. Another national hobby fades away...!
  4. Loitering in Germany

      Sometimes I feel there must be some law requiring a certain quota of loitering here.   Certainly a lot of people get their numbers up by smoking. That must give them about 2 hours per day. I often wonder if I can get them to move on since they litter the streets, pollute the air and ground water, and generally lower the tone.   There are annual events that make loitering pleasant, such as Christmas markets. or there's simply the good old hanging about waiting for someone to harangue.   Or it might be tax deductible somehow.
  5. Got me a nasty inflamed eyelid :-(   I've had this minor infection before. Usually I'd just get some weak antibiotics and it'd clear up in a day or two back in the UK. No idea if that stuff came over the counter or not back in the day.   Will the chemist hand this stuff out to me if I grab some tomorrow before work, or do I need to go the doctor, get a script, then head back to the chemist?
  6. Wisdom from pop music

    "What you don't have, you don't need it now" - U2
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Maybe vote for whoever pledges to share?
  8. Even after all these years, I still...

      ...because it's uncountable ;-)
  9. Even after all these years, I still...

      if you master this you graduate to actual spoken "regional" German ;-)
  10. Reference from current employer?

      I didn't think you were attacking me. But I love that TT has conditioned you to assume that I was ;-p
  11. Reference from current employer?

      Sheesh. All the personal cr@p is one thing I can do without here.
  12. Reference from current employer?

      How is a simple factual description of your tasks bad?!
  13. Reference from current employer?

    In the UK you just put your referees' contact details in the application and HR takes care of getting them a ref.   Nothing special about applying for jobs for us Brits, but in Germany apparently it's a huge deal...
  14. Reference from current employer?

      Wouldn't it tend to give the opposite impression?
  15. Reference from current employer?

      Can't you just a signed copy of your official job description?