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  1. Writing in a new thread, I know it's been discussed but can't find a specific-case one.


    So basically I filed my taxes for last year (calendar year 2020) via Taxfix. I just received a notification that my statement has been assessed and now I have to pay almost 600€ as 'tax bill' instead of a return.


    I assume that this was because of the progression taxes tied to being on Kurzarbeit for most of last year. Was just wondering if I need to pay this amount immediately when I get my steuerbescheid on the mail, or is it possible to pay this in installment or a later date?


  2. Hello there, I have always been hearing about 'eltern unterstutzung' from other expat friends saying that you could claim some money from tax returns if you send money home. I am a Philippine national and was wondering how the process works? Do I have to apply for it specifically or I can just put it in my tax form? Also how would the finanzamt know that the money I sent was really for the intention of additional funds for my parents? Do I need to specify a note when doing a bank transfer?


    Also if anything, I'm earning around 43k gross/yr if that factors in with anything.


    And happy new year to all!


  3. 1 hour ago, Krieg said:

    I am not a lawyer, but the termination period seem OK for both sides.   Smaller companies have more relaxed rules about terminating employees.   The good news is that the government will bail some of those small companies with cash that doesn't need to be paid back, at least for the short and mid term.  So maybe your company would be one of them.


    If you signed as well a German contract then that's the one you have to refer to, the English version normally doesn't hold in court if there is a German version.


    You might ask your boss if they are considering Kurzarbeit.   The company can as well apply for Kurzarbeit for some departments.


    P.S., If the bosses are asking the employees to make sure they get rid of all holidays from 2019 soon it might indicate they will apply for Kurzarbeit soon.   You are not allowed to do Kurzarbeit if you have a holidays backlog.


    Again, I am not a lawyer.


    my contract states the same in german I think:


    "§ 10 Kündigung
    Die Kündigungsfrist beträgt drei Monate zum Ende eines Kalendermonats. Jede gesetzliche Verlängerung der Kündigungsfrist zugunsten des Arbeitnehmers gilt in gleicher Weise auch zugunsten des Arbeitgebers. Die Kündigung bedarf der Schriftform. Vor Antritt des Arbeitsverhältnisses ist die Kündigung ausgeschlossen.
    Der Arbeitgeber ist berechtigt, den Arbeitnehmer bis zur Beendigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses freizustellen. Die Freistellung erfolgt unter Anrechnung der dem Arbeitnehmer eventuell noch zustehenden Urlaubsansprüche sowie eventueller Guthaben auf dem Arbeitszeitkonto. In der Zeit der Freistellung hat sich der Arbeitnehmer einen durch Verwendung seiner Arbeitskraft erzielten Verdienst auf den Vergütungsanspruch gegenüber dem Arbeitgeber anrechnen zu lassen."


    as for the holidays they asked us to consume it already. I dunno if they're considering kurzarbeit, but I guess I will take that over being unemployed any day


  4. @krieg thanks so much for that - I am currently working for a small company, and although I think the company might still stay afloat I'm just considering my options. I'm sure that they will keep the other tech guys but since design is more on a request-basis I'm afraid of the possibility of getting terminated.


    My contract (in english states): § (1) Notification Periods - After the probationary period both parties may terminate this Employment Agreement by giving three months notice with effect to the end of a calendar month. (2) Notifications shall be in written form to be valid. (3) The Company shall have the right – while having to pay the contractual remuneration to employee – to discharge Employee for the time between notification and the effective termination, unless Employee can claim a predominant legitimate interest to be engaged in the operational procedures.


  5. I'm working at a media agency as a fulltime designer. The past couple of weeks I haven't really gotten any significant task even if I sign in - my job is very reactive in the sense that when a project comes, I usually have to turnover things quickly. I don't know if this continues in the next few weeks/months and if that would be grounds for termination.


    My question is - currently as a permanent employee, is there a possibility for the company to get me sacked if they think that my position is non-essential at the moment? Would I be getting any severance if ever? (Also I have a 3 month clause in my contract should they terminate me, would that still apply given the whole corona situation?)


  6. Hello there,


    Dunno if anybody was in a similar experience, but I would like to inquire if I am already eligible to convert my visa to “Beschäftigung erlaubt/gestattet”. It says that with studies it is counted in half, but I also have stayed as a freelancer (no contributions) and as a jobseeker before becoming fully employed with my current company for over a year already.


    As estimates, these are my times spent in Germany, which is more than 3 years but not sure if the 2 years as jobseeker/freelancer counts:

    1,4 Jahre - Masterstudium

    2 Jahre - Jobseeker/Freelancer (as freelancer, only kleinunternehmer so no social contributions)

    1,5 Jahre - Currently as an employee, no blue card

    With these statuses would I be already eligible to apply for Beschäftigung erlaubt, or would you just advice to complete 24 months with my current employee before I apply for it?


  7. was wondering what the rules are for smoking outside, but still within the premises of an apartment building (e.g. the courtyard)? We have a common back garden in an altbau building. I'm not sure if it's not supposed to be allowed or not, however I've gotten a couple of death stares and one lady asking which apartment number I'm living in.


  8. I inputted my 2019 Lohnsteuerbescheinigung both in TaxFix/SteuerGo and seem to have inputted everything correctly. I do not have any other deductions (e.g. travel expenses etc.) so it's just the base taxable income. However based on their calculations, my refund will just be around 4-5€ - am I doing something wrong, can anybody tell why this is so?


    If anything I'm an employee with 35k€ brutto per year. No other special things added to my statement except the usual deductions (insurance, pension etc.)


  9. Has anyone received the 'erinnerung an die angabe der steuererklarung' at the same time as the steuerbescheid? I got my tax return already, but got the erinnerung letter (from the old city I used to live in) that's why I'm confused. I already told them that I moved cities before, do I need to clarify with them again via letter that I am not giving taxes and have filed in my current city (berlin)?


  10. Hello there,


    Been checking around the other threads but they are more blue card specific, so trying my luck to ask on a separate thread.


    I work in Berlin in a field where the salaries are not so high (graphic design and not UX/UI). I’m planning to jobseek again soon as my current job is getting stale and not paid so well (33.000€ gross/yr). What I want to ask is if there’s any specific process when I change jobs (e.g. do I have to submit the new company's contract to auslanderbehörde and send all my documents all over again like my C/V, insurance, anmeldung etc.?)


    I’ve had the issue already when I was trying to convert my student visa to an employment visa that I’m overqualified for the salary my current employer was giving, but they let me pass - perhaps because I studied in a German university. Obviously I’m targeting for a higher salary than what I have for now, but has there been anyone that got denied a new visa/extension because the salary does not meet their 'expectations'?


    Other Stuff:

    - I finished my master’s in design in Germany, so a blue card was not necessary (I currently have an unlimited work permit/aufenthaltserlaubnis tied to my current employer)

    - Already working for a year in my current company

    - I’ve read that the minimum for a blue card is 41,808€ for 2019. Since I just have a standard residency/work permit should I also target this salary when negotiating for a new company?


    Thanks a lot in advance!


  11. I know this is an old topic, but I am having the same issue at the moment. I moved from being a kleinunternehmer to a full employee from August 2018, and have to file the earnings I have from January - July. I do not plan to be a freelancer anymore, so should I also do a foreclosure statement or something besides filing both Anlage N and Anlage S?


    Also is it necessary to put in the (employee) earnings since i'm guessing these were already being filed by the office anyway?


  12. On 1/16/2019, 12:21:50, arsenal21 said:

    I'm not a lawyer but

    I'm not a lawyer but if your home parish is in Europe, I'd suggest contacting the data controller of the parish and specifying that you don't want any of your data shared.


    Churchws are also subject to data protection legislation, in Europe at least.

    nope i'm from the philippines, but i'm guessing there would be some records that would show up my 'catholic upbringing'.


    should I just avoid this letter? because i've gotten the letter for the 2nd time already. what's the verdict on this generally?


  13. i just got the same letter in the mail - so what's the verdict on this, safe to throw out and ignore this letter? I almost sent the form (although i said no to all the religions listed, i wrote down my address where they could probably track that i am catholic albeit nonpracticing)


    just afraid that i might get this letter again and again...would that be the case if i ignored this letter?


  14. Hello there,


    I am writing because I am confused if I will get a new Steuernummer by post or not. I moved from another German city to Berlin, and did not get the letter a month more from my Anmeldung. I've read that you only get a new Steuernummer from your first salary (i was previously self-employed), but should I get this from the Finanzamt directly or will they send it via post? Will I get a new Steuernummer because I changed cities and employment status?


    Is it even important that I get a Steuernummer since I am already employed? (I still have to file taxes from January-July when I was still freelancing from another city)


    It was not clear from my Anmeldung because the officer did not tell me anything about it.


  15. On 21/09/2018, 16:37:27, RajeshG said:


    @latias i too have the same situation where my card has Munich address. But i have never had any problems because i show the Meldebescheinigung at the airports, along with my card etc.


    I also had an appointment with Ausländerbehorde last week for some other work and i clarified this point with them. They told me that in Berlin they donot have the cards and they only put a sticker in the passport. And so its ok to show the card with your proof of registration.


    another question: how did you actually get an appointment with auslanderbehorde? online there are no appointments available and was wondering if i have to do the horrible 4am line just to ask this question specifically...


  16. just raising this topic again, is it possible that i just avail 30 minutes of a break instead of a full hour? my contract stipulates working hours as 9-18pm but most of the time I barely take a full hour's break. is it legally possible to leave earlier (e.g. 17:30) if i just took a 30 minute break for the day? I haven't really asked the office about it but seems like a lot of people actually leave earlier than the stipulated hours...


  17. Also covered here briefly but the thread is outdated so making a new one:


    Wanted to ask if anyone has moved from another city to Berlin with an eAT (Aufenhaltstitel Card). The thing is, my Bürgeramt said that it would be a problem if I do not change my address in my current aufenhaltstitel, as Berlin requires your current address in your ausweis. The official website here says that it is not necessary and is only even possible in special cases however my Bürgeramt strictly was saying that I should get a new sticker with the Ausländerbehorde - I emailed them twice and went there physically today and got the same answer.


    Now I'm confused who is saying the right thing, and I know the horror stories just to even get an appointment with the ABH, so was wondering if anyone in Berlin is in the same situation (moved from another town, but has/still using the old address in their ausweis.) For now my temporary solution is to have a printed/scanned copy of my Berlin meldebsecheinigung and have it when i'm travelling. I'm just worried since I travel ocassionally in and out of the EU, and if this would be a problem in the end. Anyone?


  18. I know this is an old thread but I'm in the same situation - I moved recently from Dessau to Berlin, and was wondering if I need to change my eAT card because of an old address. My purpose of stay and residence expiry date is in 2021. I was wondering if I need to surrender my card for a new address that explicitly says Berlin in the anschrift/auslanderbehorde part of the eAT? Because theoretically I would have to change the eAT card address every time I move and that doesn't make any sense?


    The website above explicitly says that it is indeed not necessary to change the address on the card but just making sure.


    @Smorodina or anyone else did you change your resident permit address in the end when you moved?


  19. 26 minutes ago, msam said:


    If you bought your product in the EU you have 2 years warranty not 1. But that warranty does not cover accidental damage, only manufacturing defects. I do not know what AppleCare provides.



    thanks, that's also the other thing as i haven't bought it in the EU. 


  20. Hey there,


    I'm planning to buy Applecare for my MBP Retina as the 1 year warranty is expiring next month, just wondering if anybody has experience with it, esp. for accidental damage? (e.g. broken screen, water damage) - I've read the TOC and Germany doesn't have the AppleCare+ option which covers screen damage but just thinking if having Applecare would somehow reduce the cost in case this happens...


    I'm a little accident prone so just making sure since I know it gets costly specially in Germany where there's no cheap third-party repairs unlike where I came from...