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  1. Hello there,   Unfortunately I got caught up in a really toxic working environment and I want to leave if I get an offer before my probation ends next week. The company I’m currently working for has a 3 months probation and 2 weeks notice with no reason to be given for resignation.   The thing is, I am in the middle of a critical project and was wondering if there are any legal repurcussions if I do resign and give notice? I could offer them 1 month instead of 2 weeks as a sign of good will to finish up as much as I can while finding a temp or replacement.   I am pretty optimistic that I’ll get an offer and the next company is also trying to rush their decision so I could come in with them - just wondeeing legally if the company could hold me from leaving?
  2. Hello there,   It's been a strange year for me career wise - first getting laid off during the 'Berlin tech wave' and although I found a job right before my termination date, I find myself in a very toxic work environment 2 months into the job. Despite small efforts of nothing down my hours/efforts, the work load is way too much for me to handle. The company owner literally sent me a message on my 3rd week into the job to "not disable my Slack because it's annoying" at 10pm, having me to work until the wee hours of the morning just because they felt like giving an "urgent task". Also getting threats of getting fired for last-minute requests that weren't planned at all to be done within the day/week - from thereon I felt that I won't last in this environment. There's always an expectation in the company of completing work with unrealistic expectations and I literally have no time for myself. I already tried to voice myself out to my manager a few times that this is not acceptable/borderline unethical yet it still keeps on repeating. Unfortunately my direct manager is also feeling the pressure from said higher ups.   Sob story aside, the company only has 3 months probezeit and I'm due to complete it by end of November. But then if they do decide to keep me, that's 3 more months of insanity with the company I don't think I'll be able to handle. Was just wondering what would the next best step be, to do "silent quitting" while looking for another job? I know that you can't get ALG1 if you resign yourself and just based on my industry it's also not magic that I can get a job within the next month before my probation ends. I'm mentally drained and want out, but I also couldn't quit right away coz of the complications with the arbeitslosengeld scenario.