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  1. Steuerberater for US Inheritance

      Thanks for all of this information. The stock was purchased prior to 2009 & I am sure this is recorded in her account. I was hoping to keep the stock as an investment but if it will just cost me, then I would just have the executor sell it. I am not sure what I would need to ensure this? Is this where I need the steuerberater? Excuse my struggle with legalese  .    
  2. Steuerberater for US Inheritance

      that looks like a fit - I appreciate the tip (rhyme unintended  ) 
  3. Steuerberater for US Inheritance

    I am not sure if he is the right fit, Jeba - thanks for the tip though & he is on the list, but, I am, primarily looking for someone who can handle a complicated tax situation here in Germany & not filing in the US. 
  4. Hello,   I tried to search the site & while I see many posts regarding recommendations, some were old & I think many just concern ex-pat tax returns.    I am American & still a US resident but with Permanent Residence here (my wife is German). After my mother died of Covid, I received an inheritance in the US that is well into probate & my procrastinating self keeps putting this off. I need to speak with someone about what I need to do because, while the inheritance isn’t so large, I need to get a stock transfer & there is also some real estate.   I am so lost with these matters & would appreciate if someone could point me to someone who could help me with finding a Steuerberater to help me with this. I am hoping a lawyer isn’t necessary.    Thanks for any assistance!