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  1. Modafinil w/o prescription?

    First of all I am not just looking for a study drug or what ever many people use this for, I suffer from ADHD since childhood and it makes my life very hard, but unfortunately the treatment options in Germany are limited to methylphenidat which doesn't agree very well with me.   I have read over and over, by people in Germany and other countries that you just have to order it online (from legitimate pharmaceutical companies of course). But what is the actual status of this medication? And what could happen if I ordered it online? Could it just be taken away, or could I be in any trouble for it?   It sounds to me like it is not considered an illegal drug, but the prescriptions are more to control who sells it, more like antibiotics. But does anyone know anything about this? And how I could get it, as it would really make a huge difference in my life. * Here is a reference from one of the many websites selling Modafinil which claims it is completely legal: