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  1. Fund taxation in 2018 and "fiktive Veräußerung"

    This is probably a stupid question but would like to make sure I do it correctly, and also understand it better.  At the start of 2018 I owned 4 foreign funds.  In 2018, I sold two of them.  So in my 2018 Tax Declaration, I included Anlage KAP-INV with the dividends of all 4 funds, and details of the sale proceeds from the two that I sold.  As we know, the Vorabpauschal for Tax Year 2018 was only due on 02.01.2019, so this is now to be included in my 2019 Tax Declaration.  My question is: do I do the Vorabpauschal in 2019 for all 4 funds, or only for the 2 funds that I still own?  I would expect it to be only the two I still own, since the Vorabpauschal is a pre-payment which is deducted from your capital gains on sales when you eventually sell, and since the other two funds were sold, there is nothing to declare and subsequently deduct (ie. it would be moot to declare it).  Is my understanding correct?  Thanks