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  1. Quick question about Anlage EÜR for small business

    Ok. Just checked my invoices sent to my Irish client again, and in fact I have it in them saying:   Das fakturierte Entgelt ist in Ihrem Land steuerpflichtig und von Ihnen als Steuerschuldner zu versteuern (§ 13 b Abs. 1 Nr. 1 UStG und § 13 Abs. 2 UStG).   Which matches the 2nd option on my original post.
  2. Quick question about Anlage EÜR for small business

    @PandaMunich could you please see if this is easy to answer and you happen to know about it? Appreciate your time on this.
  3. Taxation on extra income

    Register yourself as a freelancer at the Finanzamt and, after you have your new Tax ID, you can invoice the US company based on the amount of work / hours you've done.   You won't need to deal with VATs, since they are in US.   Then, at your yearly Tax declaration, you declare all your income, from all your sources, including this one, and send it to Finanzamt. They eventually reply saying that you'll either have to pay or receive money back from the them.
  4. Hello,   Quick question:   I was filling out my first tax declaration as a small business / freelancer and on the part asking to specify all the income generated, I'm in doubt whether to declare all my income as "Betriebseinnahmen als umsatzsteuerlicher Kleinunternehmer (§ 19 Absatz 1 UStG)" or as " Umsatzsteuerfreie, nicht umsatzsteuerbare Betriebseinnahmen sowie Betriebseinnahmen, für die der Leistungsempfänger die Umsatzsteuer nach § 13b UStG schuldet".   All my income as freelancer from last year was less than EUR 17500 and generated as IT-Services for a client in Ireland. For that reason, I haven't charge any VAT on my invoices.   I guess it would be the 2nd option, right?   Extra question: I'm transferring my declaration eletronic using my elster certificate. What about my invoices that I generated to my client? Should I send a copy of them to the Finanzamt via post office or something?    
  5. Two steuernummers for married freelancer?

    Hello from 2020,   I hope it's ok to use this thread, since I have a question in a somewhat similar scenario. @PandaMunich (or anyone else really) would you care to help me out on this too in case you have any idea?   I registered myself as a Kleinunternehmer last Aug to work as software developer freelancer and a month later received a letter, addresed to me and my wife, with the new Steuernummer in it and saying:   das Finanzamt hat Ihnen die Steuernummer XXXXXX zugeteilt. Sie gilt für: Einkommensteuer.   I brought the letter to the Finanzamt lady and she confirmed that this was a confirmation that the process was successful and I should me referencing this number on my future invoices.   I did that for 2 months worth of invoices, when, for my surprise, I received a second letter addressed ONLY to me and saying:   das Finanzamt hat Ihnen die Steuernummer YYYYYYY zugeteilt. Sie gilt für: Umsatzsteuer, Gewinnermittlung nach § 4 Abs. 3 EStG   Together with this letter I received a second letter informing that the process of opening the Kleinunternehmen was successful and a third letter with my VAT number.   Bugged with that second Steuernummer, I sent an email to the Finanzamt asking them what was that second number and they said:   Die eine Steuernummer ist nur für die Personensteuer und an Sie und Ihre Ehefrau gerichtet. Die zweite Steuernummer ist für Ihr Unternehmen mit den Betriebssteuern und das Anschreiben ist auch nur an Sie adressiert.   Does that mean that I was using the wrong number in my invoices? Should I then change my future invoices to reference the second number instead? Will I have any problem with the past invoices with the wrong number?   Thanks!