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  1. Reason of applying to German citizenship

    Luke's suggestion is a very good one. I might use that if needed.     Yep murphaph, I was aware of that. But as bramble mentioned, there are some exceptions for Brazil with which one can get away with keeping the Brazilian citenzship. Eg, from what I read/heard, Brazil doesn't allow the loss of citizenship in case one's applying for a second citizenship in order to excercise basic civil rights which only the citizenship can grant. I coule state voting as one of them.   (Source: https://www.dw.com/pt-br/%C3%A9-poss%C3%ADvel-perder-a-cidadania-brasileira/a-42603277 - in pt-BR. I'll leave it here as a reference in case someone bumps into the post in the future)   But again, that's still a bit fuzzy to me and I just have to find out exactly what write in the application forms as reason why I can't renounce my current citizenship (still looking into it).   Btw, thanks bramble for that link and info! I haven't seen it before. I'll take a look.
  2. Hello. I've completed 6 years of permanent residency in Germany and I'm considering apply for the German citizenship.    My question is: during the application process (specially during the Erstberatung appointment) will I be asked the reason of why I'm applying to become German? If so, what would be a good practical reason to state, in order to make my application easier to be accepted?   One of the main reasons that I'm considering applying is that, we're a Brazilian family and we don't know what the future holds for us, ie, in case we decide to move back to Brazil and then eventually decide again to move back to Germany/Europe, the German passport would be handy in facilitating this move and not having to bother again with applying for visa/residency permits from scratch. But I assume that's not a good reason to state for the clerk (possibly).   Wdyt?