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  1. not to sound shallow, but i'm petrified to get my hair cut in berlin again. the first (and only time) i got my hair cut here, i got tons of rec's to go to pony club and left the place in tears. (not only did the stylist give me a terrible butcher job with blunt/thick ends, but they also turned my hair colors that i specifically did not ask for... and to boot, they ruined my shirt with dye-- and when i woke up the next morning, my pillow was ruined with dye too! they ended up giving me 2 gift certificates and lots of hair products as compensation...)   normally, i see people on the street whose hair cut i think is great and ask them where they go. but to be perfectly honest, i haven't encountered a person who i'd ask yet! (and while we're on the topic, what is with the extreme hair colors that german women get here? like black bangs with long blond hair? or red skunk-like stripes on black hair?? ugh!)   my stylist in nyc was a crazy japanese guy named skyy who would take sections of my hair, twirl them upward, then cut/shape it with thinning shears. just to give you an idea of the cutting style he had (that i loved.) after that, i lived in italy, where you literally cannot go wrong, no matter which stylist you go to. they are all amazing! (and usually pretty darn cheap, ~25 euros.)   can anyone give me some recommendations for some trendy places to go to that don't cost an arm and a leg?   much obliged!