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  1. It is not a scam, my frien lived is Winzererstrasse 102 and the photo on the link was old. The owner makes shit. Please feel free to contact Yannick in the first post. He is leaving there. Available from 01.03  
  2. My 100 m2 flat is available for 11 night   Make a special price for 500 euros Contact by PM
  3. Hello we need  a babysitter (german of french speaking) to bring a 2-year old girl to Krippe from 7h-7h15 to 8h in the morning (Scheiplatz) every Monday, thursday and friday from February Also need it on the 20th february from 16h to 19h Please contact me if you are interested Thanks a lot Coralie  
  4. Hello here the link   Contact Yannick by 017676016336