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  1. Housing supply: should I focus on finding a studio or a WG?

    2000 euros a month rent?  Those can shell out 2k/month just for the rent would definitely not have the interest and inclination to seek help on forum like this . Sadly you are right though. You can rent any number of flats in a matter of a week if you are willing  to shell out large amount of money and some want half in cash because they don´t want to pay tax!.    Even if you  have kids and your partner is working,  one should never encourage such large amount of rent in a city where until 10 years ago one could get a decent flat for less than 350 euros, I had once helped a startup Firma with some auditing. I was absolutely disgusted the amount of rent they were willing to pay for apartments in Berlin. I think one of the reasons why the rents are so high in this largely middle class city with socialist ambitions is the startup folks who flock in to the city with fictional schemes.  I am sorry if some of you find it offensive but this is what a regular Berliner would say if we are open minded enough to get their opinion.
  2. legality of unpaid temporary layoffs at work?

    And please do not go to private legal firms. They double cross, especially when they are dealing with non-German workers. If you want a private lawyer get an independent labour lawyer. If you want free legal help then your place would be trade unions. All the best!
  3. legality of unpaid temporary layoffs at work?

    Also go to a Gewerkschaft ( trade union). I don´t know your field of work. If you are into  Gastronomie or service industry then NGG would be the right place. The problem with non-German workers( skilled and non-skilled)  is many of us simply do not understand the hold trade unions have in this country. There could be some firings this year in many companies  including Startups because there is this fear of economic slow down. Even if it is not really true, some would simply use it to manipulate employees.  Even a call or letter from a trade union warning action would be enough. These Gewerkschafts offer legal advice too. You don´t need to be a member but I would suggest getting membership becasue it would be quite helpful ( free legal help and other stuff)
  4. Good hairstylist recommendations

    Same here! I am yet to find a good hairstylist in Berlin! Now I have started cutting my own hair!  Hairstylists in Berlin don´t seem to understand even the basic concept of layers!  I have even tried non-German and non-Turkish hairstylists and No Comments would the most polite way of assessing their skill. Thinning Scissors?! I know it sounds rude but I have to say this, In Germany, hairstylists don´t even know what it is!
  5. Aesthetic Dentistry Berlin

    Could someone recommend me an affordable dentist who has some aesthetic sense. I need some minor treatments. I have a great dentist here in Berlin  but he is not at all  comfortable doing any cosmetic alterations. I do speak German so Language is not an issue. I went to a place last month which I found online but it was insanely expensive. Many thanks!