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  1. 12 minutes ago, keith2011 said:


    Well at least I still have the freedom go to a restaurant do non essential shopping and visit other venues, also I can meet with people from multiple households all of which are or will be prohibited to those exercising their freedom (at the moment anyway)  to be unvaccinated.

    Bit pissed off that there are no fireworks again for new year, it's all the fault of those damn anti-vaxxers isn't it? If I was allowed to buy some rockets I know where they need to go.

    You obviously missed my point; being a full on lock down is coming in January for everyone.

    What makes you think I can not or do, any of the above things you mentioned?


  2. Looking like the 1, 2, 3 shots did nothing to salvage your freedom. 3 more? 

    Lockdown for everyone coming after Christmas, which I have heard from a head of a school.

    Anyone young enough here to have school age Kids; they will not be going back to school in January.


  3. On 18/12/2021, 21:46:20, Elljay said:

    @john g.No, it's not right for some to gather. I've been watching idiots on Swedish television tonight. There is a charity event going on, "Musikhjälpen" i.e the Music help. They are broadcasting aroung the clock from a small studio set up in a town square. People wish for songs to be played and pay for them , and the money  goes this year to stop child labour. OK, fine, but people are gathering at the square - not a mask in sight - and they are dancing and and hugging each other. Lovely,  if it wasn't for covid.

    Sweden, where there were no mask mandates and no lockdowns? Inspite of that, the published Covid deaths have been some of the lowest reported in the western world.


  4. 8 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    Necro posting.


    Himself uses a humidifier in his room in the winter. It is starting to bother me that he brings home all of these 5 liter plastic canisters which go directly to recycle. I was thinking that there must be some way to refill them. I've searched and can't find anything.


    Anyone have any ideas, please?



    Ahh... Separate room, eh? All becomes much clearer. At least it is clearer where the #disingage comes from now!


  5. On 16/12/2021, 02:22:57, Elljay said:

    OK, so you also have a problem with the quote system here.

    Being able or unable to use a quote function is surely less important than dealing with this awful pandemic we are living through.

    You read about events you have no interest in attending but only to correct some mundane shit. 

    You should ask the Irish bloke if his mother can lend you the dildo she stole from me at the demo!


  6. Actually wanted to post some photos but the TT upload limit is so low they would be no better than a thumbnail.


    We were actually fenced in from Odeons Platz up untill Giesele Straße with out much room to move, such a massive turn out that surprised me as much as it seems it did the police too. Hence why a march was not allowed.


    Luckily there were no Neo Nazis, people burning stuff nor thank God the AFD supporters!


    Was a mixed crowd but the majority were 30 - 40 and lots of familys with young children.


    Ps. I do wish anyone to correct any spelling mistakes :)


  7. 5 hours ago, Krieg said:


    The point of the vaccination is reducing the chances of dying from Covid.  But some people have different priorities and they care more about going to the cinema without any hassle.

    Correct! That is the point of vaccination but it is not really working is it? Hence the need for a test too.


  8. 39 minutes ago, yourkeau said:

    Welcome to the world of adults, paulyg!


    I hate it, too. To travel from Israel to Italy I needed: a PCR test to enter Italy, a vaccination certificate to bypass quarantine in Italy, a PCR test to board the aircraft back to Tel Aviv, a PCR test at the arrival in Tel Aviv, 3 days compulsory quarantine (for non vaccinated: 7 days) with police checking your location every day, another PCR test (drive-in or taxi only), then freedom.


    This is tough and unfair (the government was panicking and avoiding responsibility, as usual).


    What you describe is neither tough nor unfair. Vaccinate your children and then get the green pass for them.

    Maybe you missed my point? Vaccinating my children would still require myself to test and when child vaccination is more common place it will be 2G+ for them too. So what is the point of vaccination if it all relies on a final schnell test?



  9. 2 minutes ago, Keleth said:

    So what fucked your brain up enough to enable you to post such a bollocks line as you did?


    I posted a query! Questioning why a test is needed if vaxanted. Neither conspiracy or bollocks. What was your point again?