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  1. 6 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    They are not interested in you. They are looking for victims who believe everything they say without checking the facts. Like a serial rapist and murderer is not looking to rape and kill everyone in town. That's against his interests. He is looking for specific women who are an easy target. 


    No sense in commenting on everything Mr. HIV and Jonny Depp post. You are not their target, they are posting in the hope to find a proper target, here on this forum. 



    Wow! A thread about restaurant restrictions which has logically become about vaccination has now by you been turned into an issue on how serial rapists and serial Killers think! 

    Forget about Querdenkers and antivaxers! Yourkeau is officially the biggest freak on Toytown!


  2. 4 hours ago, Anna66 said:


    My opinion is that you don't want to be vaccinated against Covid. That's absolutely fine. It is your free choice not too. There is no forced vaccination program, nor will there be. We live in a society with free speech. You can share your views and opinions as you like.


    We accept the fact that some people do not wish to be vaccinated against Covid, we choose to be vaccinated. What I find annoying is that some people (and I say some because not all, I have friends who are also not vaccinated) force their opinion on other people against the Covid vaccination and try to change their opinion to be against the vaccination using whatever means necessary. Basically forcing it down their throats. Just as noone wants to force their opinion onto you or make you get vaccinated we would appreciate the same in return. Do not force us, to change our opinion on getting vaccinated against covid but using insults, such as calling us morons, telling us to wake up, posting scare tactics etc.. We would really appreciate that.


    I respect your opinion, I respect you do not wish to be vaccinated against Covid. Your body your choice. So please kindly respect my choice to be vaccinated against Covid.


    Thank you, and kind regards.

    But there is forced vaccination for the military and a few other sectors of employment and they have no choice if they want to remain in employment in their current field.


  3. Lockdowns? Didn't work.

    Mask wearing? Didn't work.

    2/3 G? Didn't work.

    And now we can all live without these measures until the autumn. Why when infections are on a downward trend but 1000s more than this time last year?  Because it is all about control. 



  4. 3 hours ago, sumguy said:


    That's not how it works. Masks don't provide 100% protection, especially if an infected person isn't wearing one. As I said:



    Is it really such a burden for you to put on a mask while grocery shopping? It just seems like common courtesy for the safety of your fellow Bürgers, like using condoms in the AIDS era, or not driving drunk. In these days of continued record-high infection rates, where before we used to cover our mouth when coughing or sneezing, now, in some situations, we cover it all the time. Couldn't you get used to it? I mean really, it seems like the decent thing to do.


    Having said that, there's an obligation for susceptible people to wear well-fitting N95/FFP2 or better masks, which almost nobody does. Pretty much everyone has a big gap around the bridge of their nose. If your glasses fog up, you're doing it wrong. Use some double-sided tape. And nevermind loose surgical masks, or wearing them below the nose... Here is a chart showing percentage of inward leakage, comparing an FFP2 mask without adjusting it for a good fit, FFP2 adjusted for fit, double-masking with FFP2 + surgical, an FFP2 with double-sided tape on the bridge of the nose, and a surgical mask only. There's a huge difference...







  5. 29 minutes ago, Krieg said:

    What kind of crap logic is that?   How could the people who died of Covid be seen in their job places after they died?  Of course, we the ones who didn't die look alive in our workplaces.

    Maybe because people in their 80's have long retired.


  6. 1 hour ago, Jonny said:

    I hate to break it to you  but as of yesterday you're living in the land of no masking.  Remember ? What used to be called 'normality' before the mass formation psychosis took over.  

    The mass psychosis is still taking a hold, in the shops here the 'good' people of Munich are all still wearing their masks!


  7. 2 hours ago, Anna66 said:


    I accidentally took too much once. I had severe stomach pains and diarhoea. Was a dumb mistake I won't make again.


    Why do you care so much anyway about people getting vaccinated? It's their choice right? There is no forced vaccination program so just stop the BS. Freedom of choice still exists.


    Back to the topic. 3G in restaurants. I heard that soon the rules will be relaxed? That it will become much easier? This is great as I wish to meet soon with my friends who are not vaccinated for dinner in a restaurant.

    Actually there will be a vote in parliament this coming week on a vaccine mandate so actually forced vaccination could become a reality, just like it already is for health care workers.


  8. 8 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    Back on topic, please. 


    Regarding 3G, I still don't know what the new regulations will be in Bavaria. Anyone have a good link?


    I'm mostly wondering if restaurants will still have to keep their tables distanced or will they cram them all together again like before?

    No distancing and no masks! Stay away!




  9. 1 hour ago, Jonny said:

    By filthy unvaxxed do you mean innocent children and people work medical conditions who cannot be vaxxed ?


    I think you misjudged my attempt at Humor. Myself and children are not vaxed, I was more referring to the likes of Fruit who I can imagine sitting nervously in a restaurant wearing a mask as the restrictions have ended.


  10. 3 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    Enjoy your nice dinners out with your wife and other outings.

    Enjoy sitting with the filthy unvaxed and the not tested on your outings from Sunday!😂


  11. 27 minutes ago, keith2011 said:


    3 times jabbed , still able to  go to, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and various other venues you aren't allowed in, travel on public transport without needing to be tested, still negative. :D

    You got jabbed 3 times just to do those activities? Very strange! Thought this was about health? I do all those things every day without being jabbed, as do many others! Can't believe you are not dead by now! Oh yeah your jabbed! 


  12. It's Wednesday night! And you know what that means!? Yes! The of city was taken over again! But this time by the police. 

    Numbers of free thinkers were low due to  cancellations of the official demos and people dealing with fines for exercising their rights to be in the city center on a Wednesday evening.

    The police made blockades every 50 meters in the Fußgängerzone to stop approx  200 people voicing their opinion.

    All the while shops had to close early due to lack of footfall with the police creating a lockdown because some people are blowing whistles chanting Freiheit! Btw 1000 police controlling 200 seems excessive!

    Anyway I know there are a few posters that are interested in what went down, and if not; no need to reply :)

    Additionaly, the so called protests tonight were against Versammlungs verbot, it was canceled by the city but a demo at odeansplatz against so called queerdenkers was free to go ahead, even though it was a Versammlung! So it seems the state decides if you have a right to protest?



  13. 7 hours ago, yesterday said:


    Cannot see this, there are 2/3 aspects to the vaccines, which are


    1)  Vaccines reduce the number of people infected, OK, I would like the effectiveness to be better than it is, but the vaccine still offers some protection.

    2)  The vaccine does reduce the severity of the virus, you can see this, in far less hospitalizations vs infections compared to last year.

    3)  The vaccines reduce the deaths of people who get the virus, again you can see this in the number of people who die in hospital from the virus.

          It sad on TV if you go to hospital, you are more than 8 times more likely to die from the virus, if you skipped the COVID19 vaccination.


    Vaccination do work, its just that point 1, is the lowest form of working

    How does it reduce the number of people infected when there are more  people infected now than this time last year?

    Less deaths and hopspitalations? That is how every virus plays out after a while.

    Where is the evidence this is because of the vaccine(s)?


  14. 15 hours ago, jubinjohn said:

    Dead millions in third world countries will disagree with you if they could post it here. Shame on you being so insensitive 

    Really? My wife's parents spend their retired life travelling India, Africa and Asia because they had enough of all the rules and have a good time laughing with the locals at the Draconian rules in the west. 

    Maybe talk to real people rather than informing yourself by whatever TV you appear to be influenced by.