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  1. It's Wednesday night! And you know what that means!? Yes! The of city was taken over again! But this time by the police.  Numbers of free thinkers were low due to  cancellations of the official demos and people dealing with fines for exercising their rights to be in the city center on a Wednesday evening. The police made blockades every 50 meters in the Fußgängerzone to stop approx  200 people voicing their opinion. All the while shops had to close early due to lack of footfall with the police creating a lockdown because some people are blowing whistles chanting Freiheit! Btw 1000 police controlling 200 seems excessive! Anyway I know there are a few posters that are interested in what went down, and if not; no need to reply Additionaly, the so called protests tonight were against Versammlungs verbot, it was canceled by the city but a demo at odeansplatz against so called queerdenkers was free to go ahead, even though it was a Versammlung! So it seems the state decides if you have a right to protest?  
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

    How does it reduce the number of people infected when there are more  people infected now than this time last year? Less deaths and hopspitalations? That is how every virus plays out after a while. Where is the evidence this is because of the vaccine(s)?
  3. After your idiotic and offensive posts, you certainly wouldn't be welcome! And as stated, we have all had mild illnesses from the virus but are all now genießen.  So with all your posts I can say yet again... What is your point?
  4. Really? My wife's parents spend their retired life travelling India, Africa and Asia because they had enough of all the rules and have a good time laughing with the locals at the Draconian rules in the west.  Maybe talk to real people rather than informing yourself by whatever TV you appear to be influenced by.
  5. Thought the same but my wife who recently tested positive was told by the doctor that it was Delta.  
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    In the case of the COVID vaccine it obviously doesn't work.
  7. Like I said in a previous quote there is no science behind quarantine; Delta 14 days, Omiwhatever is certainly less. Why when it is said to be more infectious?
  8. At least the stupid rules signed me off for two weeks!  Biergarten, record shopping and trips to the mountains! If you not well, stay home! If you feel good go to work if you are needed!
  9. Including myself, my wife, my children, my parents and my parents in law who have all had the virus during the last year and none of the mentioned have spent more than 3 days in bed with the illness, considerably less than a propper flu.  So what is your point?
  10. The group is aiming for people to make dedesicions for them SELFS 😁 Is there a scientific reason why someone can only meet a certain amount of people according to vaccination status? What is with the differing quarantine times depending on which varient you have?  FFP2 masks, 3g if you need to  work or use the tram, face masks all day for children at school, including sport, testing children under two multiple times a week, actually making it illegal to protest... Knowbody has to agree with me but as you asked; that is why people are on the streets. As a side note there is a family\kinder demo on Sunday and of course it is really the parents view on parade but it would be nice if some of the police do not act as disrespectfully as some have in the passed weeks.  
  11. Not really stupid when vaccination was supposed to be the way out of this situation. Everyone who likes it or not has followed the basic rules for two years now and where are we?
  12. It's Wednesday night and you know what that means...? Yes! Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz and Stachus being taken over by the filthy unvaxed! - unless you actually #engage with people! As said before there are many vaccinated  attending the protests. People fed up with needing a booster, people fed up of needing to test although vaccinated, people not wanting their 2 year old child to be tested to go to Krippe, people who have had the virus but are poorly for only 3 days. When the splinter groups made their walks it was amazing how much support was there from people waving from their balconies and cars on the street letting us pass by with a big thumbs up when we did not have right of way. Less people than in recent weeks but I believe that is due to protests being canceled and if one does not live in the centre it can be a ball ache knowing where one should go. It was all very friendly and we even sang Happy birtday to zu for Markus!  
  13. Couldn't care less about disabling the quote function, before the stay at home keyboard warriors jump on it. Tonight we overtook Marienplatz, we are the people. Das Volk. People even in restaurants came out to applaud us. The protest even included vaxinated but who have concerns for their children and the constant cycle of boosters. #engage
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    We shall see... Have friends working for the government and top tier gastronomy and that is what they are hearing. I hope for everyone's sake it doesn't happen.
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    You obviously missed my point; being a full on lock down is coming in January for everyone. What makes you think I can not or do, any of the above things you mentioned?