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  1. husband's loan in event of his death in marriage

    OK, I see, but at this point not sure about being resident or not relating?  We were both registered in Burgeramt as residing in our home address and we were both legally living in Germany. This is more of a question on personal loans and death and marriage etc.. in fact we were married under another EU country law even... this is  really difficult for me to understand here how my residence is relating to a personal loan left from my deceased spouse ... I also do not know how it works in the UK but I think this will be personal in UK not passed on but not sure - 
  2. husband's loan in event of his death in marriage

    yes but i don't  understand how income tax related to me paying his loans or not? 
  3. husband's loan in event of his death in marriage

    yes we were both lawfully residing in Germany at that time 
  4. husband's loan in event of his death in marriage

    Thank you for the all the replies. In fact this is a real situation which has happened.    I don't speak German so myself (wife)  just carried on paying his loans after his death. But, now after 3 years of paying his loans, I find it not all that easy with other living costs on the rise, and more...   The person who has died (my husband) was not a German citizen,  he worked for an international organisation paying only EU taxes, was not binded to Germany tax, he also took a loan on his name only. He had a job.  He had a share of the house we bought together and we have a son age 9 at the time. Right after the death, I sold the house, paid the mortgage off, took the rest and moved to UK and bought a house for me and my son.  Plus, I still kept paying the loans. ( there are 2 in fact) I am really wondering is it a legal requirement that I must keep paying? He did not have a will. When he dies his share of the house which had a mortgage,  passed on to us in a away.   I appreciate all ideas at this stage..   
  5. I would like to ask this the below - I wonder if anyone can advise    1- Is there citizen advice bureau I can ask about money matters/dept in English, and it's free and its in Germany    2- do you know what happens to a person on sole name took a personal consumer loan, then dies, then he dies... does the wife inherits this loan? Is there way not to pay it as it was not the wife who took it.