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  1. hi, I have a very high bill ruining for  a few years now. I finally got down to reading the details. We are 2 adults with a 10 years old child household but do have large house.  It seems that we are using 10 peoples electricity consumption !!  see part of my bill!!  We are not doing much out of the ordinary part from running a data back up nass box for 24 hours a day as a out of the ordinary otherwise, all normal thing here. Is it possible that it been used by next house ( once the houses were own by same family) I switched off the electric mains and nothing much seems to be running, but I guess, if a person wants to cheat there must be other ways.. so how can I investigate? I asked Mainova, they game me the single plug to look at running costs but that doesn't really serve my purpose here. all ideas greatly welcomed.