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  1. Again thank you for the meaningful response. I agree with your first statement. I am going to process my tax returns for 2018 ASAP and then send the Bescheid to the Elterngeld people
  2. Thank you Liebling. Unfortunately I still need to process 2018s income tax statement
  3. Hello Just had our 2nd baby. My partner is taking 12 months regular eltergeld and I am planning one normal month and 2 eltergeld plus months. I am a freelance english teacher and am not 100% certain what it is I am meant to show them in terms of income for 2018- I believe I have to prepare some sort of a profit and loss or a flow of income for 2018. Can anyone clarify this for me (I have the regular application form from them so it is only this part I am unsure about) Thanks for your help