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  1. Brexit, New residence permits

    Received a reply back from the KVR and they've confirmed that I have to start the entire process again as my fingerprints & digital signature need to be given and that they cannot simply issue a replacement card. The old card will be cancelled and if I need to travel in the meantime, I have to use the Fiktionsbescheinigung (which fortunately I had already applied and received earlier in the year). The new card will be issued again free of charge and I've already received a new appointment in two weeks time.  I'll be making sure this time to ask them if they've ticked all the relevant boxes!!  
  2. Brexit, New residence permits

    This will be correct.  It's the same for me.  My passport expires before the end date on my card (which is valid for 7 years). They told me this at my appointment and said that I need to re-apply and pay for a new card when my passport is renewed.  I asked why the card then doesn't have the same end date as my passport but she couldn't / wouldn't explain and just told me that the 2 end dates are not related.
  3. Brexit, New residence permits

      I finally received a response to my email from the KVR where they confirmed that a box had remained "unchecked" in the application during my appointment which had resulted in the mention of Permanent Residency not being included on the card.  No apology. That yes, I have permanent residency, but if I want it to be shown on the card, a new one would have to be ordered. I'm struggling to understand why would anyone want a residency card that shows no mention of their actual residence status?!   And that was it.  No mention if they will order the replacement automatically or if I need to request another appointment and go through the process again. I can't work out if they are deliberately vague or whether they just press "send" on their responses without actually reading what they've typed!   So I've sent yet another mail back to them asking to clarify and if anything is needed from my side.    
  4. Brexit, New residence permits

    I had my appointment at the KVR Munich at the end of Feb and received my residence card 10 days ago. However, opposite to what they confirmed to me at the appointment, there is no mention under section 1 on my card of "permanent residency / Daueraufenthalt". My hubbies card shows this as does 4 of my British colleagues who've also received their cards. I have no idea why! Have sent a mail already asking for an explanation.