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  1. Working permit Visa before end of PhD

    So, you are saying that when you applied for the blue card, they did not ask you about the current state of your PhD or whether your next job would be related to your PhD or not?   Also, does it mean that you lose your student-based residence permit card and obtain a blue card instate? But you are still considered as a student at the University? right?
  2. I finished my Ph.D. project and will submit my Thesis 1-2 month from now. So, I do not even need to stay in the office anymore and my supervisor agrees on the situation as well. Also, my scholarship will be finished by the end of this month and I need to find another source of finance.   A typical scenario for most of the German students is that they start their next job (company or industry) and they submit their thesis 1-3 months later to prevent any financial disruption.  This is also what my supervisor agrees on as the next plan. However, I've heard that there is a regulation that non-EU students cannot change their permit (to have a full-time job) until they finish their study. But I'm not sure if it applies to students in all levels (PhD, MS, BS) in a similar way, or whether I can handle it by getting a letter from my supervisor saying that my PhD is practically done and etc. to handle it?