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  1. The Singularity is near

    Raymond Kurzweil has predicted that in 15 years life expectancy will rise faster than you are aging, leading to a sort of immortality, where people would still die but it would be accidental. Much more importantly around 2029 we shall have the singularity, when man-machine intelligence shall have evolved to such a level that today we cannot even imagine what it will be like; the era of Post-humans.   Kurzweil is not another L Ron Hubbard, he is an eminent scientist who has been spot on for every damn thing that he has predicted. His argument is based on the exponential growth of technologies, where in addition the change in the rate of growth is also exponential. Which means that advances in human history come progressively faster...         Would you want to be immortal? Would you want to be even more of a cyborg than you already are? Would you dare to counter Dr Kurzweil?   NYT: The Future Is Now? Pretty Soon, at Least   NYT: Does evolution go fast forward?