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  1. While there is a vast array of info on the web regarding MMR jabs, I'm interested in getting the unique Toytown view on the risks or not. Also, if you know of a decent unbias website that has the pros and cons, even better. As of yet, I've not found an unbias one.. everyone has an agenda one way or another. :blink:
  2. Hi,   some background: Have no pension plan yet, not really sure where I will be in the next 5/10/15 years either country or job wise. Hope to be in Germany, but who knows!   I want to start a pension, but not really sure of the best place to put the money.   What's the pros and cons of the Riester Rente system vs standard funds etc? What other good options are there for pensions - especially for expats who have no idea where they will be in the years to come.   cheers