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  1. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    You are right that the Scams will go on. May be they will find other things for scamming - NFT and Metaverse Real Estates was latest on their scam toolbox. I read somewhere when Crypto market was valued at 3 Trillion, money invested from people was something like 1 Trillion. Now we are at or less than 1 trillion value, meaning market value is close to money invested. Doesnt mean it has to be worth 1 trillion when one pays 1 trillion for some s***, no matter who pupped.   I have heard the name of "one Sail****" in this forum, and has seen some u2b vdos. He sounds like a Religion preacher on steroid/hash***. How come intelligent people listen to this type of people ?
  2. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    How Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX-Alameda crypto empire vanished overnight ( The recent FTX bankrupcy. Looks like many in the Crypto space has been playing lots of "Wild Wild West" stuff without much scrutiny, and much was based on the hope that prices will only go up infinitely. What's your take? 
  3. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    "Sending more heavy weapons will shorten the war" is a very populistic, binary (black/white) view. How do you know for sure that more weapons will shorten the war? And what if it doesnt ? Who does it really help if it doesnt shorten rather make the war longer? That's the problem I see with almost 98% of Germany media and biggest part of major political parties since Feb,24 - they have all taken the same side/decision about what to do. Isn't it great that in our perfect democracies, no matter how different general people think, at the end policy makers all come to the same decision? Not saying I have a solution, it has become too complecated. Not oppossing Russia isn't an option either. I think "Das Kind ist in den Brunnen gefallen", and Germany would be one of the country getting hurt most at the end (Other than Ukraine and Russia ofcourse) . The experts on the other side of Atlantic are probably very happy, the stupid Europeans are at war again !! 
  4. Electric vehicles in Germany - all the ins-and-outs!

    Reason is the "Merit Order" principle. Merit order - Wikipedia For a normal people like me, I would say its simply the way any market works. As an example, cost of Oil production for the Saudis is like 10-12 USD, for USA Shell Fracking industry its 50+. But when there is a market for 90 USD, the Saudis wont sell it for 30. Same with German electricity market. There are times of days/weeks when costly Gas powered electricity comes to market and they must be bought to keep grid stable - so Solar and Wind guys gets 500% profit at those times. Happens too often after we have booted AKW and many Coals. Stupid Energy Wende has made electricity too expensive. It worked somehow as long as gas price was low , not anymore.
  5. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    "Cryptocurrency Ether reduces power consumption by 99.95 percent" Ether: Update "The Merge" vollzogen, Angriff auf Bitcoin - manager magazin ( I always had meinung that Blockchain has values, but very sceptical on "snake oil" sales guys who were selling all kinds of luftschlosser to naiv Robinhood investors. I still remember famous "Bitcoin philosopher" Robert Breedlove  who was speaking lots of s****y things like Bitcoin will be  $307k by Oct,21, then $12.5 million by 2031  When we see Bitcoin uses middle sized country's energy, at least Eth is  going in the right direction ( PoS). In times of high energy prices, this is a smart move,What do our BTC experts think, any chances BTC reduces energy consumption by >90% any time soon?