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  1. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    You dont have to feel personally "beleidigt", whenever someone writes something critical about cryptos and bitcoin - you arent one of the founders  who needs to treat it like own child. I have read plenty about too much coal being used in China for BTC mining, one doesn't need to be "hater" to criticize something "nicht in Ordnung". I hope you do admit the kind of fakes/manipulations in crypto space, with current 19000 Cryptos. Anyway, whats you take on Bored Apes ? I saw some being sold for 200K, 300K (yes, that's 200000$)
  2. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

  3. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Doesnt mathch up what you said (this article is from Sep,21) ... " Of the 86 TWh estimated to be used in bitcoin mining, 63 percent came from coal power, mostly in Chinese provinces like Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. " China's crypto ban could free up more energy than Finland uses in a year — Quartz (  
  4. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    A screenshot of worldwide central bank money printing. End of free money is here, as inflation is raging. And it will end crypto boom, charts are looking ugly. I know it wont change many of  Bitcoin faithfuls, but I hope this crypto winter brings end to many completely over-inflated stupid crypto hypes like Bored Ape and such        
  5. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    End of free money is probably causing an end to one of the most speculative parts of the market - Crypto bitcoin-drops-below-30000 I am waiting to see how solid Tether and other Stable coins are. UST is not as we can see : Luna lost >90% value in one day. terra-ust-stablecoin-dives-below-1-peg Mictrostrategie stock, from 850 high (Fe,21) to 145 today - a drop of 83%. aucch ! Sailor's plan wasn't that genius afterall   
  6. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    There were many in this thread who vehemently argumented BTC and other Cryptos will be able to work and safeguard against sanctions without any problems. I think we will have a test case, incase Western (Dollar based) economies puts real sanctions in crypto space. Exchanges like Binance are saying they are neutral, but what will they do when real ban comes? When we see that Russian Central Bank dont have access anymore to 40% of their $640 Billion foreign reserve, I have few doubts whats gonna happen . Whats your thoughts ? " Washington takes aim at Russia’s access to digital cash as the U.S. and its allies levy heavy punitive measures against Moscow. " Bitcoin sanctions could be next as DOJ unveils crypto crackdown plans (
  7. Buying power, inflation and others

    I remember a friend of mine got a job as SW Developer in München in 2001,and was getting ca. 90-95K DM. It was after the bust. Another one I know got a job in München last year (after a German Semi went belly-up),at 46K EUR. Both had similar background/ were similarly tight in both cases. I personally think 90k DM had much more buying power than 46k Eur...even if they were equal,average starting salaries haven't hiked much last 10 years (at least in Germany),rather have tanked a little. Many companies now try to stay out of tarif scales, meaning less pay. At the same time, the 20 DM Schönes Wochenende ticket became 37 Eur... bahn prices get 3-5% higher every year...As does many other prices like gas,house-rent,electricity etc etc. The only thing that stayed stable is the prices at Super markets...thanks to Herr. Aldi:) What's your take? Did we (living in Germany) get richer or poorer last 10 years?