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  1. Hello,   So I m a student in Germany and when I did my anmeldung and year back I somehow did not receive my Identifikationsnummern, which my now employer wants. What's the fastest way to get that? I already did the online thingy ~3.5 weeks ago, still no post. Does my bank have it? Or Can the FinanzAmt (in Bonn) give it to me? Thanks.
  2. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      I am staying in Germany,  but I can say with 100% accuracy,  you get authentic, imported German Sausage both in Kolkata and New Delhi  (2 major Indian cities, second one being the capital). I don't know about rest of Asia though.
  3. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      I like the ones that one can fry or grill. As for spice level, I totally savour spicy as well as non-spicy food and I love sausages in general. So no qualms there :)
  4. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      A great suggestion, thanks :)
  5. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      Thanks for the heads-up! I generally read the labels twice or ask for Rind I guess I miss half the flavors that way, as many said me that rind sausages are the best!
  6. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      I brought it and it's really not "spicy". Definitely a decent eat, though.
  7. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      I was just Google butchers! Thanks for the tip!
  8. German Sausage With Lots of Spices

      Not yet! Will surely try!
  9. Hello,   So I am a foodie who loves lot of spices and smoke flavor and I heard great things about German sausages, but alas, supermarket sausage tastes absolute shit. Till now I have tried Weiner and Thuringer and I like Thuringer the most. Other's feel very bland, just salty and little to no smoke flavor. I am sure this is a shortcoming of my selection. Which (and maybe where) sausage should I buy if: 1. I love, absolutely love spices (not just scharf/chilli/paprika, but I mean other flavors mixed, like thyme, garlic, etc.). 2. Eat everything sans beef. 3. Love the smoke flavor, like a rich smokey texture like American BBQs.   Thanks and regards!
  10. Hello,   So I am an Indian who loves Goat meat (Ziegenfleisch - if I am correct). Where can I buy this in Bonn-Cologne area? Goat Image I see a lot of Lamb Flesh (Lammfleisch?) in Turkish shops, but not Goat meat :( Thanks!
  11.   Thank you so much for the prompt reply. A follow up query: if I reserve a seat for 2 people and if seats are hopefully available are the 2 seats alloted together by the machine?
  12. I have a small query. I will be travelling from Frankfurt using an ICE and for some reason online booking is not an option. Is it possible to reserve a seat using the ticket vending machine? I really want to avoid the extra fees of visiting the reisezentrum and also I need a seat maybe beside the luggage rack as I will have some luggage and I don't know the German word for it