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  1. Registering a child's birth, choosing the surname

    I have two children. My first child was born in Berlin in 2008. My name (i.e., Father's name) was indicated in my daughter's birth certificate based on my old passport (example.... First name: Mathias Muller, Family Name: Schwarz). In my new passport (issued in 2012), the Indian consulate, changed my name like the following. First name: Mathias, Family Name: Muller Schwarz. Therefore, my second daughter's birth certificate (issued in Koln) has my name printed as First name: Mathias, Family Name: Muller Schwarz.  Now, the foreign office in koln asked me to change my name in my first daughter's birth certificate. I would be grateful if you could answer the following.  -Where I should change my family name in my first daughter's birth certificate [-in Berlin or Koln]? -Which office I should approach for the new birth certificate for my first daughter who was born in 2008. Its a complicated issue. Thank you for the help.  Sincerely Max