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  1. Homesickness = becoming bipolar?

    Hi Skadi, good point. Sorry for the delay in response. get friends in clubs as Joanie suggested. Try to play any one at least:  volleyball, basket ball, tennis and football. and Germany is home to good basketball courts. You can really hang around with a friend. Play Basketball together and spend the time. I see too many immigrants living with homesickness, especially the home staying spouse. That is the reason, I tried to moot some discussion in this thread. 
  2. Really! Hope, you are in Germany. Also, Germans are known for their diplomacy. I experienced this again and again for more than 10 years. In academia, the Prof-s are known for lack of their straightforward characters. I think, I don't need to tell about the corporate sector
  3. Homesickness = becoming bipolar?

    I agree. Almost six years passed in this thread. Are all the immigrants feeling good here?. I met many people who are homesick here. After you lived in Germany for years, where ever, you go you tend to complain about the system (starting from public transport). In German states, NRW is a place where real integration starts (sure, lot of problems too). People are open minded, flexible. I lived in East for more than 10 yeras. Too many idiotic with less exposure to outside world, narrow minded and racist attitude. Even you could find many educated Germans with some sort of having a nagging feeling always and observing immigrant colleagues. Also, if you want to aim high to advance in your career at your own expenses, some native people tend to demotivate you (it starts from own career to kids play programs). After I moved to NRW, I felt a big relief. How ever, I miss the quality of public basket ball courts in cities like cologne and Dusseldorf. If you are not able to speak German after spending many years, do not feel bad and go to depression mode (Of course, language learning is difficult and not everyone succeed). -Go for running and catch some friends for sport. Hang around with them. -Involve with kids career (you learn more German). -It is easy to find people of your own origin in bigger cities in NRW and hang around (if you really home sick. It is better rather than being depressed).   -Try to maintain or live close to non govt organizations buildings. They have some good volunteer program. You can help them in the kitchen -Try to involve in the social activities in the school -Go to the park with the kids and climb with them and make friends there too.  Come on! Cheer up! Go guys. You can get rid of Home sick.
  4. @mannes @dampstew@Marianne013 Thanks for the light notes. I remember, when I tried to apply for 2000 euro loan in US. The Bank asked my credit history (I had no idea). They told, without credit history, you won't get a loan despite crediting my salary in the same bank. The funny thing is the following. I took a job and moved to US just two months prior to this incident. So, in principle I did not have any credit history. Finally, a friend helped. 
  5. There are some written rules people here are obliged to follow (even though it damn stupid). Here, are the examples,  -Asking SCHUFA from a person who never worked (it is very clear from the valid papers he or she holds) -Asking people to get a certificate validating their foreign degrees (you need to send it to a weird center in Bonn, and get a certificate) -Asking German documents of your marriage certificate. And then, the city officials will recognize the marriage (Here, you should note that, the translator have no idea about your document. Why the hell there is no system to verify directly with the other country) -Never ending paper work even for people legally came to Germany and paid taxes every month for 10 years (never claimed any unemployment benefits) Over the time, you will used to this type of idiotic habit based patterns. Most importantly, you will inherit some of the patterns later on (sure, if you live in one country for more than 5 years, you are going to get some good and bad habits from natives as well).  Try to be reasonable. And live to the hour and beyond. My friend!.Give that damn, SCHUFA and get used to the culture of providing any document they ask for.
  6. Taxation on crypto currencies - please read before asking

    Hi @jbabel Thanks for clearing. I started to sell this year. Did not hold some for 365 days. I will do for some holdings. Seems, I should report the coins I sold with some euro profits.  Cheers
  7. Taxation on crypto currencies - please read before asking

    Hi pandaMunich, Thanks for your answers. I have only one question. I bought some crypto in 2017 . I never sold any of them till now. Do I still need to report them for 2017 tax applications to the finanzamt. I would be grateful, if you could answer. Thanks.