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  1. US Social Security Disability taxes

    Hello, I know it`s been a few years since you posted. I am in the same position you were back then and wonder if you found a satisfying solution to your problem/a Steuerberater you can recommend? I appreciate any advise!!
  2. US disability backpay taxation

    I know the topic has been previously discussed, but it has been a few years and laws might have changed.   In 2020, I was approved for US Social Security disability and received backpay for several years (all of which I have lived in Germany). As far as I know, this pay is taxable in Germany. Hopefully, because of the progressive tax rate, it will not be taxed as if it all was received in one year. I have reached out to several "Steuerberater" on this subject that supposedly are very well versed on expat taxes, but haven`t been able to find one yet willing to do the tax declaration for me.   I appreciate any referrals or just experiences on the topic. Thank you.