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  1. Tax advisors and accountant recommendations

    I fully agree, especially now that has cleared up the bugs and forms making them fully understandable. Unfortunately everything is still only in German but if you speak German I thoroughly recommend it. I have been doing my tax returns online for the past 3 years at least without a problem and getting money back for the first time. Just using it improves your German and understanding of taxes too.
  2. English-language cookbooks

    Where and when can I pick these up? Are they heavy? Do you have a picture? I could come this evening depneding on where you live. Thanks
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  4. I am unable to upload the photo here as it states that it is too large. Please PM if interested and I could try to send a photo by email. The lamp has what looks like an aluminium base and is over 1 m tall. you will need a car to transport it. Pickup in north Munich. Euro 15 and includes 3 bulbs. Another larger white Japanese paper lamp also available for Euro 15 without bulbs.  Also a ceiling shade Tiffany style in transparent white and cream mother-of-pearl which hangs on a thick gold chain. And other small items such as a white metal designer serving tray.
  5. Beautiful thick-leaved evergreen hoya plant, over 30 m long and 30 years old grown from a small cutting, spread over 2 windows with many trellisses. Pink scented flower sprays in summer. Only needs watering once a week. Comes with two large pots. Euro 100. Too large to photograph so have attached a photo from a book. You will need a car to transport it. Pickup north Munich. PM please Will have to post other photos separately as files too large so not accepted here.
  6. Hornstr. corner Lerchenauerstr. near Gartenstr. 27 tram stop. Nearest U-Bahn Petuelring U3. Space available from 1st February. Euro 75 per month. Euro 100 deposit required for battery operated remote control if desired. Or key. Only suitable for normal sized cars not large vans. Please send PM
  7. Same here. I was definitely dissatisfied and will not return to Kerala again. It was definitely overpriced for the Ente Dosa I ordered. I didn't find any duck in the dosa and it wasn't even half-filled. It consisted of a pulled-pork type of unknown meat in shreds. As the waiters weren't present to complain during the meal, when I asked to pay I stated my disappointment and requested a discount to no avail.
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