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  1. Due to auction law of germany . Bank is obliged to accept bids 80% and above.   There is one outlier I have witnessed. Bank was able to decline bids under certain threshold. Threshold was above 80%. I am not sure which specific law clause was used.
  2. Ingolatadt make surplus vaccine for above 18 plus.,2789.5&ModID=7&FID=3052.15507.1&NavID=3052.251&La=1
  3. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    you can use matching white Color/paint to cover it. I have used wax pens on laminate. They are good enough for covering up stains and small damages.
  4. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    It will be good to have it. But it does not cover all possible cases. coronavirus infection takes some time to become detectable in PCR test. If a person is tested in this phase test will be negative but he will become a spreader after some days. Putting person in quarantine for some days fixes this problem.
  5. Plumber needed

    I have same problem with my flush. My theory is it caused by the limescale buildup inside the tank.  I put anti limescale (scheuermilch) in the tank. And it helps.   If it  doesn't help you could remove top cover and try adjusting the screws under the buttons.
  6. This is new information for me England and Wales are separate countries :-p
  7. may be you can check before posting :-P
  8. fact check: countries with mutated virus: UK, Brazil , South Africa  Two of them are  not developed countries   Here is a picture from not developed country. Not sure how corona can not spread and mutate here?  
  9.   Is there some information available what long terms effects corona cause in younger persons? as far as I know it can cause brain damage (e.g. forgetting things more often), lungs damage , kidney damage. Suppose we have a young mother with two kids and an old grandma. I am just wondering whom you will try to protect? A long term sick mother who can not take care of her family or an old grand ma. off course both persons are important. But still we have to make a decision.
  10. Coronavirus: Germany set to limit AstraZeneca jab to under-65s: It looks like its a temporary decision. Likely to be removed when more data for above 65 is available.  
  11.   me thinking you should be ready to get much more booster shots. No vaccinations are planned for third world countries in near future. Corona will mutate and booster for variants will be needed.
  12. sewage water in toilet bowl

    I think installing backflow preventer is a better solution than raising the toilet.   I have never seen in the sewage pipe setup. So I don't know what other problems it can cause.